"My son, your grandmother is getting on in age. Let's go, it's a matter of time. If you want to open up, stop crying!"

"That's right..."

"Son, your grandma loves your grandpa so much. You should be happy that they're finally reunited!"

"Yeah …"

Grandmother left, and before she left, said grandpa came to pick her up, I do not know whether heaven's blessing should be sad, or as uncle and aunt said, should be happy for grandma.

"Village Head Uncle, I …"

Grief and sadness was a spontaneous action of the body that was stimulated by the outside world. Others could only comfort or stimulate or control their emotions through words. They would have to rely on themselves.

As everyone consoled each other, Heaven's Gift's sorrowful mood did not improve.

"Alright, Little Child, don't be sad. Your granny hasn't left you. She's looking at you from the sky. If you keep crying, your granny won't be happy."

Legend has it that when a person dies, the kind will go to heaven, the wicked will go to hell, and the godsend grandparents were so kind that the villagers believed the two elders would go to heaven.


"Is Grandma really watching me from the sky?"

When a person dies, they go to heaven. This is a legend that God-given had heard before and believed that their grandparents would go to heaven. I just didn't expect my grandparents to see me in heaven.

"Of course it is! Look, you're crying! It's dark clouds and thunder outside! Your grandmother must be unhappy to see you crying!"

When his grandmother died, she was too engrossed in her work that she didn't notice the room had become dark. When the village chief said this, he looked outside the house.

Outside, dark clouds covered the sky and thunder rumbled.

"Grandmother, I won't cry. You and grandpa must be happy in the sky!"

He cried last year, when Providence's grandfather died, when the weather changed.

Now that his grandmother was gone, he was crying again, and the weather had changed again.

The Village Chief was very certain that the changes in the weather could be influenced by the emotions bestowed by the heavens.

"That's right, be a good boy. You must remember not to cry in the future. Otherwise, your grandparents won't be happy!"

To be able to cause a change in the weather meant that the heavens were beholden to the earth.

Since ancient times, a heaven warping talent had been targeted by people. No one knew whether it was a blessing or a disaster, and the village chief was worried that he would be envied. Thus, he could only borrow the legend to remind him.

"… …"

That afternoon, an old man suddenly appeared in the village after Tian Ci's grandmother was buried.

His long black and white hair fluttered in the wind, and he had a kind and kind countenance. He had a white beard and was wearing a Taoist robe, giving him the appearance of an immortal.

There was a cloth bag hanging from his left shoulder and a bamboo pole in his right hand. On the bamboo pole, there was a white cloth with the words "Listen to the Wind and Tell the Story" written on it.

"Immortal Master, point the way!"

The old man did not speak. Everyone in the village thought he was a storyteller.

With a "Immortal Shows the Way", he revealed his identity, not as a storyteller, but as a fortune-teller.

Being an amateur in the martial arts world, he liked to call himself an immortal master. If someone asked him what his name was, he would say, 'Listener', 'Rain', 'storyteller'.

Actually, he had a name as well. His name was Fu Yun, and only a few people in this world knew of his name.

The mountain village was not very big, and it was too far from the big city. The living conditions were also very poor, so very few people were willing to settle here.

If anyone came to the village and was told about it, the whole village would know.

Before Tian Ci came to the village, there would be no outsiders for the next seven to eight years. Ever since he was brought to the village by a beggar, the village would occasionally send an immortal to ask questions.

The so-called deities weren't really deities that had descended from the heavens, but cultivators in the cultivation world.

The mountain village was remote and far away from the city. Simple mortals lived in the village and they had never seen the world before. In their eyes, those that knew how to cultivate were deities.

Cultivators with deep cultivations only needed to release their spiritual sense or spiritual sense to know what was going on in the mountain village. They would never personally go there, and only those with low cultivation needed to personally go there.

Ever since Tian Ci arrived in the village, the village head announced that he could not reveal news that he was a foreign child. Although the villagers did not know the specific reason, they were all extremely secretive.

As a result, in these three years, all of the cultivators that came to the village couldn't find any useful information, so they all helplessly left.

"Are you an immortal?"

"Where are you from?"

"From the sky?"

"Master, can you accept us as your disciples?"

As soon as he entered the village, he was stopped by a group of children, who curiously asked all sorts of questions, causing Fu Yun to not know how to reply.

"Children, do not be rude to the immortal master, quickly go home …"

At this moment, the village chief quickly ran over, blasting away all the curious children.

"Immortal master, is that really you?"

"Greetings, immortal master!"

The village chief was in his fifties and his body was sturdy. He was running very fast. When he heard that a fortune-teller had arrived in the village, he immediately dropped what he was doing and ran over.

The moment he saw the fortune-teller, his eyes almost filled with tears. He was extremely excited because he had met the immortal master.

"You did well. You didn't let me down!"

Upon receiving the immortal master's praise, the Village Head immediately replied, not daring to slight him.

"I will do my best to deal with the immortal master's orders!"

When they heard that another immortal had arrived in the village, and a fortune-teller as well, the villagers put down their work and arrived at the entrance of the village with their children.

"Village Chief, what are you doing?"

In the past, many immortals had come to the village, and none of them had ever been treated with respect by the village head, let alone kneeling down in worship.

After the Village Chief saw the fortune-teller, he immediately kneeled and worshipped him. He was even more pious than his ancestor. From the village chief's expression and actions, the surrounding villagers determined that the village head and the fortune-teller were acquainted.

It was the first time that fortune-teller had been to a small town, and the village chief had never run a small town before. Logically, the two of them should not know each other.

"Don't stand there foolishly, come over and greet the immortal masters!"

The village chief was the village chief's representative. If even he had to kneel down and bow to the fortune-teller, how could ordinary villagers not kneel? Hearing the village chief's urging, the villagers all came to their senses. Regardless of whether they might be adults or children, they all kneeled down.

"Greetings, immortal master …"


On an afternoon three years ago, it was the day that the heavens had bestowed upon the village chief. The village chief would never forget that day.

After lunch, he took a nap.

It was a hot day, and the windows were open. Suddenly, a cool breeze blew into the room, and he was awakened by it.

When he woke up, he saw a white figure floating into the room through the window. The sky was bright, and he was scared out of his wits.


The person that floated into the room was none other than Fu Yun.

When he heard the Village Chief scream in fear and hide in his bed, he could not help but smile bitterly. Although he was only a spirit, he felt very embarrassed to be seen as a ghost.

"Cough cough, there's no need to be nervous. I'm not a ghost, I'm a fortune-teller. If you don't believe me, just look!"

The village chief hid under the quilt and trembled. He slowly lifted a corner of the quilt and peeked at Fu Yun.

His long black and white hair fluttered in the wind, and he had a kind and kind countenance. He had a white beard and was wearing a Taoist robe, giving him the appearance of an immortal.

There was a cloth bag hanging from his left shoulder and a bamboo pole in his right hand. On the bamboo pole, there was a white cloth with the words "Listen to the Wind and Tell the Story" written on it.

Without explaining anything, the Village Chief thought that Fu Yun was a storyteller, and hearing Fu Yun's explanation, he was somewhat convinced.

"You, you really, really aren't a ghost?"

Its feet were not touching the ground, making it seem very creepy.

In the eyes of mortals, those who could fly were either ghosts or immortals. The main reason was because they lacked the common sense to cultivate.

"I am the fortune-teller. It's the truth!"

After confirming once again that Fu Yun was not a ghost, the Village Head nodded his head.

Since he was not a ghost and could fly, then he must be an immortal. The village head reacted quickly by turning around, kneeling on the bed and kowtowing.

"Immortal, you are an immortal master. I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai, and have misunderstood you. Please forgive me!"

Coming all of a sudden, he was already a little rude, and since he came out of the blue, he naturally could not be blamed on the village chief for making such a big fuss.

Originally, the ability of a soul body to enter a person's dream was passed down from mouth to mouth in the mortal world.

Dreams lacked authenticity. They might not be real after a mortal woke up.

Thus, Fuyun was worried that the Village Chief might not care about what he dreamed of after waking up. Thus, he could only reveal his soul and scare the Village Chief. Thus, he could only do nothing about it.

"Are you the village chief?"

As the saying goes, one doesn't come to the Three Treasures Palace for no reason. The fortune-teller suddenly came to find him, knowing that he was the village chief. He must have something to instruct him about.

He had mistakenly thought that the immortal master was a ghost. The immortal master had something that he needed to do, so he didn't blame him for it at the moment.

If he didn't agree to the immortal master's request, the immortal master might get angry. The village head was a smart man, and knowing what to do was beneficial to him, so he didn't dare to refuse.

"Yes, yes. This lowly one will follow any immortal master's instructions!"

The Village Head was very tactful, and Fu Yun saved some trouble.

"There's something about your life that I want you to do."

"This matter concerns the lives of everyone in your village. Only if you do this well can you save everyone in the village!"

What was going on that actually concerned the life and death of everyone in the village?

Immortal Master's tone was so serious that it didn't sound like he was trying to scare people off. The Village Head was still trying to guess what exactly was going on when Fu Yun finally got to the point.

"A person has arrived in your village with a child. You don't need to know who that child is. You only need to warn the entire village that this child was born in your village, not some foreign child."

"If someone from outside the village asks, you should know what to do."

"When your child's identity is revealed, you must remember that when the mountain village is destroyed!"

There were more important things for him to do, and he did not have time to chat with a mortal. After Fuyun finished speaking, before the Village Chief could respond, he flew out of the window and disappeared.

"Immortal Master, don't worry. This lowly one will do as you've said. I will tell everyone in the village to keep their mouths shut!"

The Village Head focused on responding to the immortal master's warning, but didn't get a response. When he looked up, he realized that the immortal master was already gone. He quickly got out of bed and ran towards the village entrance.

There were still villagers at the entrance of the village. From the villagers, he found out something.

It was just as the immortal master had said; a beggar came to the village with a baby and went to the home of only two elders.

When he arrived at the two old people's house, he learned that the beggar had left the child by the door and suddenly disappeared.

No one in the village had ever seen how the beggar left, and no one had ever seen the beggar again.

When the two old men saw that the baby had been abandoned by beggars, they took it upon themselves to adopt it.

What happened in the village was exactly the same as what Immortal Master told him. He had no choice but to believe what Immortal Master said.

From then on, there was an additional prohibition in the village. Villagers were not allowed to divulge the origin of the divine gifts.

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