Six Simple Steps/C9 Nine: The Loofah
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Six Simple Steps/C9 Nine: The Loofah
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C9 Nine: The Loofah

"Oh God Kian! Yes baby more!".

I froze in my steps. I wasn't even gone for long and they are already having sex? So much for Kian's convincing words yesterday.

Frowning, I moved in the direction of her voice, and I'm shocked to see Caitlyn leaning against a sliding door, naked with my husband's loofah in hand. How she's in possession of that, I will never know.

Her eyes are closed, lips parted as she plays with her nipples. Her thighs are spread apart, Kian's loofah deep into her wet folds. I don't see Kian anywhere though, and I'm pissed to see her getting off on my husband's loofah. I can't believe that thing has been near my thighs once. I'll make sure to get Kian another one. I run up the stairs blindly, before slamming into my rock of a husband. Kian steadies me on my feet, and I take him in. He is topless, a towel wound around his neck. He's either going to the gym, or going to meet Caitlyn. That thought makes my stomach churn.

"Farrah", his voice is as cool as the morning breeze. "You're still not dressed", he says taking in my pyjamas.

"Where's your loofah?".

"In my bathroom. I just used it a while ago".

Now I want to throw up. He just used it a while ago? Does that mean Caitlyn stole his loofah while he was still showering? Or did she join him while he showered? All this thinking was making me sick.

"Are you okay? You look kind of green".

"How can I be okay when Caitlyn has your loofah between her thighs?".

Kian laughs. "Don't be ridiculous Farrah.".

"I'm not being ridiculous. She's with it. I swear".

His eyes darkened with emotion. I just pray it is not lust.

"Where is she?".

"I found her by the sliding doors".

"Okay. I will confront her. You go get a shower".

I do as he said and when I come down for breakfast, food is served, but there is no Kian. I don't want to think he is with Caitlyn, but I find myself approaching the sliding doors. He is there of course, and I am pissed when I catch him looking at Caitlyn's bare body. I hide behind the curtains so they don't see me.

"My loofah seriously? What the fuck Caitlyn?".

"Well what do you want me to do Kian? I get horny every time I think about you".

She's not the only one.

"You shouldn't be thinking about me Caitlyn. I am a married man".

"Marriage has never stopped anyone before"

"Are you saying I should cheat on my wife? Are you insane?".

"She has cheated on you Kian, why don't you do the same?"

That little...

"You don't have any proof that Farrah had been unfaithful, and even if she has, I wouldn't cheat on her".

"What does Farrah have that I don't Kian? You don't used to be so dismissive the time we were together."

Kian has been with Caitlyn before? In that way?

"I can't believe you're saying this".

She tries to kiss him, and I lost it. Lunging from where I was hiding by the curtains, I pummeled a kick to her abdomen. She lets out a yelp falling to the ground and I fall with her. I scratch at her with my nails, bruising here and there, before Kian yanks me off her. I scratch at his arm that is around my waist.

"NO! Let me at her! It's about time the bitch learnt her lesson"

When Kian didn't budge, I screamed louder. "Let go of me!".

Kian slams me against the sliding door, his mouth coming down on mine. We exchange a few angry kisses, and I am breathing hard by the time he pulled away. My chest heaved, and Kian watches the movement, before meeting my gaze. He averts his eyes, turns to Caitlyn who is watching us with pained eyes.

"Get out".

"But Kian...".

"Not another word. Now get out".

Her shoulders sank as she walked out. Kian meets my gaze once more, once Caitlyn disappears out of sight.

"How long?", my voice is an inaudible whisper.

"Before I met you".

I want to cry. "How long Kian?".


"Just answer the damn question Kian".

"I have known her since childhood. We dated for the time I was in college".

"And I am only knowing about this now?".

"Did you really expect me to tell you about all my past relationships?".

What a fucking asshole.

"No. But it would be really nice if I knew that the man I married has been intimate with the chief maid's daughter at one point in his life".

"Some things are better not knowing Farrah".

"I saved myself for you Kian. I didn't want to, but I did".

"Well I appreciate the effort, but that doesn't change anything".

My hand comes down hard on his face. His smoldering gaze meets mine, but I know deep down that he won't hit back. He is too much of a gentleman to do so.

"So you dated I get it, but is that an excuse for you to bring her here? Even if you wanted to have an affair, you could have had the decency to fuck her somewhere else".

Kian's eyes hardened. "Seems like the words I said yesterday fell on deaf ears. I haven't touched Caitlyn since I've been with you".

"And how do I believe that?"

"You just have to".

"I need sometime to think".

I take a step forward but Kian drags me back in place, claiming my lips. His kisses are hard and rough, as his five o' clock shadow tickles my skin. My knees give way and Kian hoists me up, locking my ankles around his waist. He pulls away before giving me a once over.

"I'm sorry", he whispers as he assaults every naked skin with kisses. I can feel him moving. I hear the sound of moving glassware and before I can protest, I'm laid upon the dining table. Kian is quick to pull my shirt over my head. He greedily takes me in, before leaning in to take a nipple in his mouth, while he kneads my other breast. I don't know what his intentions are, but one thing is clear.

We're hellbent on breaking rule number three.

"Kian?", I say admist moans.


"I don't think...Oh God...I don't think we should be doing this".

He eases me out of my shorts, and now I am completely naked on the table.

"You want me to stop".

"Ye...Ah! Kian!".

His fingers are deep into my folds, and I arch my back as he strokes me, while tracing the light hair on my clit.


"Faster please!".

He picks up his pace, and when his mouth joins his fingers, I almost go over the edge. He pulls out his fingers and I cry at the lost contact. His body stretches over mine, as he grabs something off the table. I am shocked when I see him holding a fry.

"Kian? What's with the fry?".

"This is for your juices. Now you're going to come over this fry like the good girl you are. Do you think you can do that for me?".

When the fry is in, I know and I come all over it like he told me to. Kian straightens, holding up the fry that is slick with my juices. he put it in his mouth and chews slowly.

I bate a breath as I await his reply.

A voice was heard, but it did not belong to Kian.

"Well this was not what I was expecting when I decided to come over".

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