Not only was Heaven's Gift clever and obedient, it was also very filial. If it wasn't because the village head was worried that he would bring disaster to the entire village, he really wouldn't have let him go.

When the village woman heard that Tian Ci was about to leave, she was very sad. Seeing that Tian Ci was about to leave, tears finally started streaming down her face. If Tian Ci didn't leave, the village chief was worried that he wouldn't be able to control his sadness.

"Good child, let's go. Don't let the immortal master wait too long!"

Seeing her sad and tearful aunt, Tian Ci also felt very uncomfortable. She really wanted to cry, but she didn't want her grandparents, who were always in good spirits, to feel sad.

"Village Head Uncle, Aunt and Uncle, Sister and Brother, Little Sister, Little Sister, Little Sister, Little Brother and Little Sister, you guys must be alright, I will always think of you!"

Everyone in the village, adults and newborns, had accompanied him through a beautiful period of time. He really couldn't bear to leave.

No matter how reluctant he was, he could only reluctantly bid farewell.

"Immortal Master, let's go!"

After the farewell, he didn't dare to stay for even a second longer.

If he stayed longer, it would mean that he was reluctant to part with it.

The more reluctant he felt, the stronger he would be.

He was lacking a bit of strength, and the more he didn't want to leave.

"Let's go!"

If it weren't for the fact that he was worried about the safety of Tianwu, Fuyun would not have come over. Seeing how reluctant he was to part with it, he felt helpless.

"I really want to take a look at everyone!"

There was always a voice in his heart that kept telling himself, even if it was just a glance.

They did not dare to turn back, but once they did, Tian Ci was afraid that they would never want to leave.

As he left, the shadows of the villagers behind him grew further and further away. Only when he was sure that he could not see them did he dare to turn back.

After he left, the Village Chief's tears could no longer contain themselves and gushed out from his eyes.

When he left, his aunt and uncle were in tears.

He was gone, his brother and sister in tears.

He left, his brother and sister in their cradle, tears in their eyes after waking up.

He left, and everyone chased him out of the village.

Leaving was always a sad thing. When Fu Yun saw that he was not used to such a scene, he turned around and followed him. Before leaving, he did not forget to secretly send a message to remind the Village Chief that he was tight-lipped about the matter of the heaven's gift.

"No matter what happens, you all cannot divulge this matter that was bestowed by the heavens!"

"With the identity bestowed by the heavens, I can give you wealth today, and I can also bring you destruction tomorrow. Bear in mind!"

This was no exaggeration. Once a cultivator discovers that this child was bestowed by the heavens with the identity of a foreign child, they would definitely kill everyone in the village to prevent others from obtaining any clues.

"… …"

"Immortal master, where are we going?"

"Go find my family?"

He had never traveled far. As soon as he left the village and left the town, he began to miss the villagers and his grandparents.

He truly wanted to quickly find his biological parents and return to the village to reunite with the villagers.

"Thinking of home again?"

In his whole life, he had never taken care of a child, but fortunately, he spent most of his time outside. He often saw parents taking their children shopping, coaxing their children to be happy, or else, seeing the heaven's blessing was sad, he would not be able to do anything about it.

However, taking care of children and coaxing them to be happy was a technical job. To be honest, his skills in coaxing children were incredibly lacking.

He had originally wanted to learn how other parents coaxed their children to be blessed by the heavens, but the moment he spoke, the sadness in his heart was brought up.


It was his first time leaving the village, his first time on a long journey.

Right now, his mind was filled with memories of the villagers and the past, and he was not in the mood to pay attention to the immortal master.

"Do you like magic shows?"

In these three years, many cultivators had come to the village to inquire about the whereabouts of a child.

In order to find out the whereabouts of their children, the cultivators were willing to do anything they could to show the villagers how to perform magic.

Later on, the number of cultivators who came to the village increased, and so did the number of magic performances. Gradually, Blessed One found out that magic was the magic that cultivators used.

"Why don't I do a magic trick for you?"

If it was before, when the immortal master gave him magic, he would definitely be very happy.

Now that his grandmother had just passed away and his master had brought him away from the village, he really couldn't muster up any interest.

"You first close your eyes, I'll give you a surprise!"

Even the village chief didn't dare to refute Immortal Master's words, not to mention that he had been bestowed a heavenly gift. If Immortal Master had a request, she could only close her eyes.

Ever since the appearance of the immortal master, he had been forced to leave the mountain village that he had lived in for three years, leaving behind the familiar villagers.

Actually, Fu Yun's magic was fake. Leaving Yang City was the real thing.

Right now, as more and more cultivators continued to head towards Sun Facing City, the situation that Tian Ci was in would only get more and more dangerous. It was imperative that they bring Tian Ci along as soon as possible to leave Sun Facing City.

"… …"

"Immortal master will guide us, and we can cut off all paths, and we can ask about the future. Uncle, please make a divination!"

In a small town in a city thousands of miles away from Sun Facing City.

A three-year-old boy was holding a bamboo pole in his left hand. The bamboo pole had the words "Tell me the story of Yu Feng and Yu Wu" written on it. His right hand was holding a young man with an impatient face.

"Whose little swindler dares to trick me? Are you courting death?"

"He still dares to call himself an immortal master?"

"You can destroy everything in the world, and then you can ask about your future. What a boastful boast!"

This three-year-old boy was none other than the gift of the heavens for leaving the villagers.

Perhaps it was because he had no wife and no children, but Fu Yun had no fixed place to stay throughout his life. With the sky as his blanket and the ground as his bed, he would walk wherever he wanted and had very few destinations.

Although it was said to be a Heaven's Gift technique, it was actually a Heaven's Gift technique. It allowed one to fly into the sky and escape into the ground, traversing over ten thousand miles to arrive at this small town.

"Uncle, you've misunderstood, I'm not a swindler!"

"I don't know fortune-telling. I'm only responsible for receiving guests."

"Look, the immortal master is over there!"

It was the first time he had asked for a client, and he had met a good-natured good-for-nothing.

The popinjay, whose name was Lai Ren, was born into a large family in the city.

There were two great families in the city that Lai Ren was from. The family that he belonged to was only one of the two great families. The other great family was the Yin Wen family.

The Lai family and the Yin Wen family had a business dispute. The two families had always been at odds with each other. Lai Ren's family was powerful, and he wanted to annex the Yin Wen family at any time.

The head of the Yin Wen family had a precious jewel in his palm, while Yin Wen Xiao was known to have a beauty that could topple empires. Coincidentally, Li Ren and Yin Wen Xiao happened to be unmarried and unmarried.

Lai Ren coveted Yin Wenxiao Xiao's beauty. For the clan's benefits, he relied on the clan head to propose marriage to the Yin clan several times.

Since the two families could be considered enemies, and the Lai Family had the ambition to become a wolf, the Yin Family naturally wouldn't agree to a marriage.

The Yinwen Family had repeatedly refused to marry into the family, causing Lai Ren to be in a bad mood recently. Even if he met with the gift of heaven, he could only blame it on the misfortune of the heavens.

"What a fucking bad luck!"

Not far from Tian Ci was an inn, and not far from the inn was a stone block. An old man sat atop the stone block. This old man was none other than Fu Yun, who had brought Tian Ci away from the village.

Seeing that Providence had not lied, Lai Ren did not bother with him and left with his entourage, complaining.

Heaven's Gift was a precious gift to his grandparents, a fruit to the heart of the village. When he was still in the village, the villagers treated him very well and never let him suffer any grievances.

It had only been a day since he left the village, and he had suffered grievances twice. When he left, Tian Ci felt terrible and wanted to cry out loud.

The people outside the village all had bad tempers, they were fierce towards him and even scolded him. The immortal master was not good to him, and he began to hate the outside world. If possible, he really wanted to return to the village and abandon his parents.

After being insulted by Lai Ren, he did not continue to pull customers. Instead, he sat at the side of the street in a daze, thinking about what had happened in the early morning.

"… …"

He had just left Yang City, and had said that he wanted to find his parents as soon as possible so that he could go back to the village and reunite with the villagers.

The immortal master brought him to the small town after knowing about his background. He thought that he would be able to find his parents, but who knew that it would be a different story after coming to the small town.

In the small town, on the streets and alleys, everything was sold by shops.

The first time he entered the world outside the village, he was just a curious baby. He was very curious about things that he had never seen before.

At night, when he was very hungry, he realized that he had not eaten for the whole day. The immortal master brought him to an inn and took a comfortable hot bath and a hearty meal.

He had eaten exquisite food in the inn and seen many things he had never seen before on the streets. The world outside the village was beautiful, and this was what he felt when he first arrived in the world outside the village.

This beautiful feeling did not last long. It came and went quickly, and the next morning, after having breakfast at the inn, his beautiful feeling suddenly came to an end.

Yesterday when he came to the small town, the immortal master didn't take him to look for his family. He thought that the immortal master would take him to look for his family today, but in the end, he was left behind by the inn owner to wash the beans for the whole morning.

"… …"

"Two guests, are you leaving?"

After finishing his meal, Fu Yun wiped his mouth with his sleeve. His sage-like appearance was completely gone. Seeing that Heaven's Gift was still in a daze, he did not pay any attention to him. He picked up the dining signboard on the table and walked out.


When eating and living in a restaurant, it was only natural to pay the bill. Since the customer wanted to leave, the owner of the restaurant naturally had to pay for the room and lodging.

Fu Yun and Tian Ci, one old and one young, looked just like grandfather-grandson duo. As long as they weren't idiots, they definitely wouldn't ask a little kid to pay.

"Old mister, the normal rooms in our restaurant cost five bass a night. You have asked for two rooms, for a total of ten bass, and two meals in the morning and night for a total of twelve bass."

"It seems like it won't be easy for you two to find each other. I'll take twenty bass coins from you two!"

Bass coin was a type of shell, a currency used in the secular world. In the secular world, Bass was only the most common currency used in transactions.

Gems, gold, silver, and the like could all be used as currency. Gems, gold, silver, and the like first appeared in the cultivation world and later spread to the mortal world.

"Sorry, boss, you found the wrong person. I don't have any money, so I'll have to ask this kid!"

The immortal master's face did not redden at all, but his heart remained calm. He spread out his hands and said this single sentence.

Damn, is this even the immortal master that I know?

Immortal Teacher's moral integrity?

The actions of an immortal master were something that the heavens could hardly believe.

"Immortal-immortal master?" I, I don't have, I don't have money, you, you know! "

When they left the village, Tian Ci distributed all of their belongings to the villagers. How could they possibly have money on them?

His face was hot and red, and he was stammering and embarrassed to see his boss.

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