Six Simple Steps/C4 Four: The Contract
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Six Simple Steps/C4 Four: The Contract
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C4 Four: The Contract

I don’t know if Kian loves me, because well we didn’t marry out of love. He might not love me, but I sure know that he loves the two peaches on my chest, given the way he worships them with his lips, devoting his time and attention to them.

I couldn’t control the moans that left my mouth as Kian sucked on my nipple. He suddenly stopped and I frown.

“Why did...”

He yanks me closer to him, and I’m pressed flushed against him, my hardened nipples pressing into his clothed chest. He wraps his arms around my back, holding me tight. I’m so confused.

And sooner or later, I understood when I heard his voice.

“Master Lewry? There’s a man here to see you”.

Larry the chief manservant. He didn’t want Larry to see me. Look who is being possessive.

“Okay Larry. And have no other servants disturb us”, Kian grunted in a dismissive tone.

I waited until Larry’s footsteps had disappeared, before I pulled away from Kian.

“You didn’t tell me we’re expecting any visitors”.

“You didn’t ask. Now get up”.

I huff and stand up. “Since you don’t want to tell me things anymore, I might as well go to my room”.

“And where do you think you’re going half naked?”.

I blink. “Um my room?”.

He beckons me to him. “Come here”.

Kian shrugs out of his shirt before putting it on me. He takes a step back, eyeing me.

“Your nipples are still on display”, he says.

“Oh suck it up Kian”, I say and turn on my heel.

“Come here. I didn’t say you could leave”.

I turn around. “Oh will you stop being so controlling?”.

He just rolled his eyes. “You want to leave? Fine. But don’t you want to collect your phone?”.

With a sigh, I follow him into the living room without a word. I recognize the male sitting on the couch as one of Kian’s men. He stands up when he sees us, bowing twice. But I don’t pay attention to that. My main focus, is on my phone he’s clutching in his big hand.

“So what did you find Carlos?”.

“Nothing sir. No fingerprints other than hers, and no unknown messages”.

“Alright. You’re dismissed”, Kian said after taking my phone from him.

The man bowed again before walking out. Kian hands me my phone. I smile.


“You are welcome. Oh and Farrah?”.


“What happened in the dining room, don’t read too much into it. I was just horny”.

“Sure didn’t seem like it”.


“Fine. I’ll pretend like nothing happened, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. You want me Kian, but I won’t pressure you anymore. I’ll wait until you’ve decided to stop being mean to me”.

And with that, I stormed out.


“What is this?”, I ask staring at the file Kian is handing to me. I have just finished lunch, which he didn’t join me by the way, before he walked in.

“It’s everything you’ll need to know about the next six weeks.”

I roll my eyes taking the file from him. “So you are serious”.

“I am”.

My eyes scan the file before I open it, taking out the sheet of paper that was tucked inside. He gestured for me to read it out, and I do.

“Six Simple Steps. During the six weeks Mrs. Lewry will be tested, her accounts will no longer be funded”. I pause, looking up at him. “What the fuck Kian? What is the meaning of this?”.

“In the six months we’ve been married, there hasn’t been a day that passed where I didn’t transfer a sum of one hundred thousand dollars into your account. And within those six weeks, I will not see you as my wife. Rather, I’d treat and see you as a mistress, that I’m debating whether or not to keep around”.

“Mistress huh?”, my voice breaking. “That means you will sleep with me right?”

“Move onto the next one Farrah”.

I don’t want to, but I do it anyways.

“Mrs. Lewry will avoid any form of intimacy with Mr. Lewry during this period, unless intended for publicity. More so, she is forbidden to seduce Mr. Lewry, and if she behaves contradictory to this rule, the marriage between her and Mr. Lewry will be instantly considered null and void”, I pause, glaring at him. “You have got to be kidding me Kian. So we only get to kiss in public?”.

He nods.

His state of calm regarding all these is pissing me off.

“You’re such an asswipe”.

“Keep on reading Farrah”, he said sternly.

“In addition, Mrs. Lewry will cease to sleep on the same bed with Mr. Lewry. It’s important to observe this, for Mr. Lewry refuses to let his actions and thoughts to be misguided due to Mrs. Lewry’s presence in bed”. I deadpan. “Really? You think my presence will affect your thoughts and decisions? If that’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”.

“It’s not stupid. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to concentrate when I’m around you”.

“But you’re concentrating now. That should count for something”.

“You know what I mean. Now move on to the next one. That should be the last one I think”.

It is.

“Due to security reasons, Mrs. Lewry will leave the house as she wishes, but must leave with at least two able bodied guards and must return not an hour later than 8pm”.

That’s it. No more clubbing for me.

“So now you’re putting me on house arrest? Is that it?”.

“It’s not house arrest Farrah. I’m simply placing you on a curfew”.

“Yeah like a fucking teenager. I’m a grownass woman Kian”.

He scoffs. “Grownass woman don’t wake up naked in an alley with nothing but their phone on them”.

I narrow my eyes at him. “It wasn’t my fault Kian?”.

“It is Farrah. It is. If you had stayed at home like any other decent woman would, you wouldn’t have ended up in that alley”.

“Can you be any nicer?”, I snap angrily. “I expected you to be more comforting Kian. It hurts for me not to remember Kian. And I don’t need the bodyguards if I already have a curfew”.

“Can you stop acting like a child? It’s for your own safety! I don’t want to get a phone call in the middle of the night from my frightened wife asking me to come get her! Now if you’ll stop complaining, pick up the pen and sign the document”.

“I don’t want to! You know why? Because that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m a woman and I have needs Kian. And this stupid rules are preventing from fulfilling my needs”.

“You should have thought about that before putting us in this situation”.

“So it’s my fault?”.

“Well it’s as hell not mine!”, he barks.

I tear up. “You’re an asshole Kian Lewry”.

“I guess that’s better than being a cheat”, he says and storms out.

I sign the document, not because I wanted to, but because I’m willing to give us another try, even if it means asking for help from the one person who didn’t like me.

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