"No money?"

"Without money, you still dare to stay here?"

"Someone, pull him out and fight!"

Just a moment ago, he had been smiling benevolently. However, upon hearing that the two of them had no money, in the blink of an eye, the innkeeper called for a servant and prepared to teach the two fellows eating an overbearing meal a lesson.

"Boss, didn't you say that it wouldn't be easy for us, one old and one young?"

"Good intentions will be rewarded. Why don't you spare us!"

Without Hai Bei to pay for food and lodging, Fu Yun knew he was in the wrong and pretended to look pitiful.

"Old thing, what do you think this place is? A good hall?"

"Without money, don't even think about leaving!"

If he let this couple go, the first thing he did was to open a river. He would definitely attract many people who feigned pity and ate an overbearing meal. The inn was not a nice inn, and for the sake of its business, the inn owner could only harden his heart and let them down.

"Boss, don't look at how strong my grandson is. Actually, since he was young, he has always been weak and sickly. I can't help but hit him!"

"If I accidentally get beaten to death by you, you will definitely not escape punishment!"

Walking in the martial arts world, Fu Yun ate an overbearing meal. This was not the first time he had come across such a compassionate boss. If he was going to be soft, he could only be tough.

This showed that he was in excellent health, and begging the innkeeper to be magnanimous was of no use at all. Fuyun could only open his eyes wide and speak lies, threatening the innkeeper.

"How about this, boss, you can see that I'm the fortune-teller. I'll give you a divination and pay for the room and board. What do you think?"

After all, threatening the boss was still a cheap plan.

"Old thing, you still dare to threaten me?"

"Who cares about your fortune telling!"

"If you don't have money, don't blame me for being rude!"

"Men, pull them out and beat them up!"

The cultivation world controlled the secular world, and the great clans controlled the mortal tribes.

In every city, there is a City Lord's Mansion. As long as no major events occur in the city, the City Lord's Mansion will not appear. If there really is any trouble in the inn, the City Lord's Mansion will deal with it.

In the eyes of mortals, cultivators were like gods.

In the mortal world, mortals could not even enter the eyes of the cultivators. Even if they wanted to bribe the cultivators, they could not. For the sake of twenty seashells, they would not be able to escape the punishment of the cultivators.

If one were to say that the inn owner was not worried about the punishment within his heart, that was impossible. Not punishing the old and the young was not good for the inn's livelihood, so he had to make an example out of others.

"Boss, let's talk this out!"

"Look, even if you hit us, you won't get the money."

"How about this, although this brat is a bit small, he does things very smoothly."

"Why don't we leave him in the inn and wash your beans to repay your debt? What do you think?"

Beans, an artifact used in the cultivation world to offer sacrifices, were later transmitted to the mortal world and used to hold food.

Chopsticks for eating.

The immortal master pretended to be pitiful and tried to get the boss's sympathy. However, the innkeeper was not moved and could only threaten him. The only thing he could do was to work for the debt.

It was not bad for an immortal master to work for him, but for a three year old child to work for him, that was something he could come up with.

If the village head and uncles saw how shameless the immortal master was, they believed that the immortal master would definitely not let them go.

Immortal Master's actions were like those of a swindler; he really wanted to despise Immortal Master. However, since Immortal Master had already tricked him out of the village and could no longer find a way back to the village, Immortal Master had no choice but to wash the beans and pay the debt.

"Boss, I'll wash the beans quickly, so just leave me here!"

One old and one young, the old man's hair was as white as snow. The little fellow was still too young, and if he really wanted to beat them up, the inn's owner did not dare guarantee that no one would die.

In order to make an example of this, he could only leave behind the payment for the food and lodging that was given to him by God.

"I can make you stay!" However, if you don't do well in the afternoon, and if you don't do well in the afternoon, you will stay and work for the rest of your life to pay off your debts. "

"Someone, take him to the backyard to wash his beans!"

"Our inn does not raise idle people. Old thing, wait outside!"

He was taken to the backyard, where a bunch of beans were waiting for him to wash. Luckily, Blessed One had taken care of his grandmother at home and washed the beans before, so it didn't bother him at all.

As he watched Tian Ci leave, Fu Yun turned and walked out of the inn. If one were to observe carefully, they would discover that the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. He looked like he had succeeded in his evil scheme.

The entire morning, Tian Ci was left behind by the owner of the inn to wash the beans and cook, and she was only chased out of the inn in the afternoon. Before she left, the innkeeper was not too mean, and even gave him two steamed buns.

All morning, Tian Ci had been working hard to wash the beans, and Fu Yun, who had brought him here, had been the opposite. The whole morning had been quite pleasant.

The inn's business was not bad, and there were many people coming and going. A few groups of people wanted to find Fuyun to tell their fortune, but he always ignored them and simply sat on a stone block outside the inn to take a nap.

In the afternoon, Tian Ci had finally finished washing the beans. She walked out of the inn just in time to see the Immortal Teacher sleeping on the stone block. If she left now, the Immortal Teacher would definitely not know.

He had somehow arrived at this unfamiliar city and was unable to find his way home. Otherwise, he would have definitely left this scammer that brought him away from the village in secret.

After hesitating for a moment, he took the two steamed buns that still had some heat left and went over to the immortal master's side. He tugged at the immortal master's sleeve, waking him up and handing him a steamed bun.

At noon, there were many guests in the inn. He was always busy and had not eaten a single thing, so he was already hungry.

At this time, ignoring the gazes of the passersby, he wolfed down the other steamed bun.

"Here you go, I've already eaten lunch, so I'm not hungry!"

Fu Yun took the steamed bun and began to eat bit by bit. He ate very slowly, and after heaven's blessing, more than half of his steamed bun was still left.

As Fu Yun watched the Heavenly Gift wolf down his food, he felt that he must have been starving. Thus, he could only return the steamed bun that he had not finished to Heavenly Gift.

Since the immortal master said that he had eaten the steamed bun, he took it for real and did not ask any further. He took the steamed bun from the immortal master and continued to eat.

"Eat quickly. After you're done eating, get ready to start work!"

He had just washed a few mountain of bean beans and paid off his debts, so he hadn't had a good rest yet.

Besides, he had a lot of food. One or two steamed buns were just enough to cover his stomach, so he was still hungry.

Furthermore, he was only three years old. Other than having the ability to wash his face, there was nothing else that he could do. Upon hearing the immortal master's words, Heaven's Gift was confused.

"Start work?"

"It's almost dark. You don't want to sleep on the streets, do you?"

Fu Yun didn't explain exactly what he wanted to do, as he didn't want to affect the appetite given by heaven.

Although he didn't know what the immortal master wanted him to do, Tian Ci didn't want to sleep on the streets. She was indeed very hungry, and ate half of the steamed bun in just a few bites.

"Here, take this and drag someone here to tell your fortune!"

Just as he finished eating the steamed bun, before he could ask the immortal master what he wanted to do next, Tian Ci handed him the sign to eat next to him.

The dining signboard was the flagpole that read "Listen to the wind and tell the story of Yu Wu".

"Immortal-immortal master, I-I won't!"

It wasn't that Heaven's Gift didn't want to do it, it was that he really didn't know how to. Some children only learned how to walk when they were three years old, but he knew how to cook and wash beans when he was three years old.

However, it would be difficult for him to get a client.

Confused, Fuyun had never thought that he was trying to make things difficult for the heavens.

"It's easy. Let me tell you, as long as you tell the passersby that an immortal master can guide them and destroy them for eternity, you can ask them about their future and they will all come to tell you their fortune."

"Did you remember that?"


Immortal Master had only said it once, but Heaven's Gift had silently recited it several times in his heart. He felt that there was nothing wrong with it, so he took the food sign that was taller than him and walked to the side of the street, shouting loudly.

Immortal Master has given me directions. I can destroy this path for all eternity, and then I can ask you about my future!

At the beginning, the immature shouting at the side of the street attracted many curious onlookers.

After an hour, no one went to find the immortal master to tell their fortune. Seeing that the sky was about to darken, Tian Ci finally started to worry and took the initiative to stop the passersby.

He hadn't thought that the first person he'd stopped would be Rai Ren. He'd met Rai Ren and received a string of insults. This was bad luck for him.

Fortunately, Lai Ren was very tactful. He saw that the immortal master wasn't bullying him, so he left.

Lai Ren was furious and was looking for an outlet to vent his anger, but he was worried that Fuyun was an expert, so he didn't want to cause too much trouble.

Fortunately, he knew his own limits, otherwise, Fu Yun would definitely seek justice for him.

Lirin had arrived, and all the passersby had left. For a long time, no one passed by, no one came by, and they even got scolded. Tian Ci sat on the street in a daze, feeling wronged.

Seeing him in a daze, Fu Yun smiled and nodded.


"Tian Ci, what are you thinking about?"

He really wanted to go back to that carefree village. He had been too engrossed in his thoughts to notice when the immortal master had appeared by his side.


Upon being awoken by Immortal Master's question, Tian Ci was worried that Immortal Master might notice something and unnaturally lowered his head.

Seeing him lower his head unnaturally, how could Fu Yun not guess what he was thinking? After all, it was his first time leaving the village, and he was still young and had been wronged. Even if he wanted to, he wanted to go back to the village.

"Do you feel wronged?"

"You want to go home?"

The child who walked out of the mountain village was very simple, Heaven's Gift was really bad at lying. When the immortal master asked, he was a bit nervous, not knowing how to reply.

After leaving the village, he first washed the beans and paid the debt, then he was forced by the immortal master to recruit customers. He even got insulted by Lai Ren, saying that he wasn't feeling wronged, how could that be possible?

"I miss my grandfather and grandmother a little, as well as the village chief's uncle and aunt!"

Although Tian Ci did not admit to feeling wronged, nor did she directly say that she wanted to go home, Fu Yun knew that she really wanted to go back to the village, even if she did not say anything.

Sun Facing City was a place where lightning struck twice a year. For mortals, it was just a weather phenomenon. However, for cultivators, it was a blessing.

Right now, Yang City was too dangerous. No matter how homesick Tian Ci was, Fu Yun wouldn't bring him back.

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