This was not the first time he had had a stomachache during the entire morning, nor was it the first time he had swallowed his saliva.

"My fortune telling is very expensive, I need money for a meal!"

A meal?

Is it expensive?

Depends on what to eat!

If it was a delicacy, then a meal would cost a lot of money. If it was just some plain rice, then a meal wouldn't cost much seafood.

It was a delicacy. The money that the middle-aged man had brought with him was barely enough to pay for the food. It was more than enough to pay for the food.

However, the premise was that Fuyun had to be accurate to his satisfaction before he would pay up and buy him a meal.

"Haha, as long as you can calculate correctly, I will treat this pair of meals!"

How to judge?

There was no fixed standard for fortune-telling.

Rather than saying that the diviners were accurate, it was more like asking the diviners whether they believed him or not.

Under normal circumstances, diviners can figure out the past of the diviners, and the diviners will believe that the diviners can predict the future and avoid the future.

Divination often required the help of external objects. In fact, Fuyun was not a qualified fortune-teller, because he never needed the help of external objects.

Of course, perhaps it was because his cultivation base was high, and he didn't need to borrow the power of external things to complete it.

"The ancestors were blessed, and did not lack food or clothing. Even with a wife and son, they were still able to settle down."

"Wealth can only last three generations. The road to wealth can last forever. Rather than giving your child future prospects, why not use the wealth of your ancestors to do business?"

"In the future, your child will be able to live without worries."

"Alright, pay for the meal!"

Mortal was used to listening to rumors and believing it. If the middle-aged man only talked about the future then he would think that Dudian was talking nonsense. He had to first talk about the middle-aged man's family before he could believe him.

The middle-aged man's family background was not something he had calculated. As long as he needed it, he would release his spiritual sense and know about everything in the entire city.

After learning that the middle-aged man's ancestors had left him a fortune, this wealth could protect him from food and clothing. It was precisely because of this wealth that the middle-aged man had been idle all day, living in a stupor for over forty years.

No matter how good his family background was, they would all be defeated sooner or later. The middle-aged man was willing to stand up for Tian Ci, and since he hadn't done anything bad in his previous life, Fu Yun decided to give the middle-aged man some pointers.

"Thank you for your guidance, immortal master!"

No one knew their own home better than the middle-aged man. Their family's wealth was left behind by their ancestors, and it was not a secret. Almost everyone in the town knew about it.

The immortal master said exactly what he said. Could someone have snitched on him?

It would be unreasonable to say that someone had snitched on him.

Firstly, his request for a fortune-telling was just a spur of the moment, and the immortal master didn't have the time to investigate. Secondly, everyone was looking at the immortal master. Someone had snitched on him, there was no way that he could hide it from the middle-aged man.

With these two points, the middle-aged man had reason to believe that the immortal master would know the past and the future.

If he were to idle around all day, he would definitely lose all his money, causing his son to grow up and be unable to rest. The immortal master's words roused the man from his dreams; he was very grateful and left all the money on him to return home quickly.

He had to listen to the immortal master's instructions and take out the remaining money from his family to start a business.

The middle-aged man left!

When a person was born to death, there would be a trajectory, and this trajectory would follow the life of a person. Some people called it fate.

Destiny telling was to use one's past experiences to calculate the progress of this path.

The so-called 'can break through the ages' referred to a person who was very clear on the history of the world and knew everything that happened in the river of time.

The so-called future could foresee the future, know what was going to happen in the future, and make up for the bad things that would happen in the future.

The so-called fortune-telling was actually to comfort the hearts of the people, to avoid danger. Seeing the immortal master giving directions to the middle-aged man, Heaven's Gift finally had an understanding of fortune-telling.

He was thinking when Fuyun woke him up.

"Tian Ci, take the money and let's go eat. We'll continue in the afternoon!"

At lunch time, Fu Yun did not eat. He only wanted a pot of wine, and was rather hungry. He ate seven to eight servings of soybeans and ate his fill. The money left behind by the middle-aged man had also been used up.

After lunch, Tiangong again stood on the street to pull customers, Fuyun still sat on the roadside stone block to rest.

"… …"

Immortal Master has given me directions. I can destroy this path for all eternity, and then I can ask you about my future!

In the morning, Fu Yun's fortune-telling for the middle-aged man spread through the streets and alleys of Border Town. In the afternoon, Fu Yun and Tianwu had just appeared at the side of the street, and there were also quite a few people surrounding them.

"Little brother, take me to see the immortal master!"

Fuyun had calculated the circumstances of the middle-aged man's family, and then gave him directions. The rumors had reached a divine level, and now he didn't even need to go ask for a customer. The client would naturally come to him.

If someone came to him on their own accord and didn't need their master to invite them over, it would be perfect. If a young person had a request, then of course, the heaven's gift had to satisfy the young person.

He brought the young man to Immortal Teacher's side. He didn't realize that Immortal Teacher had already fallen asleep.

"Immortal master …"

"Sir …"

Seeing that the immortal master had fallen asleep, the young man called out to him. At the same time, Tian Ci pulled on one of the immortal master's sleeves.

No matter how much the two yelled, Fuyun didn't respond.

"fortune-teller, are you going to tell me or not!"

"What does pretending to be asleep mean?"

The young man was impatient. Seeing that Fu Yun did not pay attention to him and Tian Ci's call, he lost his patience.

The young man was eighteen or nineteen years old. His parents were living in his house, and his father was a small businessman. His family was very well off, and his mother doted on him.

He should have been the son of his father, but who would have known that he had no interest in doing business and only wanted to cultivate and become an immortal.

Because of his poor aptitude, the most recent cultivation sects were unwilling to accept him. Upon learning that Fuyun had given the middle-aged man some pointers, they wanted him to give them some pointers.

"Young man, why don't you invite someone else?"

The young people were ambitious, unwilling to stand on solid ground. Fuyun wanted to guide them, but he was afraid that the young people would find it difficult to listen to his advice, so he refused to do so.

"And here I was wondering how amazing he was, but it turns out he's also someone who's looking for fame!"

In order to invite Fu Yun to give some pointers on his future, the young man came here on purpose. He didn't expect that he would be rejected. Feeling extremely displeased, the young man spoke rudely before pushing his way through the crowd and leaving.

The young man left angrily. The onlookers were rather disappointed with Fu Yun, and many of them also turned around to leave.

"Heaven's Gift, have you forgotten what I said?"

"Did you do it?"

Of course he hadn't forgotten about it, but since someone had come looking for him, there was no reason for him to stay a thousand miles away.

Besides, he had never rejected anyone, and he didn't know how to refuse.

Immortal Teacher had once said that he needed to understand a person with all his heart.

However, it wasn't that he didn't want to get to know a person, but he didn't know how to reject them.

"Immortal, if you want me to get to know someone, I won't forget!"

"However, that person is in a hurry to see you. I don't have the chance to get to know him!"

When Fu Yun traveled in the martial arts world, he had seen all sorts of storms and waves. He had seen everything in life.

He knew perfectly well that Tian Ci wanted to take a shortcut by luck.

A person who had lived for ten years and had lived for hundreds of years as a tree would have many things to learn. He could only try his best to impart his knowledge, and from when he was young, he would establish the correct view of life.

"Heaven's Gift, this is all just a fluke. Do you know that?"

"I want you to observe carefully, to find the right customer, not to wait for the customer to come knocking."

"If you keep waiting for customers to arrive and stay here, you will slowly grow lazy, and your heart will be filled with luck. You will also slowly forget to carefully observe and understand your customers."

"I want you to observe the customer, to know the customer, so that you can see what a person is thinking through their facial expressions and actions."

"Do you understand?"

He was only a little over three years old, of course he wouldn't understand Fu Yun's intentions.

A client coming of their own accord compared to finding a client, a client coming of his own volition, he did not need to be looked down upon or wronged. Comparing the two, he would of course choose the former.

Having been taught a lesson by the immortal master, she nodded obediently and went off to attract business again.

"Understood, immortal master!"

The child could be taught, and Fuyun was very pleased.

"Un, go on!"

This time, he didn't wait for people to come looking for him. He walked around the crowd himself, looking for the right customers.

"… …"

In a person's life, there would be ups and downs, happiness and sadness, as well as twists and turns, and they would all have their own stories. Every person would release different emotions based on what they were facing.

There were many people walking on the street. Everyone's body, actions, and expressions were all different.

Some of them were jumping around in excitement, some of them were smiling, some of them were laughing, some of them were sulking, some of them were anxious, and some of them were expressionless.

Tian Ci shuttled back and forth among the passersby, observing. He didn't rush forward to recruit customers because he was attentively observing everyone.

However, what could he learn from the expression of just one person?

Although he did not yet understand the human heart, he no longer went to look for those who were in a bad mood.

"Uncle, fortune telling?"

In the past, Tian Long had found a young man. This young man was in his thirties, and he had a smile on his face.

"Little kid, Uncle doesn't know how to tell a fortune. Go look for someone else!"

Everyone was happy when they met each other. The young people's luck was quite good recently and everything went smoothly. They didn't plan on telling others their fortune, so they turned down the invitation from heaven before turning around and leaving.


"Goodbye, uncle!"

The young man was about to leave, but the Blessing didn't. It was a very serious farewell.

"How are you, grandfather, doing?"

"Immortal Master's fortune telling is very accurate!"

After bidding farewell to the young man, he saw two middle-aged men, one of whom was an elder.

"Alright, lead the way!"

Perhaps it was because the two of them had met with a happy event and did not reject him.

"Immortal master, a guest has arrived!"

When Fu Yun saw Tian Ci bringing a guest to his doorstep, he immediately began to chase her away without even opening his eyes.

"Please go back, I will only tell the fates of the fated one!"


Only telling the fates of fated people?

Immortal Teacher, are you kidding me?

Since when did immortal masters have such a rule? How come I didn't know?

This was the first time he heard Immortal Master respond to a customer like this. He was very confused.

Only telling the fates of fated people?

The two of them were originally in a good mood, but after being rejected by the old man, they felt like they were being played with by the heavens. The two of them were already in their 100s, so they could only curse angrily and leave.

"You must be crazy!"

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