"Immortal Master, I, I won't!"

No one has ever been born knowing anything. No, you can learn it.

Because he had a very good teacher, he was luckier than anyone else.

Traveling in the martial arts world, meeting something that he could not solve, Fuyun would always teach him how to resolve it. If he encountered something that even Fuyun did not understand or knew, then he would have to rely on providence to figure it out.

However, there was still something Fuyun didn't know. Even after so many years, he still couldn't figure it out.

"No, it doesn't matter. I'll teach you!"

"Actually, hunting is very simple. You just need to remember, in the grassland, wherever the grass moves, you will run to and you will definitely find your prey."

"After seeing its prey, if it dares to run, you have to chase after it. When it can no longer run, you can catch it."

Was this a hunting method?

Was there even a need to teach him this method?

Fuyun was not obviously trying to scam the heavens!

Whether this method of hunting would work or not didn't matter, as long as it was trusted by Heaven.

On the prairie, the weeds were uneven. There were tall weeds that were even taller than Heaven's blessing. There were also young grasses that had just sprouted and were eaten by animals.

Could there be a terrifying demon beast among weeds that were taller than him?

Because Tian Ci did not know, she was somewhat worried.

Because he was worried, he would not rashly run into the deep grass.

Although there were less animals in the young grass, it was still more important for them to be safe.

There was a hare eating fresh grass in the middle of a bush. Its sudden appearance scared the hare so much that it jumped to its feet. When it saw that the hare was about to escape, it immediately rushed over.

The grassland was different from the mountain forest. Without the cover of trees, it was extremely dangerous. In the grassland, wolves frequently appeared at night. Small animals like rabbits only dared to come out during the day.

After being hunted down, the hare jumped up and down, causing all of the animals within 1000 meters to flee in all directions.

He had originally been chasing after the big rabbit that appeared first, but now that many animals suddenly appeared, he became confused. As long as it was the nearest animal, he would immediately chase after it.

"God's blessing! Quick, catch it!"

"Tian Ci, there's a little wild boar here!"

"Tian Ci, there's a fat rabbit there!"

"Tian Ci, you have one behind you …"

Seeing Heaven's Gift running around in the prairie, exhausted and sweating, Fuyun became interested. He reminded him with "good intentions", causing Heaven's Gift to become even more distracted as he chased down and killed the small animals around him.

Not long after, seeing that Tian Ci was out of breath, he asked her to stop and rest.

"Haha, heaven-sent. Rest for a while, and then we'll catch them later!"

With the permission of the immortal master, he could finally rest. He sat on the ground without a care in the world.

"So tired …"

When the little animals saw Tian Ci sitting down to rest, they gathered up their courage and jumped up and down in front of his eyes, swaying back and forth as if they were purposely provoking him.

"I don't believe that I can't catch you! Just you wait!"

It was intolerable. In the face of provocation, the heavens' blessing could not endure any longer. After resting for a long time, they were no longer tired. They immediately stood up and began chasing after a large hare.

The hare that was being chased took advantage of his rest time to jump up and down in front of him, purposely provoking him.

After running and chasing, he immediately incited the animals around him to flee. This time, he decided to follow the big hare instead of chasing the other animals. Instead, he chased after the hare.

"Don't run! I'm going to catch you! "

After a long while, faced with the relentless pursuit of Heaven's Gift, the big hare finally lost. It burrowed into its own cave, unwilling to go out again.


"Come out quickly …"

"I won't chase you anymore …"

After chasing the hare for so long, he was truly tired. The hare hid in the cave and once again, Blessed One sat down to rest.

In fact, if this big hare didn't hide in the cave, he wouldn't have the strength to chase it.

After a moment, seeing that Heaven had given him enough time to rest, Fu Yun began to 'kindly' remind him again.

"Tian Ci, look! There's movement over there!"

Hearing Immortal Master's reminder, Tian Ci looked up to see that there was indeed movement in a pile of grass.

He had tried to catch some small animals many times but to no avail. The main reason was that he had made too much of a move and scared away all the animals around him. Realizing that he was lacking, he corrected himself immediately.

This time, he wanted to quietly crawl over and take them by surprise.

Thinking that there would be a little wild boar waiting for him in the grass, he pushed it aside and looked around. A huge black snake was coiling its body in the grass, sticking its head out and looking around.

What a big snake. It gave him a fright and immediately ran away.

"Ha ha!"

In the past few months, Heaven's Gift had spent most of his time with different people and suffered a lot of grievances. Fortunately, with Fu Yun by his side, no one dared to have any ill intentions towards him.

This trip, the tension in the heart, can properly relax, very conducive to the growth of providence.

In fact, Fuyun had long since discovered that there was a snake in the grass. He hadn't told them in advance, and had even deliberately instigated Divine Gift to catch it. He had a reason for doing so.

For the past few months, Shen Ci had been busy trying to recruit customers and hadn't been able to relax for a long time. She didn't teach him how to hunt, but rather taught him how to relax his mind.

It was because he did not want to be a strict teacher by his side, and more so hoped to be able to get along with Heaven's Gift like family. That was why he teased it.

"Immortal master, I'm really useless!"

Not being able to catch a wild hare, then being scared to run by a snake, and even being teased by an immortal master, she felt very embarrassed and thought herself to be very useless.

"What are you talking about?"

"Heaven's blessing, you're already great!"

"Many people who catch wild rabbits for the first time would be inferior to you!"

This was consolation, but it was also the truth.

Many people knew how to hunt, and that was because they knew how to use skills. If they were to use their bare hands to catch their prey, they might truly be inferior to Tian Ci.


Without a doubt, Fuyun's consolation was truly effective. His state of mind was instantly much better.

"Tian Ci, from now on, don't call me immortal master. Let's change names!"

The title of "Immortal Master" did indeed reflect the respect bestowed to him by Heaven's Gift. From another perspective, it also reflected the fear bestowed to him by Heaven's Gift.

There would always be an estrangement between them, and Fuyun did not want that to happen.

After all, they still had to live together for a long time. He did not want to live in fear for the rest of his life.

"Then, immortal master, how should I address you?"

Not called immortal master?

What's that called?

The immortal master looked to be in his seventies or eighties.

This won't do, I already have a grandfather!

Call him uncle?

Was this uncle too old?

No matter how he thought about it, he really didn't know how to address Immortal Master.

"Heaven's Gift, what do you think is the best name?"

Although it was just a form of address, it could still determine a relationship. The Heaven's Gift was only four years old. Compared to an experienced and knowledgeable immortal master, it was thousands of miles away.

What kind of relationship could they have with Immortal Master?

He could not think of it, nor could he make the decision.

If Fuyun gave him the problem, he might as well ask for his help.


"I think it's better to call him immortal master!"

Sure enough, asking was useless. In the end, he had to rely on himself.

For some reason, he could not take in Tian Ci as a disciple, and Tian Ci could not call him master.

Call him elder?



Heaven's Gift would definitely not be willing!


She was no different from an immortal master.

No matter how he thought about it, he could only be his senior and brother.

"Let's do it like this, Tian Ci. We don't care about seniority or age, let's be brothers!"

"I'm still calling you 'Heaven's Gift' or 'junior brother'. For the time being, you can call me senior brother. When you grow up and understand how to cultivate, when your cultivation surpasses mine, how about it?"

He couldn't think of a way to address the immortal master, and the immortal master didn't want him to continue to address the immortal master, so changing his name would be troublesome.

However, as long as Immortal Master did not allow him to call Immortal Master Grandpa and Father, Tian Ci would not oppose it.


"Immortal Teacher, no, Senior Brother!"

This was the first time Tian Ci had addressed Fu Yun as senior. She was not used to it, so she braced herself to respond.

"Un, not bad!"

"Tian Ci, let's call each other that from now on!"

Although the heaven's gift response was a bit far-fetched, Fuyun was still very satisfied.

To be able to be called junior and junior brothers, the people of this world would probably go crazy for them. However, in Fu Yun's opinion, it was still a huge advantage for him to be the senior brother bestowed upon him by the heavens.

He stretched out his hand and caressed the head of Tian Ci. Although he still called her by her name, he secretly rejoiced in his heart and called her "Junior Brother" in his heart.

"God's blessing, it seems that we won't be able to eat rabbit meat today."

"Why don't you hurry and catch that snake? We'll have snake meat for lunch!"

Senior Brother, are you kidding me?

Snakes have no hair on their body. Just thinking about it made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the snake that was hidden in the grass just now was not small. It was thicker than his wrist, and if he wanted to catch that snake, he would definitely lose his life.

"Shi-Shixiong Xian, I'm afraid that we won't eat snake meat, okay?"

"There's … There's still …"

In the prairie, besides snakes, there were many other animals that he could catch. Originally, he wanted to say that he caught other animals, but when he thought about how he had just exhausted himself to the point of not being able to catch a hare, he became discouraged.

"Oh heavens' gift, I'm not talking to you like a senior brother. Even rabbits can run faster than you!"

"That snake's speed isn't as fast as you. Tell me, if we don't eat snakes, what are we going to eat?"

"Besides, the snake meat is a great tonic for your health. Don't be too picky, it's all up to you."

"Hurry, if you don't go soon, it's going to run."

If you're afraid, then that's right. I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about you. What does Heaven's Gift fear? Fu Yun wanted him to do it, to overcome the fear in his heart.

In this world, ordinary snakes were nothing to fear, because there were demon beasts that were even more terrifying than snakes.

However, demon beasts weren't the most terrifying existences. In this world, the most terrifying existence was actually humans.

If he was afraid of snakes and didn't go for them, then in the future, how could he face an existence more terrifying than snakes?

Fuyun wanted to be blessed with the ability to overcome the fears in his heart, so that he could face the fear brought about by life and death head-on in the future.

His identity had changed. In the heart of Heaven's Gift, the immortal master had disappeared, and a senior brother had suddenly appeared. He still did not dare to disobey this senior brother's words.

Since he couldn't refuse his senior brother's request, he could only bite the bullet and run towards the snake.

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