As night fell, a day passed by in a flash. Fu Yun had already left the little town with Tian Ci.

All afternoon, the number of customers sent by heaven, Fuyun rejected the number of customers, according to Fuyun, none of them were fated customers.

He couldn't stay in an inn or buy any food, so he had to leave the town. With Heaven's Gift, Fuyun no longer went to Lu Village, and instead entered the wilderness from the other side of the town.

Yesterday afternoon, he also didn't manage to earn Hai Bei. The immortal master brought him to find a place to stay at Village Lu. At first, Tian Ci thought that he would find a place to stay at the mountain village again tonight.

"Immortal master, where are we going?"

"Going to the mountain village to sleep again?"

He had always lived in the village, and Tian Ci had a special affection for the village. Occasionally sleeping in the village was very helpful to him, and if he were to sleep in the village often, it would only be counterproductive. It would make him miss the villagers more and more, and he wanted to go back to the village more and more.

For the sake of the gift of heaven, Fuyun naturally would not go to the village to stay the night.

"No, let's go to the next town!"

To the next town?

Every town was separated by mountains, rivers, autumn forests, and they walked on foot. Without half a day's time, they absolutely could not arrive. The sky was already dark, and if they were to go to the next town, Tian Ci could not believe her ears.

"Teacher, is it dark?"

Fuyun is home all over the sea, wind food is used to sleeping outside, how can care whether it is dark or not.

"It's night. The mountain is windy and cool. It's a good time to travel!"

At the end of summer, the weather was still very hot. Traveling during the day was unbearably hot, but travelling during the night was different.

At the end of summer night, there was a moon and stars in the sky. Walking in the wilderness, there was a fan. The flowers, plants, and trees that had been scorched by the sun all day released a refreshing fragrance.

"Master, aren't you using magic anymore?"

The day before yesterday, the immortal master did a magic trick on him, and he actually left the city that he lived in for three years. Tonight, he thought that the immortal master would take him to the next town, but he never expected that the immortal master would walk there.

"The magic has failed. It can't be changed!"

"Sigh, looks like I can only sleep out in the wild tonight."

Before the day before yesterday, Tian Ci had been living in the small mountain village.

As for the other villages, it only takes a year or so for cultivators to go. As for the small villages that are given by the heavens, there are cultivators that go there every few days. As time passed, more and more cultivators came to the villages.

Immortal Teacher's magic was obviously an evasion technique in the cultivation world. If the evasion technique failed, then who could he deceive?

The immortal master wasn't willing to use an evasion technique, so other than looking down on him, there was nothing else he could do.

It was one thing for the immortal master to not use an evasion technique, but he still had to sleep in the wild. When his grandfather was still alive, he once said that wolves would roam the mountains at night.

He had never seen a wolf before. He had only heard his grandfather say that wolves ate people, and they loved to eat children. His grandfather had scared him, so he never went out at night.


"Immortal Master, Grandfather said that there are wolves in the mountains, I'm afraid!"


If a child disobeyed, his parents would frighten him and send him to feed the wolves. Therefore, wolves had always been a legend in the hearts of children.

Seeing that Heaven's Gift had been frightened by this legend, Fu Yun once again began to teach him how to live in the wild, eliminating the fear in his heart. The reason he had to go to the next town at night and stay in the wilderness was to teach him how to live in the wild.

Of course, with him here, not to mention some ordinary animals, even if a group of demonic beasts came, it would not be difficult to get rid of them.

Of course, if he couldn't even deal with a few normal animals, he didn't deserve to call himself an immortal master.

"Haha, as long as I'm here, the wolves won't come!"

"Although there are a lot of animals out there at night, they are afraid of fire, so you don't have to be afraid of them."

"In the future, you will often live in the wilderness. You must learn to survive in the wilderness."

With the immortal master's guarantee, Tian Ci felt more at ease.


"… …"

There were no roads in the world. The more people that walked, the more roads there would be. There were tree-lined roads between the villages, and roads between the towns.

This was the first time he had travelled during the night, and the first time he was going to spend the night in the wilderness. In order to not scare him, Fuyun did not bring him into the depths of the mountains.

The night was dark, and seeing that Tian Ci was tired, Fu Yun stopped.

By the side of the road, Tiangong picked up firewood, and Fuyun lit a fire. Tiangong took a bundle of firewood and used it as a pillow to sleep by the fire, and Fuyun sat not far away from him.

In the woods, insects were chirping, wolves were howling, snakes were making noises as they crawled past, and sometimes the sound of a breeze on the leaves was making Providence panic.

The first time he slept in the wilderness, although he had the immortal master, he still felt that the enemy was by his side and could not fall asleep.

Actually, there was no need for him to think too much into it. For his safety, Fuyun was already prepared.

After the bonfire had been set ablaze, Fuyun had already quietly set up a barrier around them. All of the snake-bug ants within a five hundred mile radius couldn't even approach them.

When you can't sleep, when you have nothing to do, you're reminded of what happened in the evening.

In the evening, the immortal master taught him how to identify the strange flowers and fruits.

If it wasn't for the immortal master watching him, he might have died from poisoning long ago. Now that he thought about it, he felt a sense of lingering fear.

"… …"

The road to the next town had to enter a large forest, along the way there were many weird-looking flowers, along the way there were also a lot of fruit trees, and the first thing that came into view after entering the forest were the flowers blooming on the roadside.

There were many varieties of flowers, colorful, heartbreaking beauty, and many of the flowers exuded a strange fragrance. Out of curiosity, Blessed One skipped over to pick them and smell them.

There were some yellow petals and green leaves among the flowers on the side of the road. The green leaves were covered with fine green threads. These were famous fairy flowers. Normal animals die suddenly the moment they come into contact with them, and even if some demon beasts accidentally come into contact with them, they would not be able to escape their fate.

This was the first time that he had seen a fairy and didn't understand her at all. He was curious about her and was about to go pick her up. Just as he was about to touch her, he suddenly heard an exclamation from the immortal master behind him.

"Heaven's blessing, be careful. Don't touch that flower. That flower is extremely poisonous. If you touch it, you will die."

Although Fu Yun had been walking in front, he kept his divine sense spread outwards, constantly paying attention to every movement of the Divine Gift to prevent any accidents.

Fortunately, he had his divine sense to monitor the situation. Otherwise, Tian Ci would have suffered a lot.

Sky fairy, any normal animal would die upon touching it. This showed that it was extremely toxic. Although it was true that a heaven's bestowal body was stronger than an ordinary child's, it was still a child's, and a mortal's body.

Fu Yun was only a fortune-teller, not a doctor. Once Heaven's Gift was poisoned, even if he had the ability to transcend the heavens and save Heaven's Gift, it would still be difficult for him.


Upon hearing the immortal master's words, Tian Ci jumped up in fright. She immediately distanced herself from the heavenly fairy, threw away the flowers in her hands, and ran back to the immortal master's side, not daring to go to the roadside to pick flowers.

"Haha, don't worry, some flowers aren't poisonous."

If those flowers could take his life, it would be strange if he wasn't nervous.

In the village, Tian Ci had come into contact with some flowers and herbs. However, they were non-toxic and poisonous. This was the first time she saw them and she was somewhat afraid of them.

Besides, he wasn't a physician, so he didn't know what flowers were poisonous or not.

"Master, how do we know if the flower is poisonous?"

The flowers by the roadside were so beautiful and fragrant. They were extremely poisonous. It was a pity. Although he was afraid of those poisonous flowers, he didn't want to spend his childhood without them.

Since Immortal Teacher knew that those flowers were poisonous, he must know how to distinguish if they were poisonous. In order for him to have a complete childhood, he earnestly asked Immortal Master, hoping that he could learn how to differentiate between the poisonous flowers and the poisonous flowers.

"Actually, it's very easy to tell. The more vibrant and beautiful a flower is, the more poisonous it is. However, there are exceptions, so you don't need to think about it. "

"What do you mean, you should look at it from afar and not make fun of it?"

"I'm telling you, flowers are for viewing, not for playing!"

"In the future, as long as you don't pick the flowers easily, nothing will happen to you!"

"Since we're talking about flowers, I'll say one more word."

"Heaven's Gift, you have to remember, humans are like flowers. The more righteous men are, the more suspicious they are, and the more beautiful women are, the more they will lie."

Flowers were for appreciation. Heaven gave him an understanding. He did not understand why people were like flowers. Although he did not understand, there must be a reason behind what the immortal master said. He remembered it.


Seeing that Heavencraft had agreed, Fuyun didn't say anything else and continued to walk forward.

The flowers were for appreciation. Tian Ci followed behind the immortal master, and stopped looking at the flowers and plants by the roadside. After looking at them for a long time, she lost her initial interest and started to look around.

He had not earned a single seashell all afternoon. He was hungry from the lack of dinner. There were many strange fruit trees in the woods by the roadside.

Looking at the wild fruits on the tree, he felt very hungry. Swallowing his saliva, he licked his lips, wishing that he could immediately pick them to fill his stomach. Just like before, he didn't dare to lightly pick those wild fruits again.

In the forest, there were a few lion-headed fruit trees. The fruit trees were filled with lion-headed fruits.

The Lion's Head Fruit was shaped like an egg and had a pale yellow skin. In the cultivation world, cultivators called it the Lion's Head Fruit, but in the mortal world, people called it the Peach of Immortality.


It was when one grew up that Heaven's Gift was especially edible.

He had busied himself for the entire afternoon, yet was unable to drip a single drop of water. Of course, he was already hungry. Looking at the Peach of Immortality, he only had a little bit of saliva left on his mouth.

"Go and pick it. There's no poison in the Lion-Headed Fruit!"

The Lion's Head doesn't have poison?

Hearing Immortal Master's words, he dropped his bag and pack, and excitedly ran towards the Immortal Peach Tree.

The Immortal Peach Tree wasn't very tall. He climbed up the tree, tore off one of the Peach of Immortality, reached out his free hand, picked another one, then sat down on a large tree branch and began to gobble down the Peach of Immortality, ignoring his appearance.

Because he was very hungry and the Peach of Immortality was not big, he ate seven or eight of them in one go.

The immortal master was still waiting for him. He didn't feel like eating alone, so he picked a lot of peach buns before returning to the immortal master's side.

"Immortal, I've tasted them. These wild fruits are very delicious!"

He ate seven or eight of them in one go.

He was probably the only one who could speak such naive words.

Since Heaven gave him the Wild Fruit, Fu Yun did not stand on ceremony and took one.

He didn't know if he was intentionally teasing her about the gift of heaven, but the way he ate was very gentle. He didn't look like a man, but more like a woman.

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