The sun rose and set in the southeast part of the Divine State. In this place, there was a primitive forest. People named this forest to welcome the rising sun, which meant welcoming the rising sun.

There were several big cities outside of the Sun Facing Forest. One of them was called Sun Facing City.

The history of the city goes back to the era of war and chaos between the humans and demons.

It was said that in order to prevent the demon beasts from attacking, the human race had set up obstacles around the gathering place. Times had changed, and the place where the human race had gathered had evolved into a city, while the obstacles had evolved into city walls.

When Yang City was first built, the surrounding walls were built. Cultivators had set up barriers around the walls, and beneath the walls, there were four large gates to the east, south, west, and north. The gate to the north led to the forest, while the other gate to the south, west and west led to other places.

Yang City covered an area of 500 miles. The structure of the city was complex and consisted of a small city, a small town, and a mountain village. It could hold up to a million people.

In a remote town, there was an extremely remote town. At the very end of the town, there was a very small mountain village where dozens of families lived.

At the end of the village, there was a family with only a three-year-old boy and an elderly woman. There was an old man who had died a year ago.

A three year old boy with an unknown surname, fair skin and delicate features. The old woman, who was as thin as a twig and difficult to move, was his grandmother.

He was taller than a normal child by ten centimeters. He was a full meter and his body was very well-proportioned. He was neither skinny nor fat, and he was very healthy.

He was taller than a normal child, and his strength was stronger than a fourteen or fifteen year old child. The villagers all viewed him as a little monster.

She was young, but she knew better. Ever since her grandfather had passed away, her grandmother had been too sad and bedridden. She had washed and cooked, cleaned and cleaned, and he had paid for everything.

Normally, after lunch, with nothing to do in the afternoon, Providence would come to the village and play with the children.

Recently, his grandmother was in poor health and could not move, so he could only lie in bed. After lunch, he didn't go out and stayed home to take care of his grandmother.

Today, after lunch, his grandmother did not want to go back to sleep. At his grandmother's request, he sat on the edge of his grandmother's bed.

"My son, your grandmother will always dream of your grandfather when she falls asleep these past few days!"

"Tell me, is your grandfather coming to pick me up?"

In the hands of a zealot, they would live with each other until the end of time.

Grandparents are very loving, grandma's biggest regret, can't go with grandpa.

Last year, before his grandfather left, his grandmother had worried that he would be lonely on the road to the Yellow Springs and had wanted to go with him. However, he was still young, and his grandfather couldn't bear to be an orphan without anyone's love.

Now, listening to Grandma's words, Heaven knows that Grandma misses Grandfather again.

The life of a mortal was less than a hundred years. Grandmother was already past the age of eighteen, and she could not accompany him forever. Thinking of Grandmother leaving him and leaving him, his heart was filled with sorrow, and his tears flowed uncontrollably.

"Wuuu …"

"Grandmother, it's not like that. Grandpa won't let you go, and I won't let you go either!"

"Grandma, you won't leave, will you?"

Seeing her grandson's tears flowing and his eyes filled with hope, the old woman felt reluctant to part with him. However, the end was near, and she had no choice but to comfort her son with the only thing she could do before the end.

"Child, don't be sad. I will be able to see your grandfather very soon. You should be happy for me!"

Grandmother didn't want to live alone. Grandmother lived an extra year for her sake, and Grandmother often mentioned Grandmother during that year.

Is this love?

He was only three years old, so he didn't understand!

His grandmother was leaving with his grandfather, and the only thing he wanted to do was to accompany his grandmother.

"Grandma, let me go with you!"

The old woman was very pleased that her grandson had said such words. She laughed with great difficulty and patted her head.

"Silly child, don't talk nonsense!"

"Your grandfather and I have reached the end of our lifespan. We have no choice but to leave!"

"You're different. Your life has just begun, so you have to live well. Do you understand?"

Other children, at the age of one, had not been weaned, but at the age of one, they could already say, run, and still read. At the age of three, they could understand many things, and did not waste the title of little monster.

"B-But, I don't want to leave you and Grandfather. I can't bear to part with you!"

How could the old woman let her grandson go? If it weren't for the fact that her body was getting worse every day, she wouldn't have said such sad words to her grandson, causing him to feel sad.

"Little Child, you're a good child, even I can't bear to part with you!"

Your life has just begun, and you still have a mission to accomplish!

"Unfortunately, Grandmother and your grandfather won't be able to accompany you to complete the mission!"


In the past three years, he had accompanied his grandparents, taken care of them, and left. He continued to take care of his grandma, and that was everything.

If you were to say that you had a mission, taking care of your grandparents was your mission.

His grandfather had left, and now his grandmother was leaving as well. He didn't understand what other tasks he had.

"Grandmother, what's my mission?"

After staring at her grandson for a long time, the old woman's expression kept changing. After a long while, she seemed to have understood something and her expression relaxed.

"Zhi'er, there is something that your grandma and your grandpa haven't told you. If you don't, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to tell them."

What had his grandparents never told him?

His grandparents had never told him, so he definitely didn't want to say it out loud.

Grandmother's happiness and unhappiness were all written on her face. Seeing the change in Grandmother's expression, God's blessing could see the deep reluctance in her eyes.

With his intelligence, it was certainly not a good thing to guess what his grandmother was going to say.

"Grandma, don't say anymore!"

There were some things that I must say. If I don't say it now, I might not have the chance to say it anymore. The old woman didn't agree to my grandson's request.

"Child, you're not the biological grandson of me and your grandfather!"

Grandpa and Grandma loved him dearly, so how could he not be their biological grandson? Tian Ci refused to believe what she had just heard and thought that she had misheard him.


After being with her grandson for three years, her son's expression was blank. It was clear that he didn't believe what she had just said. The old woman knew that she had to persuade him again for her grandson's future.

"Little Child, it's true. Grandma isn't lying to you!"

After having said this, the old woman had struggled a few times and mustered up a lot of courage. If she had to say it again, she might not be willing to say it.

Actually, she could hide the truth. In this way, the gift of not knowing the truth would forever be her grandson.

She didn't dare to forget her husband's dying words. She had promised her husband that before she left, she would tell her grandson about his origins.

If she didn't tell her grandson, her husband, who knew everything about her, would definitely scold her. She loved her husband and wanted to meet him in the afterlife. She didn't want him to have any grudges against her.

"Grandma, could it be that your grandson did something wrong, so you don't want me anymore?"

After the death of her husband, she was too sad and her health was not as good as it used to be. Her grandson had taken care of all the household chores and had never disobeyed her decision. The old woman loved him dearly, so how could she not want him?

"My son, you are a good child. How could I not want you?"

"However, you must know your own past. That belongs to you. Grandmother can't be selfish and take away everything that belongs to you. This is also your grandfather's decision!"


What kind of background would he have?

He saw other children with parents, but he had no parents, only his grandparents. Sometimes, Tian Ci would be very curious about what his parents looked like.

In the end, however, it had never occurred to him that he was not the biological grandson of his grandparents.

Now, when his grandmother suddenly mentioned his origins, he was at a loss.

"Grandmother, I'm the grandson of you and grandpa. You're my everything. I only want you and grandpa. As long as I'm with you, I don't want to know what kind of background I have!"

When a person returns to their roots, if they didn't know their own history, they wouldn't know where their roots were. Grandsons don't want to know their own history, so the old woman thought that he was just talking foolishly.

When it came to the story of her grandson, the truth was that she didn't know. She only knew that her grandson had been abandoned in front of her house.

No matter what kind of background Heaven's Gift had, in her heart, it was her only grandson.

"Foolish child, no matter what sort of life you have, in the hearts of your grandfather and I, you will always be our grandson!"

Grandmother truly treated him with sincerity. Of course, he had to return the favor with the peach and the spring water.

"Grandmother, I'm your grandson. I'll always be that way. I don't care what kind of background I have!"

He had told his grandson of a different background, hoping that his son would be able to find his true family and reunite with them. Now that his son didn't care about his background, the old woman naturally didn't have the face to see her deceased husband.

"Child, this is my and your grandpa's biggest wish to find your true family. Grandmother is leaving, so you can fulfill my and your grandpa's wish!"

Her grandson had always been very obedient and filial. The old woman believed that her grandson would not disappoint her.

"Alright, grandmother. I promise you, I will definitely fulfill your and grandpa's wish!"

"But …"

There was no way Heaven's Gift could refuse something that their grandmother wanted to talk about with her death. However, without any clues, it would be difficult to find a true relative.

"Neither your grandfather nor I are clear about your background. Everything will depend on you!"

"I only remember that time..."

As a grandmother, the old woman could only imagine her grandson's predicament.

Although he couldn't help his grandson find his family, he could at least tell his grandson some of the past that he knew.

Three years ago, a disheveled, disheveled person suddenly appeared in the village, holding a baby in his arms.

After that person came to the village, he went straight to the door of the two lonesome old men's house. He knocked on the door of the small courtyard, put down the baby and suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Upon learning that there was a knock on the door, an old man with a white head opened the door and found a baby by the door. No one else was there.

Helplessly, the two old men adopted a baby.

Afterward, the two old people wanted to ask about the person who left the baby. The villagers all said that the person was a beggar. They only saw him come to the village, but no one saw him leave.

That person was a beggar. The villagers all believed him, and only the two old men did not. That was because at the same time the two old men accepted the infant, they also obtained a large amount of gold and silver.

Unfortunately, at the same time as the golden threads became thin and soft, the two elders didn't get anything to prove their identity as infants.

Through her grandmother's story, it was very sad to learn that she was just an abandoned child.

That person was so rich, why did he abandon him? He did not understand.

If he couldn't figure it out, he would feel even more heartbroken.

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