"I'm sorry!"

When the guest was rejected by the immortal master, Tian Ci felt very embarrassed. When the guest scolded him, he not only had to bear the grievances, but he also had to apologize and send the guest away.

"Immortal master?"

When Fu Yun knew that Divine Gift had many questions, and was not the right time to explain, he would not explain.

"Don't ask, continue!"

After the guest left, the immortal master fell asleep again. With a helpless look in his eyes, Tian Ci returned to the crowd and continued her search for the customer.

After the Lairen incident, he learned to be smart, to pull clients, and never chose people who were in a bad mood.

The whole afternoon, he didn't invite any more guests who were in a bad mood. As expected, the guests didn't mock him, and during the process of inviting, even if someone rejected, those people were still rather polite.

Some would reject it, while others would be willing to cooperate. Some would accept the invitation, but they would be overjoyed. In the end, they made him even more depressed.

The guests were willing to cooperate, but the immortal master was unwilling to cooperate.

The guests were rejected. Some of them had good personalities and left without a care. Some of them had bad moods and were in a bad mood. Before they left, they cursed.

The scolding was considered light, and some people even wanted to beat them up. With the immortal master here, those people couldn't do anything, and eventually dispersed on bad terms.

Throughout the entire afternoon, both Tian Ci and Fu Yun had been scolded by countless people. Being scolded was one thing, but they had to apologize to their clients. This made Tian Ci feel very uncomfortable.

Seeing that God's Gift had suffered so much, Fu Yun knew that the time to explain had come. He had sent the last guest away that day, leaving the God's Gift behind.

"God's blessing, let's call it a day!"

Due to the fact that all of the customers that Tian Ci brought over had been rejected by Fu Yun, Tian Ci spent the entire afternoon pulling in customers, apologizing to them nonstop.

When the news spread, many people had already started to not believe in it.

As a result, it became extremely difficult to pull customers away from Heaven's Gift. He had long since stopped trying to pull customers away. Upon hearing the immortal master's request, he couldn't wait and decided to stay behind.

"How do you feel?"

He had been repeatedly rejected by his guests, rejected by the immortal master, insulted and insulted by his guests, and had apologized over and over again. The only thing left in his heart was grievance.

"Blue Skinny, Lentinus edodes!"

Fu Yun was in a very good mood after hearing Tian Ci's answer. It was a great thing to see Tian Ci suffering.

"Ha ha!"

To say the words in his heart, he had thought that the immortal master would comfort him, but who would have thought that the laughter of the immortal master would come instead. There was a type of person in the world who liked to base their happiness on the pain of others, and that was exactly the kind of person he was.

"Immortal Master, how can you do this?"

Seeing the wronged look on Tianyun's face, Fuyun laughed even more happily.

"Haha …"

His heart was in pain, but not only did the immortal master not comfort him, she also kept laughing. Tian Ci pouted her lips, preparing to leave and continue trying to recruit more customers.

"Ignore you!"

Seeing that Tian Ci was about to leave, Fu Yun stopped laughing and lured her to stay.

"Don't you want to know why I rejected guests?"

The entire afternoon, almost all of the grievances he had suffered were due to the immortal master rejecting the customer. Of course, Tian Ci wanted to know the reason behind the immortal master's rejection of the customer.


The curiosity of the child was heavy, and the curiosity of the child who had suffered grievances was even greater. Fu Yun was not mistaken, God-given had really fallen for his trap.

"Heaven's Gift, do you know what fortune-telling is?"

He had originally thought that Immortal Master would explain to him the events of the afternoon, but Tian Ci did not expect Immortal Master to ask about something else.

In the morning, he met the immortal master to tell the fortune of the middle-aged man. This was also the first time he saw someone's fortune telling.

His wild imagination was not the basis to prove the truth. This was just his personal opinion. As for what was fortune telling, he did not dare to speak carelessly in front of the immortal master.

Seeing him shake his head, Fuyun was satisfied.

Satisfied, not because of the lack of information, but because of the fact that providence had its own ideas and had not been proven, so it did not make any presumptuous comments.

"Tian Ci, listen carefully. I'll explain it to you!"

"The so-called fortune-telling is to observe a person's behavior, understand a person's background, and combine it with the stars to calculate a person's lifelong movements."

"In other words, knowing or guessing in advance what is going to happen to a person in the future, as well as preparing for the good or bad things that are going to happen in the future."

"Do you understand?"

What he was thinking was almost different from what the immortal master was saying. It was hard for him to understand what was going on even after hearing what the immortal master had said.

This was the first time he had heard about the changes in the movement of human beings. He could only remember it now and try to figure it out again when he had the chance in the future.

"I don't understand, but I did!"

He didn't understand, but that didn't matter. He had waited for Tian Ci to stay in the outside world for a long time, and after she understood a lot of things, she would naturally understand that he had said that Fu Yun hadn't gone to explain everything to him.

"Just remember this!"

Immortal Master's words were recorded down, but he didn't understand why rejecting a customer had anything to do with it.

"Immortal master, is fortune-telling related to rejecting guests?"

If you were to say that there was no relationship between fortune-telling and rejecting a customer, then there seemed to be a connection. If you were to say that there was a relationship, then there seemed to be a missing link between the two.

The missing link was of course the fortune-teller, the diviner.

"Of course it does!"

If the diviners divined for someone and found out that this person was a bad person, would the diviners diviners divinate for the diviners?

Or will the diviners do a wicked thing, not sure if they can succeed, find a diviners diviners, and ask for spiritual consolation, should the diviners give the diviners divinatory divinities?

The diviner is the central link between fortune-teller and fortune-teller.

"I don't understand!"

Such a profound question, of course Heaven's Gift would not understand.

"I don't understand, it doesn't matter!"

"There is something that I should tell you!"

Since the time was not up yet and he had already explained it, he would not be able to understand it. It would be better to not explain it at all. Even if he did not explain it to her, Fu Yun believed that she would understand it.

"What is it?"

Seeing how confused Tian Ci was, Fu Yun decided not to beat around the bush.

"Haha, didn't you want to know why I rejected guests?"

Of course, Tian Ci wanted to know, but the immortal master had always been beating around the bush.


Fu Yun did not immediately answer Tian Ci's question. Instead, he pondered for a very long time.

So it turned out that he was also someone with a story. His story had to be told from the moment he was born.

In this world, there were many people who were blessed by the heavens and came into this world with the phenomenon of heaven and earth.

However, from ancient times until now, he was the only one who was truly blessed by the heavens.

He was born with an ordinary life, but he did his best to make himself extraordinary. The moment he was born, he was already extraordinary. If a dynasty were to appear in this era, then he would be the only Crown Prince.

With this identity, he lived a life similar to that of a middle-aged man in the morning, with nothing to do but do nothing. This life of idleness, he repeated, lasted ten, a hundred, a thousand years, or even longer.

One day, when he was finally enlightened, he finally found himself a way to make fortune telling for the world. With this way of making fortune telling, he began to travel the martial arts world and live his life in the four seas.

At first, whenever someone came to him to tell fortunes, he would not reject them. He would only care about telling fortunes, but he would ignore the hearts of others.

Later on, he began to act as a fortune-teller and stirred up a disaster. The scope of the disaster was very wide, and the people in the mortal world were the first ones to suffer. Later on, the people in the cultivation world also began to have troubles.

That incident had almost caused humanity to lose their lives, and he had also been punished by his mother. From then on, he slowly got to know the human heart, understood human nature, and even set himself a rule.

"Because I set a rule for myself!"

There was also a rule for fortune telling. This was the first time she had heard of it, and out of curiosity, she ignored the expression of an immortal master.

"What rules?"

This time, Fuyun didn't beat around the bush, and didn't think for too long.

"Not telling fortune for the wicked, not telling fortune for the unscrupulous, not telling fortune for the heartless."

"You should understand now why I rejected those people, right?"

Upon hearing Immortal Master's explanation, Tian Ci finally understood why Immortal Master rejected all the guests that she had invited.

However, there was one thing he did not understand. Why did the immortal master set such a rule for him?

"Immortal Master, why did you set such a rule?"

Heaven gave him no reason to understand, for he was too inexperienced to understand the malice of man.

For some reason, Fu Yun couldn't live with Tianshu all the time. After they separated, he was afraid that if Tianshu made a mistake, he would lose his life.

As a result, Heaven's Gift did not know how to distinguish a person's heart. Fuyun had taught him how to discern a person's heart from the very beginning, and also hoped that he would not follow his old path and make the same mistake.

Of course, there was no need to know his past yet.

"God's blessing, you don't need to know for now!"

"All you need to do is to observe with your heart and understand a person."

The immortal master did not want to explain, so she did not pursue the matter.

"Understood, immortal master!"

There was one thing Tian Ci did not know after learning about Immortal Master rejecting guests. Immortal Master rejecting all guests was not entirely because he had set three rules.

In the afternoon, the Heaven's Gift guests numbered no more than twenty. There were also more than ten people. It couldn't possibly be that all of them were vicious, unscrupulous, and heartless people.

There was a saying of balance between the heavens and the earth. No matter if it was right or evil, good or bad, Yin or Yang, right or wrong, they all emphasized balance.

Of course, the ten or so people who had been pulled here by Heaven's Gift couldn't be all vicious, unscrupulous, or heartless people. Fuyun would reject these people, and there was another reason, which was to make Heaven's Gift suffer grievances and pressure.

In the martial arts world, one must not have the intention to harm others, and one must not have the intention to guard against others.

The human heart was sinister. The path that Heaven's Gift had to take was still very long. Only by making him suffer grievances and pressure would he be able to walk the martial arts world alone in the future. Only then would he be able to remember and live with caution.

Of course, the current Heavenly Gift would not understand Fu Yun's intentions.

However, he remembered the grievances he had suffered this time.

Immortal Master's three rules were not standard. Even though he did not understand them at the moment, he still kept them in mind.

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