Originally, the wild boar weighed more than two hundred pounds. Since the injury, it was seriously short of food and had just given birth, so it only weighed about a hundred pounds.

The Heavenly Gift had a lot of power, so he could still move a hundred pounds.

He carried the wild boar into the tomb and covered it with a layer of soil. The middle layer was covered with a layer of stone, and the top layer was piled with rocks. After a grave was built, he found a tree stump and used it as a tombstone.

"Senior Brother, Little Pig doesn't have a name yet. Why don't you give it a name?"

After arriving at the cave, Tian Ci had been busy the whole time, not bothering to help her senior brother. Everything was about to be completed, all that was needed was to carve the name of the young boar on the tombstone and finally think of her senior brother.

"It will be with you in the future. Give it a name!"

As his senior refused to name the piglet, he asked him to name it himself. As he thought about it, Tian Ci suddenly remembered that senior mentioning the young boar's origins, and seeing the little piglet rolling around in the grass, she was inspired.

"You're called Chi Dan!"

Rubbing his beard, Fu Yun felt that the name given to Little Pig by heaven was not bad. However, thinking of how Little Pig was scolding him, he also felt that he had wasted such a good name.

"The Heart of Chi, not bad! That's a good name!"

"But …"

"What a pity …"

His senior praised him for giving the piglet a good name, so why did he hesitate to speak? He felt that it was a pity, a pity, why didn't he say it directly?

"Senior Brother, what's wrong?"

Heaven's Gift only remembered the phrase 'a pill like fire'. Did he still remember the last sentence?

It was good to be scolded. A scolded fellow could give a good name, but no matter what he said, he felt that it was a waste of his name. However, Fu Yun did not remind him.

"It's fine, I'll just call you Chi Dan!"

Heavenly Gift carved the tomb of his mother on top of the tombstone.

The original intention was to carve a grave of a wild boar on the tombstone in his own name. The creator of the tombstone felt that it wasn't good, so he carved the name of the young boar on the tombstone.

"Come, Little Dan, farewell to your mother!"

After setting up the tombstone in front of the grave, Tian Ci walked to the edge of the grass and carried the wild boar to the front of the tombstone. The wild boar landed with its hind legs on the ground.

"Senior Brother, I'm so hungry, let's go find something to eat!"

Tian Ci carried Little Pig and followed her senior brother out of the cave, searching for food.

Now, as he searched for food, he had another mission: to find a wet nurse for Chi Dan. Any pregnant animals would be subjected to harassment by the Heavens.

Scarlet Cores were too small to walk on. During the day, he would carry them when they were on the road, but every time he went out to hunt, he would temporarily hand the Scarlet Cores over to his senior brother to take care of.

During the day, he didn't stay idle either. He would always teach Chi Dan how to walk, not by teaching him how to crawl, but by walking upright like a human.

When he slept at night, he worried that Chi Dan might run around blindly. Thus, he would hug Chi Dan to sleep every night.

Of course, Heaven's Gift did not sleep well, preferring to turn things around. Sometimes, he would be very careless and push down on Chi Dan.

Chi Dan was suppressed by him, screaming in protest.

If Chi Dan's screams did not wake him, he would definitely be miserable, because Chi Dan would use his cute little fangs to attack any part of his body.

Sometimes, Chi Dan was really unlucky, because when it bit onto Heaven's Gift, it would reflexively throw it away.

After fifteen days of careful care, Chi Dan finally opened his small eyes. After a few months, he had grown quite a bit and his body was very sturdy.

He could run, he could jump, he could learn to walk with Heaven's Gift, he could also run with his feet on the ground, and his speed was not slower than Heaven's Gift. The only flaw was that he could not travel for long periods of time, and when he could not walk, he would still need to be carried by Heaven's Gift.

After a few months of travel, Yu Yun, Fu Yun, and Chi Dan finally made it to the big city, temporarily ending their long life in the wild.

Before entering the city, Tian Ci had changed into a set of decent clothes and gave her sword to her senior brother for safekeeping. She took her senior brother's food sign, the cloth bag on his shoulder, and a Scarlet Core before following him into the city.

Carrying Chi Dan into the city was what he was announcing to the pedestrians. Chi Dan was his partner and not a masterless person. He wanted those people with ill intentions to avoid Chi Dan.

After entering the city, it was too busy trying to get more customers. It couldn't just hold on to the Scarlet Core forever. Thus, it had no choice but to drop the Scarlet Core and let it walk on its own.

The first time he met a stranger, Chi Dan was very afraid of strangers and followed closely behind him.

"Immortal master can guide us through the path, and we can destroy everything in our path, and our future prospects can be predicted!"

Because the words on the food signboard would always cause people to misunderstand, whenever they went to a place, Tian Ci would always shout out a few words, explaining their identities.

"Haha, little brat, Feng Zhe is not afraid of losing his tongue. He actually dares to call himself an immortal!" For all eternity, all future generations can be predicted. Have you been weaned? "

Whenever he was in a place with people, Providence would always hear such words. It was almost as if his ears were hearing cocoons.

In order to earn more seashells as soon as possible and settle down for dinner and a place to live, he didn't want to bother with the young man who mocked him and continued to look for suitable customers.

After learning how to survive in the wild, Heaven's Gift no longer cared so much about earning seashells. If it wasn't because the big city was too big, he wouldn't have left the city for ten to fifteen days. He really didn't want to start a business.

"Brat, stop, I'm talking to you!"

The two beasts, Heaven's Gift, Fu Yun, and Chi Dan, formed a strange combination. The moment they entered the city, they immediately attracted the attention of all the pedestrians on the streets.

On a street near the city gate, a young man and woman were shopping. The man was not particularly handsome, but he could still be considered attractive. Although the woman did not have a devastatingly beautiful appearance, she was still rather pretty.

Chi Dan was extremely adorable. Because of what the young girl had said, the young man had purposely provoked her, making things difficult for her.

"Ah? Brother, are you talking to me?"

If it was the past, if Heaven's Blessing were to meet with someone who was intentionally causing trouble, he would definitely explain that, at the age of nine, he had traveled through the vast cities and small towns for two to three years.

He knew that the young man was intentionally finding trouble with him, so he obviously didn't care. If he wasn't stopped, he wouldn't have cared about the young man at all.

Since he was stopped, he could only pretend that he didn't know what was going on. He acted very innocent and surprised.

"Brat, stop pretending! I'm not talking to you, are you talking to a ghost?"

The young man was annoyed at being ignored by a child, but pretended to be more of a part of it.

"Big Brother is talking to a ghost?"

"Oh, you can continue. I still have things to attend to, so I won't disturb you any longer!"

He really did not want to care about this kind of investigation, so he could only pretend to be confused and walk around the young man.

"Hey, whose family is this pig from? It's pretty cute!"

He finally understood why this young man came looking for trouble with him for no reason. It seemed like he had the intention of getting drunk instead of drinking wine. This young man had the intention of looking for Chi Dan.

The young man had originally come for the Scarlet Pill. Seeing that Tian Ci was purposely ignoring him, he did not bother too much about it and wanted to take advantage of Tian Ci's lack of attention to capture the Scarlet Pill.

Most of the passersby knew that this pill had an owner, but they were still called ownerless by the young man. Nobody dared to offend the young man even though they owned it for themselves.

"Big brother, I saw you covered by dark clouds. I'm afraid that you might have suffered a bloody disaster."

"I advise you to leave as soon as possible. Don't get yourself into trouble, it's not good for you to be bleeding!"

He'd been following his senior brother around the martial arts world for the past few years, and had learned a few tricks by pretending to be mysterious.

Although he was just an ordinary mortal, his Senior Brother was not an ordinary person. With him here, even if the young people wanted to kill Chi Dan, they wouldn't be able to do so.

"Brat, don't threaten me!"

"You trashy kid, what ability do you have? Go ahead and use it, I'll take it all!"

The young man was a cultivator, so how could he be afraid of a child in the mortal world? He did not believe that a mortal could do anything to him.

It was fine to deal with some small animals, but when facing demon beasts and cultivators, Heaven's Gift didn't have that ability. However, he couldn't deal with this person, so naturally someone would come to deal with him.

In these past few years, he had encountered many cultivators. Some of them definitely had ill intentions towards him, but none of them had truly harmed him.

The wilderness was so vast, it was impossible that there weren't any demonic beasts, yet he had never encountered one before.

All of this was enough to show that the cultivators and the demonic beasts were afraid of their senior brother. The young man dared to set his sights on Chi Dan, he was simply asking for trouble.

"Kid, there are some people that you cannot offend. I advise you to not cause too much trouble and bring disaster to the clan."

The gift of heaven was originally a good intention, but the young man was stubborn and stubbornly wanted to take away the Scarlet Core. This was forcing Fu Yun to make a move.

Before the young man could grab the Scarlet Core, a wave of pressure came from Fu Yun, and a single sentence entered the young man's ears, scaring him into giving up the Scarlet Core before he turned around and ran away.

"Immortal Shows the Way!" It can break through the ages, and it can predict the future. "

The young people came quickly, and fled even faster.

After the young man fled, this little episode ended in failure. Both Tian Ci and Chi Dan were in danger, so Tian Ci continued to look for customers of high quality.

"Little brother, your little pig is very cute. Can you sell it to me?"

Since she did not have Spiritual Awareness or Spiritual Sense, she naturally did not know that the young girl was in the same group as the young man just now.

He had been having an unpleasant time with that young man. The young girl had been standing by the roadside, watching the show. Tian Ci had even thought that the young girl was just a passerby.

At this moment, when he saw that the young girl wanted to buy a Scarlet Core, he guessed the whole story.

"Such a beautiful sister, what are you talking about? She's too formal!"

"If Little Dan is willing to follow Big Sister, I'll give it to Big Sister!"

Give it to elder sister?

Honestly speaking, it was only because Tian Ci did not want to offend others that she tactfully refused.

After being together with Little Dan for a few months, they had become inseparable. Their relationship must be deep. He was confident that Little Dan would not change his mind, so he dared to say such words.

"Ah, little brother, you really know how to talk!"

"But, little brother, you have to keep your word!"

The young girl was indeed very beautiful. When she smiled, she looked very pretty.

It was precisely because the young girl was so beautiful that the young man who had just run away was in a difficult position because of her that he wanted to forcefully take away Chi Dan to curry her favor.

The young man had been scared off just now, but the young girl was still able to remain so calm. It was clear that she wasn't someone that was easy to deal with.

As a cultivator, she had the means to make Chi Dan leave with her. The only thing he could consider was that he would go back on his word.

His senior brother had said that Little Dan was a strange beast and was born with a high level of intelligence. He believed that Little Dan had been with him for a few months and had some feelings for him, so he was not worried that Little Dan would leave him.

"Of course, if sister can do it, brother will never go back on his word!"

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