Blessed ones ran to the river, and Fuyun snickered behind them.

There were many ways to hunt, but Fuyun didn't teach him the correct way. He taught him some primitive ways to hunt, which caused him to suffer again and again.

Once again entering the river, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and slowly submerged his head into the water. Once again entering the river, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and slowly submerged his head into the water.

"Cough cough …"

Fishing in the water, first of all, knowing how to survive in the water, and then seeing the fish in the water. God's blessing was to be able to stay in the water for the time being, and the next step was to find a school of fish.

He was just a mortal without a cultivator's spiritual sense or divine sense. If he wanted to find a school of fish, he could only open his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, water gushed into his eyes. He felt extremely uncomfortable. He opened his mouth to scream, but the water immediately squeezed into his mouth again, causing him to choke even more. He immediately surfaced and coughed non-stop.

"Senior Brother, I can't open my eyes in the water!"

He felt that his happiness was built on the basis of the pain bestowed upon him by heaven. He could not open his eyes in the water, this was truly troublesome, and he was helpless to help, so he had to rely on the heaven's blessing to get used to it.

"Haha, this is the first time. Try a few more times and you'll be able to adapt. Continue!"

Damn, I thought senior brother would give me some pointers, but who would have thought that senior brother would speak so much nonsense.

It was better to ask for help than to ask for help. He had no choice but to slowly grope around, and after groping about for a few times, he was finally able to open his eyes in the water. Each time he opened his eyes, although it was still very uncomfortable, but it was much better than the first time.

Learn to hold your breath, be able to see things in the water, can't swim, or can't catch fish.

To fish, you have to learn how to swim before you can compete with the speed of the fish in the water.

He could not swim and was very smart. Before he went into the water, he found a long branch on the shore. With the branch, he would be much safer.

Sometimes, when you see a fish, you stab it with a branch.

The first time he tried fishing, just like the first time he tried chasing a hare, he failed.

For the next month, Fuyun walked along the river with Tiangong. Every day, he forced Tiangong to go into the river to fish.

He did what he said he would. Without prey, he did not cook. In the month that he spent, he did not catch any fish. He ate wild fruits for an entire month.

One month later, not only did Tian Ci learn how to swim, she also caught a fish. The moment she ate the fish, a month of suffering was worth it!

"… …"

Immortal Shows the Way. The path up ahead can be broken for all eternity, and the path down below can be predicted!

A teenage child was holding a bamboo pole in his right hand. On the bamboo pole, there was a white cloth with the words "Listen to the Wind, Tell the Story of Yu Wu" written on it. A cloth bag was hanging from his left shoulder.

The child looked at the passing pedestrians and called out to them from time to time. This teenage boy was the one who had just returned from the wilderness. He was already nine years old.

Because of his robust appearance, he was much taller than a normal nine year old child. Thus, from an outsider's point of view, he was already over ten years old.

It was a very strange pig. Its fur was similar to alchemy, and from time to time, it would even let out a snort. It was small and exquisite, and extremely beautiful. It closely followed the heaven's blessing, not moving an inch away.

With his hands behind his back, Fuyun followed at the very back. He walked very slowly, as if he wanted to distance himself from Tian Ci and Little Pig.

In the past, a three or four year old child was in charge of pulling customers while a seven or eight year old man was in charge of giving directions. The two of them formed a very strange combination and no matter where they went, they would attract many onlookers.

Now, there was another strange little pig. The weirdo combination was even stranger, attracting even more attention.

"Little Dan, keep up! Don't lose him!"

Little Dan, this was the name the little pig behind him had been given.

When it came to Little Dan, he had to start from a few months ago. The memory of God's bestowal was still fresh in his mind, as if it happened yesterday.

"… …"

More than five years had passed, and the clumsy boy and boy who had left the village had changed.

His agility allowed him to easily catch any birds that were flying in the sky, fish that swam in the water, or any small animals that ran on the ground.

Ever since he had been able to catch fish in the water with ease, Fuyun had not prescribed that he catch any small animals every day.

Every small animal that was caught by God would be cooked into delicacies by him, with one exception.

One day, Fu Yun passed through a mountain forest with the gift of heaven.

It was almost noon, and they had traveled for the entire morning. Tian Ci was tired and hungry, and really did not want to continue their journey. She found a large boulder and prepared to rest for a while.

"Yu …"

Suddenly, miserable cries came from the forest. Tian Ci, who just sat down, immediately stood up and looked around in search of the source of the cries.

"Tian Ci, let's go take a look!"

He had originally wanted to rest for a while and go find some game in the forest when he became less tired. Suddenly, he heard a scream that shocked him.

Generally speaking, when animals let out miserable screams, it meant that they had encountered a life-threatening danger. There were even more powerful animals hunting them for a long time in the wilderness.

He heard the screams. Although he wanted to see what kind of powerful animals were hunting, he was also a bit worried about encountering demon beasts.

He knew that dealing with small animals was a piece of cake, and if he encountered a demon beast, he could only run away. If his senior didn't care about it, he might be tempted to take a look.

After hearing his senior brother's suggestion, he did not want to go anymore. Every time his senior brother called for him to do something, it would not be a joke, and it would definitely not be a good thing.

This time, he only thought that his senior was prepared to play tricks on him. Being cautious, he wasn't willing to be fooled again.

"What if we meet a demon beast?"

"Senior Brother, are you trying to tease me again?"

"I'm not going!"

Not only was Fu Yun not angry, he was actually more and more satisfied with how careful and cautious Tian Ci was.

"It's not a demon beast. It's a strange beast."

"I guarantee that I absolutely won't tease you this time. Quickly go, it will be beneficial for you!"

He had heard of demonic beasts, but had never had the chance to see one.

In the past when he walked through the big cities, small towns, and mountain villages, he would often hear people talking about demon beasts attacking the mountain villages. Whenever someone mentioned demon beasts, he would listen very seriously and when he was free, he would ask his senior about demon beasts.

When hunting in the mountains, he would often come into contact with small animals and had a special interest in the monsters in the mountains. When people talked about the brutality of demon beasts, he was always on guard against attacks from demon beasts.

They often walked by the river, so how could they not have wet shoes?

Traveling in the martial world, crossing rivers and mountains for five to six years, how could he not meet any demonic beasts? The reason he could not see them was all because of Fu Yun's secret attacks, which frightened those demonic beasts so much that they did not dare to approach him.

Strange beast?

He had never heard of or seen anything like it. If it wasn't for his senior brother mentioning it, he probably wouldn't have known about it for the rest of his life.

Suddenly hearing his senior brother mention it, he became extremely interested in the strange beasts. He seemed to have forgotten on purpose that his senior brother had asked him to enter the forest to investigate.

"Senior brother, what is a beast?"

"Why didn't I hear you mention it before?"

In the thousands of years since the last war with the demons, the beasts had disappeared without a trace.

Thousands of years had passed, and the world had changed. Mortals, cultivators, and new generations had all replaced the old. Aside from the records of the various sects, almost no one knew about the existence of strange beasts.

It was only natural that Heaven's Gift had not been mentioned before.

"Strange beasts. They are special existences within monstrous beasts. They have very high intelligence and are born with special abilities."

The strange beasts had intelligence and special abilities. When the demonic beasts cultivated to a certain level, they would have the same wisdom and special abilities as the demonic beasts.

"Senior Brother, demonic beasts have very high intelligence and special abilities. They're not much different from each other!"

If they could be called strange beasts, then how could they be comparable to those demon beasts?

"Strange beasts are blessed by the heavens. From the moment they were born, they had a very high intelligence, and their special abilities were brought to them by innate experts. However, demonic beasts are different, and they relied on cultivation after birth."

"Not only that, the cultivation speed of strange beasts is faster than that of demon beasts. Without any surprises, strange beasts are also the existences that could easily evolve into divine beasts."

As long as there were no problems with his cultivation, Fuyun's lecture would be extremely serious and careful.

Of course, Heaven's Gift had a very strong interest in demonic beasts, and it was also very curious about strange beasts. It was completely focused and did not want to miss a single detail.

"Senior brother, are there really strange beasts in the forest?"

There really were strange beasts in the forest. Of course, Blessing didn't want to miss the chance to watch them.

In fact, if he did not mention the strange beasts, he would still enter the forest to investigate.

Because he had only heard of how powerful and savage the demon beasts were, he had never had the chance to meet them. Thus, he wanted to see exactly how powerful and fierce they were, even if it was only a glance from afar.

"When did Senior Brother lie to you?"

If his Senior Brother was so shameless, he would directly filter it out.

Although his Senior Brother often teased him, he had never hurt himself. Out of curiosity towards the demon beasts, regardless of whether his Senior Brother lied to him, he still entered the forest to take a look.

"Then I'll go take a look!"

Receiving the approval of his senior brother, he excitedly followed the source of the scream and soon found a cave. It was the source of the scream.

From afar, the cave was very dark, so he could not clearly see the situation inside. He heard that the monsters were very savage and loved to eat people. He was somewhat worried, and did not dare to rashly approach the cave.

The screams never stopped. He had been waiting for a long time, but when he saw that no strange beasts had appeared, he mustered his courage and approached the cave to take a better look.

"… …"

Boars are social animals, three or five of them live together.

Strangely, there was only one wild boar in the cave, and it was even a pregnant wild boar. The scream came from this wild boar, but no other wild boar existed.

A few nights ago, the wolves attacked the three wild boars that lived with him. In order to protect him, the three wild boars were surrounded and killed, leaving him wounded behind. They fled back to the cave alone, waiting for the baby to be born.

For a few days, fearing danger, he only dared to come out during the day and search for food near the cave.

Today, when he was about to go out and look for food, his stomach suddenly hurt so much that he had to go back to the grass and wait for the baby to be born.

It had given birth several times, and each time it had gone smoothly. Each time, it was able to give birth to a few children. Only this time, it had encountered a great deal of trouble.

Outside of the cave, there was very little food. There wasn't enough to eat, so its body had lost a lot of weight. It was quite strenuous during the process of production.

The child kept making a ruckus in his stomach, refusing to be born. It caused him a great deal of pain, constantly crying out in pain.

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