Six Simple Steps/C2 Two: I suggest you do the same
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Six Simple Steps/C2 Two: I suggest you do the same
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C2 Two: I suggest you do the same

Night came quickly and I lie awake in my bed, counting down the seconds before my darling husband would send for me.

Ten seconds, then minutes. Nothing.

Not even a single knock on my door. That meant he hadn’t been joking earlier today when he had said,

“Oh and just for the record, there would be no sort of intimacy between us for the period of those six weeks. We won’t even sleep in the same bed”.

And I had been like what?

How could he do this to me? I understand that I unknowingly hurt him, but he has no right to deny me the pleasure of his touch! I mean what’s the point of conjugal bliss, if the said man, is not performing his conjugal rights to his wife?

Well fuck this. I’m horny and I will be damned for the next six weeks if Kian doesn’t touch me tonight. I discarded my pyjamas, and settled into a lace nightie. I’m bare underneath. Pleased with myself, I ease my feet into a pair of flip flops and walk up to the master bedroom. Kian’s bedroom. His door is closed, but the lights are on. I hear the sound of running water, and I picture his naked under the shower, pelts of water running down his skin. I subconsciously rubbed my legs together. I twisted the door handle. It’s locked.

This has never happened before. His door has always been open to me, but today it is locked. Annoyed, my fist rasps against the metal door. It hurts, but it’s worth it because after a while, the door opens and Kian is standing before me, and I eye him like he’s cotton candy. Damn. I actually thought he wouldn’t be wearing clothes, maybe a towel, but not clothes. His body is half hidden by the door. His locks are wet, and a brow is raised as he stares down at me.

“You should be in bed”, he said.

His voice has a low timbre. The deep sound resonates through me and I clench my thighs together. I stare up at him, meeting his hooded gaze. “I think the correct thing to say is I should be in your bed”.

He sighs softly. “What part of we can’t sleep in the same bed did you not understand?”.

“All of it Kian! All of it! I’m your wife, and unless there is another woman in your life which I’m pretty sure there isn’t, I should be sleeping next to you in your bed”.

“When you’re done making a point, go to bed”, he says and closes the door. I quickly wedge my foot in so he doesn’t close it completely unless he wants to break my foot. He frowns, glancing down at my foot that is wedged between the door and the wall.

“Let me in Kian. You said that we can’t sleep together. You didn’t say anything about not being in the same room as you”.

He sucked in a sharp breath, and opens the door wider for me to come in. I step into his room and he shuts the door behind me. I scan his room. The king sized bed is draped with new covers, there’s a dresser beside it, with the lampstand on it. There’s a desk by the corner, which has his laptop on it. There are two doors as well, one leading to the bathroom and the other a walk in closet. I’m the reason he even has one in the first place.

Kian leans against the desk, arms crossed, watching me.

I start talking. “You’re being unfair”.

“Again with the statement Farrah. And there’s nothing unfair about my decision. You haven’t even appreciated me from keeping your scandal a secret from the press, and you have the guts to tell me I’m being unfair?”.

I roll my eyes. “It’s not a scandal and if it’s a thank you, you want, here you have it. Thank you”, I say, sliding up closer to him. My body brushes against him and he stiffens.

I want to kiss him, but damn him for being so tall. I stand on my tiptoes, and brush my lips against his ear. “The first step won’t be taken until next week, so loosen up and touch me Kian”.

He coughs.


The firmness in his tone is wavering. Good. I’m getting to him. Not like I’ve seen a man who has been unaffected by the presence of a scantily clad woman against him.

I trace his collarbone lightly with my finger. “And why not Kian? You’re hard and I’m horny. It’s just us Kian. No maids, no servants. We have the whole house to ourselves honey, and we’ve to make use of it”.

He swallows, and I resist the urge to kiss his throat while he did that.

“I’m not…I’m not hard”.

Someone’s in denial.

My finger trailed downwards and my smile increased as I squeeze him. His face is red, and my eyes twinkle in amusement. He’s holding back a moan.

“Let it all out for me Kian”, I say, my voice tickling his throat. “Let it all out for…”.

He pushes me away, and stalks to the other side of the room. I mourn at the lost contact. He whirls around, fists clenched, and fixed those angry eyes on me.

“I’m done doing things for you Farrah. It’s about time you do things for me”.

“That’s not a problem honey. You want me to spread my legs so you can pound into me from behind? You want me to grab onto your shoulders and sing your name while my thighs shake from pleasure? Fine. I’ll do it Kian. What do you want? Say it and it’s done”.

His eyes harden, and the words that leave his mouth some seconds later almost had me over the edge. And it’s not of pleasure.

“Leave”, his voice is as hard as granite. “Leave. I want you to leave”.

I glare. “The hell I’m leaving Kian. I came here so that you could quench the fire between my legs and you’re asking me to leave? I never thought you’d be the kind of man to deny his wife of his body”.

“Then you really didn’t know me. You want a good fuck? You want me to make love to you?”.

I nod, giddy. Oh God, How good that sounds. “Yes Kian”.

“Then you’ll have to work for it. Farrah, if you want my bare body slick with sweat against yours, you’ll have to work for it. Six steps. Just six simple steps. You’ll benefit from it my love, if you play your part right. Not only will you get to keep my last name, you will also have me to yourself for more than just the weekend”.

My eyes widen. Is he for real?

He nods.

I scowl. “I still want you to touch me Kian. And not then, now. I want your hands on me now!”

I stalked towards him and before he could protest, I slammed my lips against his. He doesn’t push me away even when I grind hard against his crotch. We pull back, and I lick my lips staring at him. His face is flushed. That’s the Kian I know and admire.

“You were holding back”, I say narrowing my eyes at him. “I hate it when you do that. You obviously want this as much as I do. I can practically see it. So be a man and touch me”.

Something snapped in him. Kian moved and before I could say jack, I was flat on my back on his bed, Kian looming over me. His eyes are dark with lust, and I buck up my hips, my crotch slightly touching his hardened rod.

“That’s it baby. Touch me!”.

Kian claimed my lips like a starved man, his tongue licking the inside of my mouth. We kissed for a while, before he pulled away, breathing hard, his palms flattened on the surface, by either sides of me.

“Why did you stop?”, I ask him.

He rolls his eyes and stands up. I sit up straight, watching him. “You wanted me to touch you so I did. You can’t actually expect me to pass up on my word Farrah not for someone with the likes of you”, he says venomously.

I glare hard at him. Anything is better than bawling my eyes out in front of him, ‘cause God knows that’s what I want to do right now”.

“Go fuck yourself Kian”.

His eyes briefed mine. “I will. I suggest you do the same”.

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