In these three years, many cultivators came to the village one after another.

The purpose of seducing and intimidating the villagers was only one. He wanted to know if there were any foreign children in the village. Thinking of the Immortal Teacher's words, the Village Head felt a lingering fear. He was glad that the Immortal Master had warned him otherwise, otherwise the village would have disappeared long ago.

Today, he heard that there was a fortune-teller in the village. According to the description from the villagers, the village head guessed that the immortal master had arrived. He immediately put down what he was doing and came to the village entrance.

This was the first time for an immortal master to come here. He would never forget how scared he was that he almost died.

For the past three years, the immortal master had never shown up. He thought that the immortal master had already forgotten about them.

Who would have thought that the immortal master would come again after three years?

The last time the immortal master came, she told him to protect his background, and this time she must have something to do. The immortal master was like a god in his heart, and he had no right to ask what the immortal master wanted to do.

"I'm going to take the boy away, you know, he doesn't belong here."

The last time he had come, he had not been able to disturb the villagers. He could not leave his body and could only leave his body. Other than the village chief, the villagers did not know that he had come.

Living alone in one place for three years, he had gotten along well with his neighbors. If he suddenly disappeared, it would definitely cause suspicion and panic among the people. Thus, he decided to show up and take away Blessing.

"Eh? Heaven's blessing, you didn't come? "

So it turned out that the immortal master wanted to take away the Heaven's Gift, so the village chief did not dare to slight him.

Behind him were many villagers kneeling on the ground. He turned around to look for them, but he did not discover any figures bestowed by heaven.

When he came here, he only had eyes and heart for the immortal master, so he didn't pay any attention to the villagers.

Normally, when outsiders came from the village, the villagers would come out to watch the show. Even Heaven's Gift was no exception. In his mind, Heaven's Gift would definitely come as well.

If this was in the past, Tian Ci would definitely have come to watch the show.

Not today, because his grandmother had just passed away and was in a very bad mood. He wanted to stay and mourn at his grandmother's grave.

"Little Yuanzi, go and find Tian Ci. The immortal master wants to see him!"

Little Yuanzi was a very warm-hearted young man. When he heard the village chief's orders, he immediately stood up and left.

The cemetery was at the back of the mountain village, some distance away from the village entrance.

In the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, the departed Little Yuanzi returned with a sorrowful Heaven's Gift.

"Village Chief, the God has arrived!"

After Little Yuanzi left, Fuyun did not allow everyone to continue kneeling.

When Little Yuanzi arrived, the villagers had already surrounded the immortal master, so it was impossible for them to reach him. Helpless, they could only shout out to remind everyone to open up a path.

As expected, when they heard that the Heaven's Gift had arrived, a portion of the villagers immediately opened up a path for it.

"Tian Ci, come greet the immortal master!"

The village chief wanted him to kowtow to the immortal master, but he didn't ask anything. He just knelt and worshiped Fu Yun.

"Greetings, immortal master!"

For the sake of heaven's gift, he had come to the village twice. He was tired of the old bones and thought that he could afford to pay his respects to heaven's gift.

Of course, this was only because he felt good about himself.

"A gift from the heavens?"

"Un, I really can't use my previous name anymore!"

After saying his name, Fu Yun thought for a moment and understood the reason behind it. He seemed to have thought of something and nodded, indicating that he was quite satisfied with the name.

"Child, quickly get up. Let me have a good look at you!"

"Haha, the first time I saw you, you still haven't opened your eyes. It's been three years since we last met, and you've grown quite a bit taller."

Think about three years ago, when Heaven's Gift was still in its infancy, three years later, it would grow up to be bigger and stronger than a normal child.

Fu Yun nodded non-stop as he supported Tian Ci and sized her up seriously. The smile on his face showed that he was very satisfied with the kind treatment given to him by the villagers.

"Immortal Master, do you know the name of the God's Blessing?"

Travelling the world, there was nothing that could be hidden from his ears. Not only did Fu Yun know the name of Heaven's Gift, he also knew who it was, where it came from, and why it had been abandoned in the village.

As for who this person was, where he came from, and why he was abandoned, the Village Head knew nothing. How could he not be surprised that the immortal master knew of this person's past name?

For the sake of being bestowed by the heavens, the immortal master had come here twice. Naturally, he knew of the name bestowed by the heavens. It wasn't that he didn't understand it, but that he cared too much about the identity bestowed by the heavens and neglected to think about it seriously.

In these three years, there was something that he wanted to do the most, but did not dare to do.

The two elders who took in Tian Ci as their concubine were childless. With the sudden arrival of Tian Ci, they had a happy old age. They were very grateful to the heavens and very grateful to the Tian Ci.

For the past three years, the two elders had asked him to help them search for their Heaven's Gift's relatives, hoping that it would one day recognize them as their ancestors.

As for who they were, where they came from, and why they were abandoned in the village, the village chief was very curious about everything related to them. He also wanted to help the two old men inquire about their relatives.

However, the immortal master's words were as if they came from the back of his head. For the life of everyone in the village, he did not dare to inquire about their loved ones.

Now, with the arrival of the immortal master, he could finally find out the whereabouts of his loved ones. He had finally completed the two elders' instructions.

"It's called 'Heaven's Gift'. Hmm, its name is not bad. In the future, it will be called 'Heaven's Gift'!"

Sometimes, a name meant not only a family name, but also a responsibility. Fu Yun knew about the past bestowed upon him by heaven, but he did not want to be bestowed this responsibility too early.

Since he was here to take away Tian Ci, he had no intention of revealing her past.

Now that he had changed his name, there was no need for him to change it. Instead, he had changed his mind.

"Child, find your way back yourself!"

The Village Chief was very disappointed that he was unable to find out about the past of Tian Ci. However, Tian Ci was the exact opposite. Not only was he not disappointed, he was actually overjoyed.

"Alright, immortal master, I promised grandmother that I will definitely find my name."

Do we really have to find a name?

From the moment I opened my eyes, all I saw was my grandparents. They treated me like their own, taking care of me and accompanying me through these three years of happiness.

As for his parents?

He gave birth to himself, but abandoned himself!

If it wasn't for his promise to his grandmother that he would definitely find his name and recognize him as his ancestor, Tian Ci wished that he would never be able to find his family, and never be able to find his name again.

If he couldn't find his family, if he couldn't find his name, then he might be able to become the grandson of his grandparents.

From Divine Gift's reply, Fu Yun could tell that Divine Gift was rather resentful towards his family. He did not explain it, nor could he explain it. There were some things that could only be done by Divine Gift to understand the truth and dispel the anger in his heart.

"Haha, what a filial child, your grandparents in the underworld will be very pleased."

"However, they hoped for you to be able to find your family because they love you very much. They can't bear to have you become an orphan once again!"

Even if the immortal master didn't say anything, Tian Ci understood his grandparents' hard work.

Although he was still very young, his grandparents feared that they wouldn't be able to see him grow up and start teaching him how to read and be a man.

He knew very well that his grandparents didn't give him a name and even wanted him to find their loved ones.

But in his heart, his grandparents were his family, more than his own parents.

Immortal Master, I don't have a name. After I found my name, I still called it Heaven's Gift. This is the name my grandfather gave me, and it will never change.

For the first time, Fu Yun felt that the person who had abandoned the gift of heaven had done the right thing in being so filial and caring about the two old men's upbringing.

He could still remember three years ago when that person had placed the Heavenly Gift at the door of the two elders. He had even complained about that person's lack of consideration.

The two elders were too old. He predicted that their lives wouldn't be long and that they wouldn't be able to grow up together with Tian Ci. Not only that, the two elders died one after the other.

As expected, he lived a leisurely life for two years. A year ago, his comfortable life had ended.

One year ago, he had arrived at the Sun Facing City to find that the drought lightning was still coming down from the sky. After that, he had calculated that there would be another year before the drought lightning would strike again in the Sun Facing City and he had not left the city for the rest of the year.

Yesterday, there had been another drought in the sky above Yang City, so he had rushed over to the village today.

In one year, there were two dry days and two dry days in Yingyang City, signifying the death of both Heaven's Gift and his grandparents.

This was the first time there was a drought, the death of a godsend grandfather, and a godsend grandmother who could depend on each other for survival. He was sure that the person who abandoned the godsend would not come.

In this drought, with the death of his grandmother, and another orphan, he was sure that that person would come to investigate.

To the villagers, the identity of the Heaven's Gift was a mystery. To the people of the world, it was a hope. Once that person appeared, his identity would be exposed and he would be in danger.

That person could only come to see the Heaven's Gift. However, he did not have the opportunity to take it away. Other than that person, he could not trust anyone else. Thus, he had no choice but to personally come to the mountain village to take away the Heaven's Gift.

In order to protect the villagers from a calamity, they had to temporarily hide this gift from the heavens.

"Tian Ci, come with me!"

It was a coincidence that a drought in Yang City had occurred.

Who would think it was a coincidence if it happened twice?

Not to mention that the person who had abandoned the Heavenly Gift had also come. If the Heavenly Gift were to remain in Yang City, it would be extremely dangerous.

"Immortal Master, are you my relative?"

His grandmother had said that if one day his family came to look for him, he would leave with them. Suddenly, an old man he didn't know came to take him away, so he had to ask clearly.

"This, I guess!"

Is it?

What do you mean?

He thought that his family members had come to look for him, but who would've thought that the immortal master was unwilling to acknowledge his relationship with him? His relationship was unclear, and it just so happened that his grandmother died, so naturally, Tian Ci was unwilling to leave with the immortal master.

"Sorry, immortal master, I can't go with you, my grandmother just left, I have to stay and mourn!"

Currently, Yang City was no longer safe. If he stayed a moment longer, it would become even more dangerous. If he did not leave now, of course he wouldn't be able to do it.

Besides, he couldn't come here for nothing.

If Yu Yun was to follow him willingly, he had many methods. For the first time, he was rejected by Yu Yun, so he wasn't worried at all.

"Tian Ci, do you like the villagers?"

He didn't want to take her away, did he?

The villagers knew that he was a foreigner. Not only did they not despise him, they treated their grandparents well and treated them better. He really liked the villagers.

"The village chief's uncle, aunt and uncle, as well as my brothers and sisters all treat me very well. I really like it!"

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