Six Simple Steps/C3 Three: Not stopping till you touch me
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Six Simple Steps/C3 Three: Not stopping till you touch me
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C3 Three: Not stopping till you touch me

Way before all this mess, I’ve always looked forward to the weekends, because that’s when Kian would come home, and we’ll spend the weekends tucked in each other’s arms, until he had to fly back for work. But now on this boring Thursday, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, or the day after that.

Kian asked me to go fuck myself and I did. I had dry humped his desk, touched myself while imagining my hands as his, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, so I forced myself to fall asleep on his bed. Kian slept in my room and I slept in his. Rolling over, I checked the time. 8am. Breakfast would have been ready by now.

Getting up, I stripped down to nothing and took a long bath to cool my hormones. Normally the maids would have come to assist, but Kian had chased them away and asked them to return today at 6am. After drying the droplets off my body, I put on one of Kian’s shirts, and his boxers, before going down for breakfast.

Kian was already seated at the table by the time I sauntered in, a plate of pancakes before him. He looked up when I pulled up a chair beside him.

“Why are you in my clothes?”.

“Good morning to you too Kian, and since when did you have a problem with me wearing your clothes? And as far as I can remember, you always loved seeing me in your clothes. So what’s with the attitude this morning?”.

He stretched out his hand towards me. I stare at it dully. “What?”.

“My clothes. Give them to me now”.

I blink. “You’re crazy. First you refused to have sex with me, and now you don’t want me to wear your clothes. What’s your problem?”.

“Give me my clothes Farrah”.

What a fucking asshole. Why did I marry this guy again?

Oh yes. Daddy dearest thought it would be nice to have the Lewry’s as in-laws.

“Well since you have decided to remain adamant, I’ll give you your clothes after I change into mine”.



“You’re not walking out of here with my clothes on your back Farrah. Take them off now”.

I smile wryly at him. “You know, if you wanted me naked before you, you should have just asked, not go through such lengths like telling me to stop wearing your clothes”.

His expression told me that he didn’t find this funny. My smile dropped.

“You want me to walk out of here naked?”.

Kian nodded.

I laugh bitterly. “Kian Lewry. You want me Farrah Lewry, your lovely wife to walk out of this magnificent dining room naked?”.

He nodded again.

I flatten my palms down on the glass table and look him in the eye.

“You want me to walk out of here naked? Fine. I’d gladly put on a show for you. But what about you Kian? Will you be at peace, knowing that the manservants of your glorious mansion has seen your wife’s birth suit? Will you be able to sleep at night knowing that a manservant could be fantasizing about having sex with his master’s wife after seeing her naked? If you’re fine with knowing, I’ll undress right away”.

His grip on his fork tightened. “No”. His voice is hoarse, his breathing labored. “You…you can wear my clothes”.

A smile breaks out on my face. I slide into the chair I pulled out for myself, and help myself to breakfast. I stopped however when I noticed Kian hadn’t touched his.

“Baby you’re not eating”, I say. Then leaning in, I wiggle my brows, my voice a naught whisper as I spoke. “I will totally understand if you want to eat something else”.

Kian laughed the moment my words seemed to register. His laughter is rich, I can listen to it all day.

“You’re such a slut Farrah”.

I winked at him. “Only for you Kian. Only for you”.

He cleared his throat.

“Did…did you do what I told you to do Farrah?”.

“Of course I did. You told me not to sleep in the same bed with you and I didn’t”.

“That’s not what I meant”.

“What did you mean?”.

I know what he means, I just want to hear him say it. I stifle a smile when I see his neck reddening. Kian had always been kind of embarrassed when he had to talk dirty in places other than the bedroom and that’s what I like about him.

“Did…did you fuck yourself?”

“Did you?”, I shot back.

“And since when did you start answering my questions with questions?”.

“Since now. So did you?”.

“Yes and that didn’t...”

I cut him off. “Same here Kian. Same here. That’s why we should have sex Kian”.

He rolled his eyes. “I thought I was done, but the moment I closed my eyes, I saw you naked in that alley and you know what the sight of your naked body does to me Farrah”.

“I know. I know”.

I slightly stand, eyes down, to see if he’s still sporting a hard on or not.”

“So, are you still excited?”, I ask in a low tone.

He nods and that’s my cue. Standing upright, I push Kian’s chair back, before sliding into his lap, locking my ankles behind his chair. I roan when I feel his hardened rod underneath me. I touch his clothed chest, rubbing his nipple through his chest.

“Farrah”, his voice is a warning tone.

“It doesn’t have to be sex Kian. You don’t have to be inside me. So just shut up about this and let me feel you”.

I move slowly on his lap, making sure my pelvis rubbed against his, while I played with his nipple.



“You’re killing me”.

“I don’t have a weapon, and I have no reason to kill you Mr. Lewry. But just so you know, I am not stopping until you touch me.”

His lips find mine in seconds, and Kian is gnawing hard on my bottom lip, while I rock him. He pulls away and I smile when I see the lust in his eyes.

My husband wants me so bad, but his stupid ego won’t let him. He wants to stay six weeks in the presence of a sexy woman like me and not have sex? Very well then. Let’s see how long it would last before he finally gives in to his desires.

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