Time flies. Five years had passed, and he was now nine years old.

In these five years, he had been running around with his senior. He had grown a lot taller and learned a lot more things. He was no longer a good boy.

As he grew older, he grew taller, but not too fast. When he was three or four years old, he rose by one meter and two meters. Even after five years had passed, he was only one meter and a half tall.

In the past five years, his hair had continuously grown longer and had been repaired several times. His senior brother was a lazy person, so he tried to move his mouth as much as possible without making any moves.

His skin was even darker than before. The fair and clean boy from before was nowhere to be found. He reckoned that when he returned to the village, his uncle wouldn't be able to recognize him.

In the past five years, two years had been spent in the wilderness, and three years had been spent in small and small towns.

Fuyun took him through three large cities and over a hundred small towns. He never used any evasive techniques, which made his slender body even more sturdy. Normal children were simply unable to compete with him.

In the past five years, he had no longer been that obedient child who had just left the village. After being together with his senior brother for a few years, he no longer blindly trusted his senior brother, because his senior brother would sometimes tease him.

He would always be careful so that his senior wouldn't screw him up.

For example, the first time he hunted, he caused himself to be bitten by a snake, the first time he washed beans for someone else, and many other times, he didn't want to mention it again.

After living in the wilderness for two years, he learned how to survive in the wilderness and how to survive in the wilderness.

The survival technique in the wild was not a powerful technique but a simple hunting method.

In his first year in the wilderness, he was still in the Great Prairie. Without a hunter, he could only rely on his instincts to catch up with his prey, which was faster than him. Snakes were the unluckiest creatures.

Later on, when he arrived in a big city, he would purchase some hunting tools for his senior brother to keep. When he arrived in the wilderness, he would come to capture prey.

Birds that flew naturally, birds nests on trees, snakes on the grassland, rabbits, fish in the water, they were all his prey.

He was hungry, there were wild fruits to pick in the mountains, and small animals to catch. If he was thirsty, there was dew to drink.

In the prairie, there were snakes and rabbits to catch, fish to catch in the river, water to drink if they were thirsty, and the earth to bed when they were sleepy. They lived rather leisurely lives.

Having lived in the city for three years, he had learned a lot.

As long as he stayed in town for a day, he would never give up on trying to recruit customers. Every day, he would carefully observe the passersby. From their expressions and actions, he understood how they dealt with things.

As for his talents, it was impossible for him to predict his future. It wasn't his speciality, and only his senior brother would have such great ability.

He had seen many types of people passing through towns and cities.

There were those who were as rich as a kingdom, but were not kind; there were those who were poor to the point of not wearing clothes; there were those who were righteous, but they were dignified and upright.

There were also those who had the heart of a Bodhisattva, those who were extremely vicious, those who were unable to support the wall due to the mud, and those who had already risen to their deaths.

He had to face all kinds of customers every day. The kind people would give him a few more seashells, while the fierce people would curse at him.

However, with senior brother by his side, those bad guys would at most take advantage of him verbally, no one would dare to bully him.

He knew how his senior apprentice-brother handled things.

It was his first time meeting him. His Senior Martial Brother had the demeanor of a fairy. He thought that his Senior Martial Brother was a person of great virtue and prestige.

After getting along for a few years, Senior Martial Brother did not have the slightest bit of dignity as a teacher and often teased him. He felt that Senior Martial Brother was a person that did not respect his seniority.

He still remembered the first time he fished. It was something he would never forget.

"… …"

Two years ago, Fuyun had once again traveled in the wilderness with God-given treasures.

The birds in the sky, the eggs in the birds' nests on the trees, the snakes, pheasants, and rabbits in the prairie were all eaten. Only the fish swimming in the water was left.

He had never eaten a fish in the water before, so he thought it was nothing.

However, Fuyun was extremely unhappy and insisted on having a change of taste.

"Tian Ci, the wild boar, wild hare, wild chicken, snake and so on have all grown tired of eating. Today, let's change tastes."

"Go catch a fish, I'll cook some for you."

He had just crossed a few mountains when he passed by another river.

It was almost noon when Fuyun stopped. He found a rock by the river and sat down to rest. He refused to leave, insisting that the heavens send him to catch the fish.

"Senior brother, you know that I won't catch fish. If you want to eat fish, then grab it!"

He had been together with his senior for three to four years, but he slowly became wise and no longer submitted to his senior. If his senior wanted him to catch a fish, something bad would definitely happen to him.

"Ahh, he really raised an ingrate. If he wants to eat a fish, he has to rely on his useless old bones."

Old bones?

It was true that his Senior Brother was an old man, but if one were to call him a useless old man, Tian Ci would never believe it. These past few years, he had always been together with his Senior Brother, and his Senior Brother's appearance had never changed.

Every time he refused his senior brother's unreasonable request, his senior brother would pretend to be pitiful and pitiful. He could not bear it any longer and had no choice but to compromise.


"Tell me quickly, what do I need to do in order to catch the fish?"

Every time he compromised, Tian Ci would definitely regret it, because senior brother would immediately retract his pitiful appearance and pretend to be a master who knew everything.

"Alright, I'll tell you."

"Jump into the water and catch any fish you see. It's very simple!"

"Yes, that's it."

This was also a method. If he said it, it would be equivalent to not saying anything.

Although Tian Ci had never caught a fish before, he knew that his senior brother's method was nonsense. If he could catch a fish like this, the fish would have definitely died long ago. It was not waiting for him to catch it, but waiting for him to pick it up.

"Senior Brother, aren't you saying that you didn't!"

Sometimes he didn't take a bath for months. He smelled bad and would only go down to the river and wash himself carefully.

He had heard from the villagers that playing by the water was very dangerous. If he fell in, he would drown. He had never dared to go into the water.

I've already told you the method. As for whether you can catch the fish is your own business, that's Fuyun's attitude.

Seeing his senior close his eyes and ignore him, how could Heaven's Gift not understand what his senior meant? He helplessly walked to the side of the river, loitering there, unwilling to dive into the water.

"I say, why don't you go into the water and wait for the fish to come ashore for you to catch?"

His senior brother refused to teach him any cultivation techniques, so he was very unhappy. In his mind, if senior brother was willing to teach him, catching fish was not a small matter. Maybe there really was a fish waiting to be picked up.

"I know, so much nonsense!"

If it was in the past, he would not dare to argue with his Senior Brother. Ever since that time, he would always find excuses to ask his Senior Brother when he could find his family members.

Not only that, but in front of others, senior brother always acted like a complete b * tch.

He really couldn't bear to see his senior brother's way of doing things, so he slowly began to play with his character and talked back to his senior brother. After a while, he got into the habit of squabbling with his senior brother.

His senior brother pressed him so tightly that he had no choice but to take off his shoes and clothes, carefully going into the water.

It was early summer, and the river was slightly cold. He had been following his senior a lot in the wild and had long since gotten used to the cold and the scorching heat.

The shallows were so clear that the bottom of the river could not be seen. On both sides of the river, the green hills faced each other, and the center of the river was covered in green oil.

When he reached the shallows, he found nothing, so he slowly approached the center of the river. Before he reached the middle of the river, he stepped into the air and the river flooded his neck.



"Cough cough …"

He accidentally stepped on empty air and the river completely submerged his head. This was the first time he had entered the water, and upon encountering such a situation, he was scared out of his wits.

As soon as his feet touched the rocks in the water, he kicked his feet and his body rose naturally. His head popped out of the water, his hands frantically hitting the surface, and he kept spitting and coughing, as if he was choking heavily.

"Haha!" "That's right, how can we see fish if our heads aren't in the water!"

With Fu Yun around, it would be very difficult for anything to go wrong.

Every time he closed his eyes, he would ignore the gift. In fact, he would release his spiritual sense to observe the gift in case something happened.

There were many things, not that he did not want to teach Tian Ci, but that he was too old and unsuitable.

For example, if he went into the water to fish, he couldn't possibly go into the water himself to teach Divine Swimming, right?

He didn't have any spiritual roots, but his physique was not bad, and his perception was very good. In the past few years, he had suffered a lot. No matter what he learned, he would suffer a few times, and then he would understand it for himself.

This time, learning to fish would definitely make him suffer a bit. Drinking some water and choking on it was unavoidable.

In the face of his senior brother's schadenfreude, he was speechless. Right now, he couldn't care less and couldn't be bothered to pay any attention to him, so he desperately swam to the shore and returned to the shore. First, he coughed fiercely, put on his clothes and shoes, and no longer planned to go into the water.

As for fishing, it was more important to survive first.


"Why did you come up?"

"Where's the fish?"

The situation in the water, Fuyun was very clear about it.

"Why ask when you already know the answer!"

His senior knew that he had failed to catch any fish, and even intentionally asked him about it. He felt displeased and grumbled softly.

"Senior-apprentice Brother, the method you're talking about doesn't work at all!"

"I can't breathe in the water and I can't see the fish. How am I supposed to catch one?"

"Senior Brother, the fish is not tasty, I think you'd better not eat it!"

Even cultivators with low levels of cultivation couldn't breathe in water without avoiding the bead of water, let alone a mere mortal.

Of course, the reason he said all this was because he hoped that senior brother would give up on eating the fish and not make things difficult for him.

"Haha!" "You're really stupid. Can't you just hold it in for a while?"

"Hold your breath first, and then enter the water. The water won't be able to choke you anymore."

"Let's give it another try!"

Try again?

Just as he choked on the water, his senior brother told him to give it a try. He was very unhappy and refused to go to the river again.

If he didn't want to go, then so be it.


"Don't you want lunch?"

"Hurry up and go!"

"If you can't catch any fish, you can go and eat some wild fruits!"

Three meals a day was extremely tempting for a person who had just grown up. If he continued to eat wild fruits, it would be hard to imagine what he would become.

His Senior Brother intentionally threatened him with a straight face, and he compromised once again.

"Just go!"

"It's just a fish. I don't believe that I can't catch it!"

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