The snake sensed danger when Heaven sent it back.

The snake's body was still coiled, and its head was still pointed at Tian Ci, ready to defend. Once Tian Ci dared to approach, she would attack without restraint.

It was only the first step of the snake's defense. The second step was to spit out the tongue of the snake, making hissing sounds as if trying to intimidate Heaven's Gift.

When he heard the hissing sound of the snake, his whole body began to tremble uncontrollably. Not to mention that the snake had already prepared its defense, even if it did not defend itself, it would still not rush forward.

The enemy does not move, I do not move.

The snake was afraid of being killed by Tian Ci, and the snake was afraid of being attacked by Tian Ci. One man and one snake, staring at each other without even making a move.

"Don't be afraid, snakes have nothing to fear!"

Out of fear of the snake, Blessing did not dare to make the first move. He was trying to overcome his fear by convincing himself.

The snake and the man stood in confrontation for a long time. The fear in their hearts lessened, and they slowly began to move.

The snake had already prepared its defense. He would not be so stupid as to directly grab it. Instead, he circled the snake, and after circling it once, the snake coiled its body and stuck out its head, following him around.

No matter which direction he tried to catch it from, he would be bitten at the first moment. It seemed that if he wanted to catch the snake, he had to break its defense first.

The snake did not move, but he moved again. He deliberately made a move to grab it, but the snake attacked and ran away. After a few rounds of testing, the snake was completely enraged. It gave up on defense and chased after him.

Running in a straight line would definitely give him no chance to catch the snake. Taking the snake in a circle, he ran a few rounds. The opportunity had finally come. While the snake was unprepared, he grabbed the snake's tail.

The snake was about to turn and attack, but he immediately dragged its tail and ran, not giving it any chance to attack him.

"Senior Brother, I've caught him!"

Did they really catch him?

It was only a snake's tail. It wouldn't be that easy to subdue it.

He dragged the snake back and forth across the lawn, not daring to rest for even a moment, because the moment he stopped, the snake would refraction and attack.

"God's blessing, be careful …"


Two voices rang out at the same time. One was Fuyun's warning voice, while the other was a heaven-sent scream.

After a moment of silence, the snake took the opportunity to bite the back of Tian Ci's hand. This scene happened to be seen by Fu Yun, and he was just about to remind her, but he was still a step too late.

A sharp pain came from the back of his hand. Tian Ci was forced to throw down her snake tail and cover her painful wounds.

The snake saw that Divine Gift knew what was good for it, so it let go of its tail and stopped attacking. It turned around and ran, not wanting to get entangled with Divine Gift.

"Tian Ci, quick, catch it! Don't let it escape!"

Snakes were one of the ones that were given fear by heaven. They were just perfect for tempering the will bestowed by heaven. How could Fu Yun let the snake escape?

"God's blessing, you are truly stupid. How can you allow a snake to wear a piece of land?"

"If I don't let the snake wear the ground without being able to borrow strength from the outside, even if the snake can bend its body, the speed at which it can do so will be rather slow."

"As long as you focus a little, it won't bite you!"

"Quickly go and catch him again. I guarantee that this time, the snake will not bite you."

If he wanted to preserve his life, he had to leave as soon as possible. Although Snake wanted to leave as soon as possible, no matter how he fled, there seemed to be a wall in front of him.

Senior brother's words seemed to make a lot of sense, but at the same time, he couldn't refuse Senior Brother. He had no choice but to believe Senior Brother once again.

The snake was only concerned with escaping and did not have time to defend itself. Tian Ci seized the opportunity to grab onto the tail of the snake once more. He did not give it a chance to react and swung it in the air.

Although the Heaven's Gift was very high, it was still insufficient in comparison to the snake's length. It could only grab onto the snake's tail and spin in the air. The snake's head could not avoid contact with the earth.

After a quarter of an hour, Tian Ci felt that her hands were a bit sore, and had no choice but to slow down.

After many interactions with the earth, the snake had already given up on resisting. Blood was trickling from the corner of its mouth, and it was on its last breath. It looked like it was about to die.

"Snake, snake died?"

"I, I killed it?"

"Senior … Senior Brother, I … I killed it?"

When she saw that the snake was dead, she was so scared, so unaccustomed to it, that she even forgot the pain of being bitten by the snake. She stared at the moving snake on the ground.

"God's blessing, don't be sad!"

"Even if you capture this snake alive, I will make you kill it. This is something you must experience!"

Killing a snake?

He had not even thought about killing others and hadn't even been ready yet. He thought that he was only responsible for catching the rabbits, the snakes, and even his senior brother.

"Senior Brother, I don't want to kill it!"

Kill life, only to extend life, people need food, to become the executioner is inevitable.

"Heaven's Gift, perhaps you still don't know what the world we live in is like?"

"Senior brother will tell you today. You must remember, the world we live in is a world where the strong preys on the weak."

"The survival of the fittest is the rule of this world."

"Today, you only killed a snake. Tomorrow, you might kill a person. If you want to establish yourself in this world, you have to go through all of this!"

"In the future, I will no longer be by your side. You will have to face this world alone. If you want to live, there are some things that you must face."

"If you face it alone, you will find that killing a snake is not worth mentioning."

Natural selection, survival of the fittest, Heaven's bestowal doesn't understand.

He needed food when he was hungry, and he knew it was instinct.

In the village, he had seen many wild rabbits hunted and turned into delicious food. In order to survive, he would need to eat, and sooner or later he would kill the small animals with his own hands.

He could kill some small animals.


He had never thought of it, and he did not want to do it.

Fuyun told him now, just hoping that he would be mentally prepared. Perhaps in the future, he would not be as helpless as he was today.

"Senior Brother, I understand!"

Will I kill people in the future?

Maybe God will kill when necessary.

However, perhaps he would have already grown up by then.

As for now, he was still a child, so there was no need for him to think about things that were so far away.

For the sake of food, some sacrifices were necessary, and even though he knew he had to do it, he would still resent it.

The first time he killed someone was like this, he got used to it.

"God's blessing, go and deal with it."

Because the grassland lacked fruit trees and had no wild fruit to feed it, it was inseparable from water to maintain its livelihood. As such, Fuyun brought him along the river and entered the plains.

Fuyun magically took out a delicate knife and placed it in the hands of Blessing.

He used to take care of his grandmother's life in the village, and he would make simple food and know how to clean the snake meat.

He took the knife and dragged the snake to the river. He cleaned the snake's skin and organs, removed its head and tail, and cleaned it until it was a piece of white meat.

"Senior Brother, I've cleaned up!"

There were no branches in the prairie, only grass. It was very troublesome to make a fire.

When she returned with the snake meat, she didn't know what to do with it, so she could only look at her senior brother with hope. She didn't want to eat raw meat, so she could only eat cooked food.

"Leave it to me, I'll let you have a hearty meal!"

Eating raw meat?

There were many parasites in the snake meat, and without cooking, it was impossible to eat them without removing the parasites.

Besides, eating the snake meat raw was simply a waste of good ingredients.

There was no way to light a fire, no divine blessing, but Fuyun could do it.

During their time in the wild, the two of them clearly divided their duties. God bestowed them with the responsibility of collecting firewood, while Fu Yun was in charge of lighting fires.

Every time when the Heaven's Gift had finished stacking the firewood, Fu Yun would stretch out a hand and open his palm. A ball of fire would emerge from the palm of his hand and ignite the fire.

This time, the grassland had no branches, only withered grass. In order to eat a meal, he couldn't burn a large piece of grassland, right?

Although it was different this time, Tian Long was responsible for hunting and cleaning up the prey, and he put in the most effort. As for the rest of the work that he could not complete, he would naturally leave it to Fu Yun.

Fu Yun's cooking method was very simple. He directly used spirit energy to eat the snake meat in Tian Ci's hands. He then suspended the snake meat in the air, changing the fire element spirit energy onto the snake meat.

The spiritual energy of the fire element enveloped the snake meat, causing it to emit sizzling sounds.

Not long after, the smell of meat wafted through the air.

Not only did Senior Martial Brother know how to run far away, he also knew how to light fires and give advice on his future prospects. In short, in the eyes of Heaven, Senior Martial Brother was omnipotent.

The snake meat cooked by his senior brother was very fragrant. It could be described as fragrant at all.

He sniffed the air with all his might and licked his tongue. Looking at the still burning meat, he really wanted to take a bite.

"Alright, when the meat is slightly cold, you can eat it!"

When roasting the cloud, it was extremely particular.

Using the True Fire Grilled Meat, every inch of the snake meat was roasted to perfection. Not a single part of it was burnt. He had used a special method to eliminate all the parasites in the snake meat, so he would not harm Blessed Body.

The snake meat was cooked and still hung in the air. He replaced the fire energy and used the knife to split the snake meat into small pieces. Each piece of meat was divided into similar sizes and floated in the air.

"Senior brother, can we eat now?"

Seeing every piece of snake meat jumping in the air, Tian Ci was already hungry. She couldn't stand the temptation of the snake meat anymore.

The snake meat was too fragrant. If not for his senior brother watching him, he would have already pounced on him.

To some people, food was the healing medicine. They were in a bad mood and they ate too much food. Divine Gift was such a person. Looking at the alluring snake meat, they had already forgotten about the negative emotions brought by killing people.

"Sure, reach out and take it!"

As expected, Senior Martial Brother did not lie to him. He extended his hand to retrieve the snake meat. The snake meat that was given to him by the heavens would immediately fall into his hands.

His stomach was too hungry and the snake meat was too fragrant. He did not care about the slightly hot snake meat as he immediately stuffed it into his mouth.

When the snake meat entered his mouth, it was so hot that it made him shiver.

After entering the wilderness for over ten days, he was finally able to eat a piece of meat.

"Haha, slow down. It's all yours. No one is going to fight with you for it!"

Fuyun magically took out a pot of wine, ingested a piece of snake meat, drank wine, ate meat, and enjoyed the heavenly gift of eating.

The moment the slaughter began, there would be no end to it.

Over the next few months, one old and one young, the animals in the grassland became restless. All the animals along the way ran around in fright. The most unfortunate ones were the snakes of the plains. Who told them to be slow, they deserved to be turned into food.

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