Six Simple Steps/C7 Seven: CPR Administration
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Six Simple Steps/C7 Seven: CPR Administration
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C7 Seven: CPR Administration

"Jesus Farrah! Will you calm down?".

No. I won't calm down. I kept calm yesterday, but woe betide me if I keep calm again today.

"Calm down?", I thundered as I jabbed a finger at him. "You want me to calm down? You're really pathetic Kian!".

"Will somebody tell me in heaven's name why my daughter is yelling so much so early in the morning?".

We both turned to find my mother standing in the doorway, hands planted firmly on her hips, eyes narrowed. If we has been in any other situation, I would have gushed over her coming into my marital home for the first time.

"Oh thank heavens you're here mother. Maybe you will be able to knack some sense into your brazen son-in-law".

My mother pursed her lips. "I'm not knacking sense into anyone until you tell me what's going on".

Kian schooled his face into a mask, before saying, "Your daughter is overreacting and being childish. That's what's going on".

I glare at him. "Don't listen to him mother. What happened is that Kian is cheating on me with none other than the chief maid's daughter. Can you believe that mum? The chief maid's daughter! Her daughter!".

"I'm not cheating on you dammit!".

"You touched her breasts Kian! Her breasts!".

Kian rolled his eyes. "I was performing CPR Farrah!".

I let out a dry laugh. "Oh let me guess, you were squeezing her breasts to get the water out?".

"Oh don't be ridiculous Farrah".

"If there's anyone that's being ridiculous here, it's you. And don't you dare deny being unfaithful!".

"I'm not denying anything. Why because I didn't cheat on you".

"Both of you shut up!", my mother thundered.

We zipped our lips shut but faced each other, mirroring each other's glares.

"Now that we're calm, tell me what happened".

I was about to speak, but Kian beat me to it. "One of my maids went for a swim, she was drowning so I jumped in quickly and saved her. In the process of administering CPR, I admit I must have touched her breasts".

"You didn't must have", I tell him, glaring. "You touched them on purpose".

"Oh shut up Farrah and let the young man speak. Go on my dear".

I stare at her baffled. So he's now her dear? Not only has Kian won my father's affection, something that he rarely gives, he has also won my mother's too! And this is the first time he's meeting her! The bastard.

"It was either touching her breasts unwillingly or kissing her Mrs. Stark. I'm sure your daughter Farrah here would have driven a nail into her hand if she had seen me kissing the maid."

Not into my hand, but into his head for sure. "Now let me ask you this Lewry, If the young woman can't swim, why would she go into the pool?"


"I'm afraid you will have to ask the maid that ma".

My mother nodded. She then turned to me. "Is this normal? For you to have maids swimming in the pool?".

"Of course not", I bristled. "But that stupid maid obviously wanted to draw my husband's attention to herself. I say she gets fired immediately!".

Kian glared at me. "I hired her. And I won't fire her".

"See that? He won't say that if he's not sleeping with her!".

"Now you're being silly Farrah. You can't get rid of someone simply because she needed saving".

"That's not the reason I want her fired. The little minx wants my husband mother! I've seen the way she looks at him!".

"And pray tell, how does she look at him?".

"Like she wants to eat him!".

Kian feigned a sigh. "I'm afraid I have that too many effect on females".

I glare at him.

"This is how we're going to solve this. Farrah, you'll stop being a bitch to your husband, and Kian stop squeezing other female's breasts. Now that's settled, I will be leaving for my own home, and Farrah? I expect you to be behind me", she says and heads out.

"I'm not going anywhere. Cause if I leave now, Kian will be free to sleep around with his maid".

My mother halts in his tracks, and turns to me. "Very well then. You've always been the most difficult one amongst all my children".

"How dare you say that to me? I'm the only one of all your children, who lived to see her twenties! So don't you dare say that I've always been the most difficult!".

My mother pursed her lips. "It was my mistake for coming here in the first place".

"Then leave! Get out! Before you cause more damage with your venomous words!".

My mother turns on her heel and leaves. I can feel Kian's eyes on me. I face him.

"This is all your fault! If you would have just left your stupid bitch to drown and die, none of this would have happened!".

"You yield so much hatred in your heart for a woman who has never hurt you. Why Farrah?".

"Don't ask me such stupid questions. I have every single reason to hate her! Because of Caitlyn, you've turned into a cheat! Because of Caitlyn, my mother called me names! And you're questioning me for hating her? You break my heart so much Kian!", I say and walk away. When I climbed the stairs, I saw Caitlyn, standing just below, with a fur cloak dropped on her shoulders, a sly smile on her face.

I held up my finger.


"I'm sorry", I say twiddling my thumbs. My mother is bent over a watering can in hand as she watered her flowers. "I didn't mean to say all those things. I was just so angry. The thing is, I'm sorry".

My mother straightened, and turned to face me, lips pressed in a thin line. "You want my forgiveness? You work for it. Those things don't come out as freebies. You go in there and change into work clothes. Then go and find Maria. She will tell you what to do".

"Does it involve cooking?".

"What do you think?".

Okay stupid question. Ask another one. "Am I allowed to browse the web?".

"If you want to put Alain Ducasse on a video call, that's your business. All I know is that I want a bowl of spicy fried chicken, with some veggie sauce".

"Can I..."

"No. You can not ask Maria or any of the other maids for help. If you do, I will know, and I will not forgive you. Now get cooking".

Two gruesome hours later.....

I know what you're probably saying. She cooked for two whole hours? Yes. I cooked for two hours straught and I'm not ashamed one bit!

My mother steps into the kitchen, eyes taking in the already set dining table. I didn't serve, because Maria had told me that she liked to serve herself.

"I thought I would have to order a takeout", she said.

"Just eat it and tell me if I fucked up".

"Watch your tongue", she growled, before picking up the serving spoon. She heaps some sauce into a bowl, before putting some fried chicken onyo her plate. Still standing, she picks up her fork, and dab at a chicken. She brings it into her mouth. I watched as she chewed slowly on my chicken. She swallows, and without telling me if it was good, she spoons some sauce into her mouth. She drinks some water before turning to me.


"I've never had anything like it".

"Ugh! It's horrible isn't it?".

"No no. It's utterly sweet. Lovely for your first try. But how am I sure you didn't ask for help?".

"I didn't mother. But is it really sweet?".

She picks up another chicken, and I had my answer.


I'm dead meat.

Once Kian is done with mem I'm afraid all that would be left of me is bones. After I had left my mother's, I had gone to a nearby bar and drunk myself to stupor. Why? Because on my way back, I began to wonder what Kian was doing, and if Caitlyn was with him.

Since the first day I married kian, I had vowed never to be that wife, the one that is always wondering if her husband is away with another woman, but after what happened earlier today, you can't blame me for wondering.

Pajero and Fergus hadn't come with me to my mother's, so the two didn't know of my recent trip to the bar, I had taken a cab to come home, and now my drunk self is gulping once I realize the lights are on,

I check the time. 8:30. I'm so dead, But even with that thought in mind I don't hesitate to walk into my own home.

Kian is seated cross legged on the couch, a fine glass of whiskey in hand, And me? I'm sweating bullocks as I grasp onto the painting on the wall, so I don't fall flat on my face. His eyes darken when he sees me, and I'm about to walk back out when the door slams close.

I'm so done for.

"Farrah", he says, my name rolling off his tongue like wine, "Are you aware of what the time is?".

"Of course", I slur. "It's time for you to go to bed".

His expression told me that he didn't find that funny at all.

"Are you drunk?".


"You're the one drinking".

"Farrah! I'll only repeat this once. Are you drunk?".

"No. I'm just sleepy".

"I see. If you're not drunk, walk to me in a straight line without falling".

"Pfft. That's easy".

I spoke too soon. I had just taken two steps forward, and I was already falling flat on my face. Strong hands gripped my waist, preventing me from hitting the ground. I stood upright, and I'm looking into furious blue eyes.

I'm soooo dead.

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