For three years, the villagers had been very kind to him.

When he had come to look for the Village Chief, Fu Yun had only hoped that he had concealed the fact that the Heaven's Gift was a foreign child. Who knew that he had unintentionally helped the Village Chief in this matter?

"Tian Ci, just leave with me. You don't want anything to happen to these uncles and aunts either!"

Was this a threat?

The immortal master had a kind face, but it didn't seem like he could do such a thing.

"I …"

He really wanted to tell Immortal Master that he could protect the villagers, but when Tian Ci remembered that he was only three years old, she had no more confidence.

"Little Ci, you are a falcon. There will be a vast sky for you to fly through. You will be a flood dragon. There will be a boundless sea for you to roam through."

"Let's go. You don't belong here. This place is too small, and it will only hinder your growth."

He had abandoned the village for three years, not only to spend his last years with his grandparents, but also to help the villagers do what they could.

Now that he was about to leave, the village chief was really reluctant.

Since Tian Ci's background was unknown, the immortal master would not allow the villagers and himself to reveal his identity as a foreign child.

Not only that, but for the past three years, there had been cultivators searching for a child.

After thinking about it, it was highly likely that the cultivators that came to the village were looking for a Heaven's Gift. If the Heaven's Gift really did stay, it would bring disaster to the entire village, and he could not ask them to stay.

At the same time, he also hoped that Tian Ci could fulfill the wishes of the two elders, find her relatives, and recognize her as her ancestors.

"Village head uncle, I'm not an eagle, nor a flood dragon. I'm your child, I don't want to leave you!"

"I'm staying to accompany you, I'll make you happy!"

"I still need to guard the spirit for my grandparents. Village Head Uncle, you don't need me!"

Tian Ci did not want to be a falcon nor a flood dragon. She wanted to be the heart of the villagers.

His grandma had just passed away yesterday, and today he was suddenly taken away by the immortal master. Thinking about how he could not be a guard for his grandma and grandpa in the future, he felt very sad and wanted to cry.

He wanted to cry, but he couldn't.

Grandfather left, he cried, the sky thundered for no reason.

After his grandmother passed away, he cried again, and the sky started rumbling again for no reason.

The village chief's uncle had said that the thunder was caused by his grandparents crying.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but after the first and last incident, he had no doubt about what his uncle had said.

"Little Ci, don't be sad. No matter where you go in the future, you will always be our child. We will always be your family!"

When the villagers saw that the sky was full of tears, their hearts were also in pain.

As they watched him grow day by day, in the blink of an eye, he was already three years old. They really couldn't bear to part with him, but since the immortal master was going to take away the heaven's gift and it was related to the lives of everyone in the village, no one dared to stop him.

"Don't cry, don't cry! No matter where you go, this is not my inn. It will always be my home!"

Life is like a road, every experience is a site.

Tian Ci did not belong to the village. He had been in the village for three years, and now he was leaving again. The small mountain village was like an inn, never his home.

In the small mountain village, there were his closest grandparents, his favorite aunts and uncles, and even his brothers and sisters who would accompany him as he grew up. In his heart, this was his home.

Because he considered this place to be his home, he could not part with it.

"Good boy!"

At first, the immortal master came to warn him that the identity of the Heaven's Gift was a secret and that there were many cultivators in the village searching for their child. The village head guessed that the Heaven's Gift was not an ordinary person and could only treat it with reverence.

After three years of being together, his reverence for Heaven's Gift had turned into love.

Since Tian Ci could treat the mountain village as their real home, the villagers heard his words and felt very warm and happy in their hearts.

"Immortal Teacher, Village Head Uncle, I'll go pack my things first!"

Originally, the immortal master wanted to take him away, so he should have at least tried to stay. However, not only did the village head uncle not stop the immortal master from taking him away, he even advised him to leave with the immortal master.

Since her loving uncle and aunt did not ask her to stay, she understood that it was time for her to leave.

"… …"

At the end of the village was a cemetery.

The dead of the village were all buried there, and so was Blessed's grandparents. He did not go home, but went straight to the cemetery and knelt before the two graves.

There were two tombs. One was filled with weeds while the other was filled with new soil. In front of each grave, there was a tombstone made of wooden stakes. The name of the person who built the tombstone was' grandson '.

"Grandpa, grandma, grandchild is leaving!"

"An old grandpa came to the village, and the village head uncle called him Immortal Teacher. He came to take me away, and the village head uncle agreed."

"Grandpa, grandma, grandchild really doesn't want to leave."

"The immortal master said that if my grandson doesn't leave, my aunt and uncle will be in danger. My grandson cannot stay!"

"Grandpa, grandma, I thought that I would leave the village when I grew up and look for my family. I didn't expect that I would leave so soon!"

When he returned, Tian Ci told her grandfather and grandmother about the immortal master's sudden arrival.

Even if the two elders were dead and were unable to hear his words, he would still tell them about the immortal master's purpose in coming and adopting them.

"Grandmother, you have just passed away. Your grandson hasn't even gone to honor your filial piety and is about to leave. Your grandson is unfilial!"

"Grandmother, you said that you wanted me to find my family myself. Immortal master came, but he wasn't my relative. He also didn't tell my son. Also, I was told to personally find out about my son's background."

"Grandmother, I promised you that I would find my name!"

His grandmother's final words had been given to him by heaven, and he dared not forget them in the slightest.

If the immortal master could find him and even take him away, then he must know about his background. Although the immortal master knew about his background, the immortal master was not his relative. If he wanted to find his family, he had to leave the village.

He could have directly inquired Immortal Master about his own background, but Immortal Master had the same intentions as his grandmother, and wanted him to find out for himself.

Since his parents had given birth to him, why did they want to abandon him? Only by finding his parents would he be able to get a clear understanding of the situation.

In order to fulfill his grandmother's dying wish, solve the mystery in his heart, and not bring disaster to the village, he decided to leave with the immortal master.

"Grandpa, grandma, this grandson truly can't bear to part with the villagers, much less all of you. This grandson will definitely come visit you once I've found my name and family!"

"Also, this grandson's breast name was chosen by all of you. Even if this grandson were to regain his baby name, this grandson's breast name will never change, and Heaven's Gift will always be your most beloved grandson."

"Grandpa, grandma, grandchild, I'm sorry, but I can't guard your souls. Grandson is unfilial!"

After kowtowing nine times to his grandparents' tombstones, Tian Ci kneeled down for a moment before leaving. Looking at his grandparents' tombstones made him want to cry, but he resisted the urge to cry.

"… …"

He went back home and found the rest of the golden threads.

Previously, the golden silk was thin and soft, and was divided into two parts, one part for living expenses, the other part for his own wife.

Now that he had to leave the village, there were still many golden threads remaining. It was inconvenient to take them away, and it would be a waste to leave them at home.

When he arrived at the village entrance again, the immortal master had still not left. He was still waiting for him, and the village head gathered all the villagers to send him off.

"Village Head Uncle, my grandparents will help me get married."

"Today, I'm leaving with Immortal Teacher. I won't be able to use it in the future, so I won't use it at home. It's a pity, please give it to uncle and aunt!"

Tian Ci came with two bags, and placed one of them in the hands of the village chief.

Although the package was small, the golden threads inside were very thin and soft, yet they were very valuable. Any item that was sold off would last the villagers several years.

"How can we do that? "Little gift, keep these items, I can use them on the road!"

A beggar came to the village, abandoned the gift of heaven, and left. Everyone thought that the person was a beggar, and when two old men brought out a gem, they told themselves to go to the city to exchange some seashells, and the village chief finally believed that the person was not a beggar.

At that time, the amount of money a gem could be exchanged for was enough to feed the villagers for several years. Looking at the package in their hands, they could imagine the value of the items inside.

"Village Chief, Uncle, there are too many of these things. I can't take them away with me."

"Besides, follow the immortal master. I believe the immortal master won't let me freeze and starve. Please rest assured that I will accept it. This is a gift from the heavens for all of you!"

His aunt and uncle were simple and honest; they definitely wouldn't want his things. In order to convince the village head to accept them, he could only rely on the immortal master's prestige in the village head's heart.

Blessed with generosity, filial piety, kindness, understanding and sincerity, Fuyun approved of this act and would not blame him for borrowing his prestige.

He had long since made arrangements for his future life.

Even if Tian Ci did not give the villagers any of the treasures, he would not allow Tian Ci to bring the treasures along with her.

"If all of you truly consider this' bestowal 'to be your own child, then don't refuse it anymore. After all, the fact that he left all of you with this treasure is also part of his intentions."

"However, the treasure is hidden. Unless you have no other choice, don't use it. It's better to keep it!"

Fu Yun's words were very useful. No matter what he said, the Village Chief would not dare to refute him.

The villagers were simple, they had never traveled far and did not understand the dangers of the martial arts world. They suggested that the village head accept gifts from the heavens, so he naturally had the responsibility to remind the village head to keep his wealth hidden.

"Thank you for your guidance, immortal master. We will definitely remember your words!"

After Fu Yun gave his advice and guidance to the village chief, he stood to the side and did not speak any further. He waited for Tian Ci to say goodbye to the villagers.

He was most afraid that he would not be able to return in a short period of time. He was worried that no one would be able to clean up the weeds on his grandparents' graves. Before he left, he would have to ask the Village Chief for help.

"Village Head Uncle, after I leave, I don't know when I'll be able to come back. Grandpa and Grandmother's tomb needs to be cleared of weeds every year. I'll have to trouble you during my absence!"

Every year, the village would organize a great labor, to clear the weeds at every grave in the cemetery. In the past, the heaven's bestowal would be small, but the village head would not let him participate, so this year's great labor had yet to begin.

As a result, Providence did not yet know that there was such a "great labor" in the village.

"The heavens have bestowed upon us, in our village, there is always great work done every year, especially to clear the graves of our ancestors. Rest assured!"

With the big labor project in the village, there was someone responsible for clearing the weeds at the grave of his grandparents, and Blessed One was able to leave without worry.

"Thank you, Village Head Uncle!"

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