"Ha ha!"

Blessed by the heavens, he looked very cute after drinking wine. When the villagers of Lu Village saw his embarrassed appearance, they couldn't help but laugh. However, Fu Yun didn't care and started laughing heartily.

When they saw Fu Yun laughing, someone finally couldn't hold it in. It was unknown who started it, but everyone else started to laugh as well.

Seeing everyone laughing out loud, Blessing really wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

However, he was not angry at all. He really liked this atmosphere. This atmosphere made him feel as if he had returned to his own village.

The first time he drank, even though he had only taken a sip, he still felt a little dizzy from the alcohol. His eyelids began to twitch, and he could not help but want to sleep.

Lu Wen had arranged a place for him to stay. After all, Fu Yun didn't want him to sleep on the streets.

After three rounds of drinking, the villagers dispersed and slept, but there were still some people who continued to accompany Fu Yun for another hour. Other than Fu Yun, there was no longer anyone else who drank.

Fuyun never seemed to get drunk, drinking while watching the moon.

When dawn arrived, he sat cross-legged beside the bonfire and closed his eyes. He must have gone to sleep.

No one knew when he fell asleep, because those who did not leave had drunk their fill and had gone to bed before him.

A night without incident!

Because he drank a little last night, the sun shone brightly on the land. Only then did Tian Ci get up and arrive at the village entrance, where the immortal master was already waiting for him.

"Heaven's blessing, is the wine awake?"

"Get ready to leave!"

That's right, he didn't belong here. It was time for him to leave again.

For Lu Village to be able to find its own village, Tian Ci really wanted to stay in Lu Village for a few more days.

However, he understood that he could not stay in the village of Lu. He still had to find his parents. His uncle and aunt were still waiting for him to return home to reunite with them.


With a sullen expression, Fu Yun could see that he was reluctant, but he did not say anything.

Nothing big happened. Cultivators wouldn't appear in the small town for a year, not to mention the village. Lu Wen and the villagers couldn't bear to have him and the immortal master leave.

"Teacher, how long are you staying for?"

The longer he stayed at this place, the more unwilling he would be to receive the gift of heaven. In this way, it would be detrimental to his growth. Since Fuyun brought him away from the village, he naturally had to take responsibility for his growth.

"When the fates are fated, they gather together. When the fates are fated, they disperse. There's no need to pay too much attention to them!"

Immortal Master tactfully declined his good intentions, while Lu Wen was very disappointed.

"Immortal, can … can you please give my child a name?"

The immortal master claimed to be a fortune-teller, and could also be a cultivator. Naturally, he was more cultured than the villagers. Lu Xiu brought the child to Fuyun, hoping that Fuyun would give the child a better name and a better future.

"Call me Lu An. If I can live peacefully, I can also settle the world."

When Lu Wen's child had a name, Fu Yun didn't say anything more.

Lu An seemed to have been given a name by an immortal master, as if he had just woken up. He rubbed his small mouth, and looked at Lu An's pink and tender face. He wanted to hug Lu An out of curiosity about this new life.

"Aunt, can I hug little brother?"

From her husband, she learned that heaven gave her a lot of strength, so she was very relieved to have her child in his arms.


He took LuAnn over. He took Blessing very seriously.

"So cute!"

"Little An An, I'm three years older than you! From now on, I'm your big brother, and you're my little brother!"

"You have to be good, big brother will come back to see you in the future, and I'll even bring you a present!"

Although Tian Ci only stayed in the village for one night, the villagers treated him very well. It was like he had a family in the village of Lu. He really liked the village of Lu and treated Lu An as family.

Departure was always sad, and once again, heaven sent a sad departure.

Last night, Fu Yun wanted to take him to Lucun for a lodging, but he had a purpose.

He had just left his own village, so Heaven's Gift would definitely be very sad. Bringing him to Lu Village to stay the night just so that he could once again feel the warmth of his family.

Secondly, teaching people to relax and not force him too much.

However, Fu Yun had never imagined that it would actually make him sad once again.

"… …"

Fuyun left the village of Lu and headed towards the town with a lingering heavenly gift. It was still early, so the two of them were in no hurry to get to the village.

On the way, Fu Yun didn't stay idle. He hurried on as he asked how Tian Ci had felt the night before, for example, having her first drink.

"What does it feel like to drink for the first time?"

It was good to not mention the embarrassing incident with the alcohol last night, but now that he mentioned it, Tian Ci still felt his face burning. He followed behind the immortal master, recalling the process of drinking and the incident where he had a headache in the morning.

"Wine. It smells very good. It's very hard to drink. I drank it, my throat was burning, and I was still dizzy. I wanted to sleep! "

After listening to Heaven's Gift's explanation, Fu Yun laughed loudly.

"Haha, you're still young, so you can't feel the beauty of the wine!"

This was the first time a child drank wine. It was like drinking water from a cow, what kind of wine was this?

Of course, Heaven's Gift was still young, so he didn't know how to taste wine. He wouldn't understand even if he was told in detail about the wonders of wine. There was no point in talking any further.

"Tian Ci, what do you think about Lu Wen and the villagers?"

When Fu Yun and Tian Ci helped Lu Wen, Lu Wen was naturally grateful. When the villagers of Lu Village heard that the two of them had helped Lu Wen, they treated them very warmly.

"Uncle Lu Wen and everyone else are doing very well!"

After thinking for a long time, Heaven's Gift only replied with one sentence. With just this sentence, Fu Yun understood that Heaven's Gift knew nothing about the affairs of the world.

Travelling in the martial arts world, if one did not understand the ways of the world, it would be very difficult to establish one's foothold in the martial arts world. He needed to give some pointers to the heavens.

"Do you want to know why they treat you so well?"

The villagers were good people and treated him well. Naturally, there was no need to ask why. This was a very simple thought given by the heavens.

Because he had such simple thoughts, he didn't know how to answer the immortal master.

"Because Heaven's Gift is very obedient, they like me a lot?"

Little kids were very cute and were liked by others. They were blessed with good fortune.

The one who spoke had his own mind, no matter how Fu Yun listened to Tian Ci's words, he felt that she was narcissistic.

"Haha, you? "Stop being so smug!"

Being teased by the immortal master, Tian Ci pouted. She was very unhappy.

Knowing that the heavens are not willing to accept this, Fu Yun secretly rejoiced.

"Because you helped Lu Wen drag the wild boar, that's why they're grateful to you. They treat you especially well, you know!"

He thought he was loved by others, but after hearing the immortal master's explanation, he realized that he was overthinking things. Thinking about how the immortal master just teased him, he felt a bit embarrassed.

"Heaven's Gift, you have to remember, people don't like you when they're not born. Only if you sincerely help them will they truly treat you well and treat you well."

"You have to give it up first, then there will be a reward, do you understand?"

Heaven's Gift was three years old this year, so he would be able to learn very quickly at the best of times. Fu Yun had to go through the matter of Lu Village to teach Heaven's Gift to know how to give.

"Oh, immortal master, I understand!"

There were many ways to be a human. When Heaven's Gift had just begun to learn, Fu Yun saw him nod his head and did not say anything more. He continued to walk forward.

Life has to learn a lot of human principles, not blindly to the brain, but to constantly to understand.

Humans lived for a long time, and the more logic they understood, the more they understood. Fuyun did not think about pouring all of these theories into the Divine Gift's brain. Instead, he wanted to use many things to slowly let it comprehend.

Not long after, Fu Yun returned to the little town with Godly Gift.

"… …"

"Heaven's Gift, do you still remember what I told you yesterday?"

After Fu Yun brought Tiancai to the small town, he found a stone block on the side of the road. He sat on the stone block without any image of wanting to look for a customer.

"I remember!"

"Master, do you want me to use my heart to understand someone?"

The immortal master had explained to him how to get to know a person yesterday, so naturally, Tian Ci would remember.

"Take it, go ahead. Lunch is up to you!"

When Immortal Teacher brought this up again, Tian Ci knew that Immortal Master would also send him to get more customers.

Although asking a three-year-old to hire a client was a bit excessive, but after what happened yesterday, he began to understand the immortal master's intentions.

He took the signboard from the immortal master and walked to a place not too far away, then began to call out to him.

Immortal Master has given me directions. I can destroy this path for all eternity, and then I can ask you about my future!

"Uncle, aunt, let's call it fate!"

He woke up very late in the morning and missed the time for breakfast. After leaving the village of Lu, he travelled for a long time.

There were many pedestrians on the street, many people were watching the show. There was not a single person who would find a child to tell their fortune. He was very hungry, so he took the initiative to recruit customers.

"Little child, you know fortune-telling?"

A child holding a signboard that read "Listen to the wind and tell the story of Yu Wu" boasted loudly on the street. This kind of strange event was rarely seen in a thousand years. It attracted many people to watch.

A middle-aged man walked out of the crowd and went to look for Tian Ci.

"Uncle, you misunderstand!"

"I don't know how to tell a fortune. That immortal master knows how to tell a fortune!"

This was not the first time he had been misunderstood. His explanation was very natural, and he was no longer as nervous as he was yesterday.


"Take me to meet the immortal master!"

The middle-aged man lived a well-developed life. He had a wife and son, and he had nothing to lose. As he had nothing to worry about, he came over to take a look due to his curiosity.

He was so hungry that he had no strength to cry out. A customer took the initiative to come over, and was so happy that he brought the middle-aged man to Immortal Teacher's side.

Behind the middle-aged man and Tian Ci was a large group of spectators.

"Old man, isn't it too unkind of you to ask a child to get you a business!"

The middle-aged man walked up to Fu Yun. Seeing that he was sleeping, he felt that Fu Yun's way of doing things was very improper, so he wanted to speak up and ask for an explanation on behalf of Heaven's Gift.

Although Fu Yun had been pretending to sleep, every word and action of Heaven's Gift was in his eyes. The middle-aged man only wanted to fight for Heaven's Gift and had no ill intentions.

As for fortune-telling, he was able to discern that the middle-aged man didn't have that intention at all. Since he wasn't here to make fortune telling, he was too lazy to bother with the middle-aged man and intended to chase away the matter.

"Brat, it's not good to meddle in other people's business. If you don't want to divine fate, then go home and take care of your wife and children!"

The mortal world was peaceful. The middle-aged man lacked nothing, had no lofty ambitions, and had no intention of telling his fate.

Wandering the streets and asking about Tian Ci, he was completely curious about her and her. Seeing Fu Yun sleeping off to the side, he was upset and decided to fight for her.

When he heard Fu Yun call him back to take care of his wife and children, the middle-aged man immediately changed his mind and decided to divinate his child.

"Who said I don't want to tell a fortune? Didn't this child say that you can predict the future? Then give my son a divination!"

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