"Heaven's Gift, what do you think about that person just now?"

The immortal master changed the topic, no longer worrying about whether she missed her home. She was very willing to cooperate with him.

Lai Ren, the second person to have been cruel to him today, seriously thought and thought. Besides scolding him, Lai Ren had no other actions. He didn't know how to describe them.

"He's very fierce, shouting at me, he's a bad guy!"

Lai Ren shouted at Tian Ci, and Fu Yun just saw it.

After entering the mortal world, this was the first time he came into contact with someone from outside the village. He wanted to know how this person looked like, or to be more precise, what he wished to learn from this person.

"It's just that fierce?"

"Anything else?"

The things that he knew were too superficial and he didn't know how to guess people's hearts. To be able to say that Lai Ren was very fierce was already his limit.

As for seeing through the essence through the surface, to him, that was a profound question.

"I can't say!"

He was still young, and had walked a long way. Following him, he slowly came to understand that after seeing him think for a long time, he was unable to answer. Fu Yun did not question him further, and instead changed to a more difficult question.

"What do you think of the innkeeper?"

From the time he entered the inn last night to the time he left the inn this afternoon, Tian Ci carefully recalled everything that had happened.

"Inn boss, he is a good person. He gave us lodging and even gave us food to eat. It's just that, he is also very fierce and he still wants to hit someone. It's bad …"

The innkeeper was a good man. He wanted to beat people and enslave himself. He was a bad man. Before he could say a word, Tian Ci was already confused.

In the eyes of a child, if you give him a gift, you are a good person. If you scold or hit him, you are a bad person.

The gift that had just left the village was as white as a sheet of paper. It was so white that it could reflect a person's nature.

"Haha, is the innkeeper a good person or a bad person?"

Fuyun laughed. He wasn't making fun of him, he just felt that his answer really made people want to laugh.

"Immortal, I, I don't know anymore!"

He felt embarrassed and embarrassed to be asked such a question by the immortal master with a blush on his face.

"Heaven's blessing, one cannot look at the surface of anything. Don't use your eyes to look at a person. You must use your heart to feel them. Through the words and actions of a person, observe and understand them."

"That young man just now, you only saw him shouting at you, but you didn't pay any attention to his expression or the tone in his voice."

"If you use your heart to feel it, through his every word and action, you will definitely see a difference in him!"

The people of the mountain village were simple, kind, happy, unhappy, written all over their faces; whatever they wanted to do, they would do it directly, without too much thought.

Living together with the villagers, they were just as simple and kind. From the surface, it didn't seem like there was a need to do that.

No, he was still in the village.

In order to live a little longer, now, in the future, he must learn to differentiate right from wrong and see through the heart of men.

Because he was still young and didn't understand, Fuyun wanted to teach him.

"That young man just now loudly yelled at you. He can't be called a bad person because he's in a bad mood, so that's why he yelled at you."

"Did he keep a straight face when you saw him?"

When Lai Ren arrived, the surrounding passersby retreated far away. At that time, Tian Ci didn't understand what was going on. She recalled from the immortal master's detailed explanation that the scene when she saw Lai Ren was exactly as he said.

Lai Ren's face was extremely pale. When the passersby saw him, they would naturally move far away.

"Well, yes!"

Seeing Tian Ci's nod, Fu Yun continued.

"That's right!"

"A person with a bad mood and a temper tantrum is a very normal reaction. Whether it's good or bad has nothing to do with them!"

"Heaven's Gift, you have to remember this. In the future, you have to use your heart to observe, feel, and understand a person."

"Judging a person's quality must not be too arbitrary."

"Do you know!?"

Some of Immortal Teacher's actions, such as deceiving, were very disapproved by Tian Ci, but it did not affect his ability to learn how to be a person.

"Understood, immortal master!"

Fuyun saw that he was giving a serious answer, so he nodded in satisfaction.

"Also, you must remember this!"

"The people who feed and live for you are not necessarily good people, and the people who beat you up and scolded you are also not necessarily bad people."

Although he didn't understand what the immortal master wanted to say, he still obediently agreed.


Just as Providence had expected, Fuyun knew that he did not understand and continued to explain things to him.

"It's not his kindness that gives you food or lodging. He will take the reward. For example, he will take the seashells from us."

"It's just like how I'm telling the fates of others and others are giving me seashells, while I'm using seashells to buy food. The reason why I'm looking for an inn is the same."

"When others give you something, you need to receive a certain amount of reward. This is just a transaction, and it has nothing to do with whether a person is good or bad."

In the past, they had lived in the village and lacked daily necessities. The villagers had helped to bring them here. Before the villagers left, Grandmother would pay them some seashells and other valuables.

He understood what a trade was.

He did not know how to distinguish between good and bad.

Fuyun had taught him to carefully distinguish between people, not to judge whether a person was good or bad, but to teach him how to stand in the martial arts world, how to protect himself.

As for good and bad, perhaps this world didn't have any difference between good and bad. The good and bad in the hearts of the people were also just in different positions.

If a piece of white paper was destined to fall into the ink pool, then a layer of protective film would be placed on the white paper before it fell into the pool.

The white paper fell inside, and when it was taken out, the protective film was removed. The white paper inside was still white.

Wherever there were people, there would be martial arts world. The martial arts world was like a vat of blood, and since it could not be avoided, it would be better to take precautions. What Fuyun was doing now, he could only hope that the heavens would tell right from wrong and become a man of integrity.

"Oh, I understand, immortal master!"

What Tian Ci did not know was that Immortal Master's reason for teaching him how to conduct himself would be with him for the rest of his life.

Of course, he was still young and still had a lot to learn, and Fuyun would continue to teach him.

"Alright, Tian Ci, today's work is over. We'll continue tomorrow!"

Did he finish work today?

Not yet. Where do you want to stay tonight?

What about dinner?

The immortal master did not want him to recruit business. Without Hai Bei, was he going to cheat him of food and drink, leave him to wash the beans?

"B-but, immortal master, we …"

No money, no place to stay, no dinner.

As someone with a strong cultivation base, he was still used to life as a crane in the wild. It was not a problem for him to stay awake for three to five days without eating.

Fuyun was only a mortal with no food or drinks. He had no place to sleep, no place to sleep, no place to eat, and no place to eat.

Seeing the confused and pitiful look on his face, Fu Yun knew what he wanted to say.

"Haha, don't worry. I won't let you sleep on the street tonight. Let's go!"

Without money, he had food and a place to live. Could it be that he was going to cheat on food and drinks again tonight?

When she thought of how she was going to wash the beans for the inn, she frowned.

Seeing his pained expression, Fu Yun did not explain himself. He took the food sign from his hands, rubbed his head once more, then turned around and left.

If the immortal master did not explain, could he have guessed correctly?


As the sky darkened, Fu Yun walked out of the little town and into the wilderness, not even bothering to enter the inn.

"Immortal master, are we not going to the inn?"

The sky was about to turn dark. They did not stay in the inn, but entered the mountains instead. Tian Ci was extremely confused.

"In an inn?"

"You have seashells?"

Hai Bei?

If he had a seashell, he would never have stayed in the inn to wash the beans and pay off the debt.

The immortal master knew full well that he had no money, yet she still turned around and asked him with a smile that was not a smile. She knew full well that the immortal master was sincerely toying with her, but her Heaven's Gift was shy, rebutting her lack of confidence.

"No, no!"

Immortal Teacher had clearly said that he wouldn't let him sleep on the streets. If it was getting dark today, he wouldn't bring him to an inn to sleep, but instead brought him to the wilderness.

"Immortal Master, didn't you say that we wouldn't sleep on the streets?"

Fuyun did say that he wouldn't let Tian Ci sleep out on the streets, but he didn't say that he would stay in an inn.

Without money, he would become a scammer if he continued staying in the inn. Fuyun did not think that he was a scammer.

He did not have the money to stay in the inn last night, so he did it on purpose. On one hand, he wanted to solve the problem of living and sleeping with the Heaven's Gift, and on the other hand, he wanted to test the character of the Heaven's Gift.

The same method could only be used once, so using it again would be meaningless. Seeing that Heaven's Gift had asked, he intentionally tried to tease him.

"Haha, do you want to help others wash their beans again?"

"Don't ask too many questions. Hurry up and follow me. You'll know soon enough!"

"… …"

Outside the small town, there was a small mountain village. Outside the village, there was a large mountain.

As the sky gradually darkened, Fu Yun took Tian Ci directly into the mountains instead of rushing to the mountain village.

As they entered the mountains, a young man was rushing out of the mountains.

This young man was wearing an old set of clothes, and an arm was exposed. On his back, there was a bow and a few arrows.

Although the young man's body was not very strong, it was very strong.

Despite his robust physique, he was sweating profusely. However, it was extremely strenuous for him to walk. Without anyone to help him, he would only leave the mountain late at night.

It turned out that he was dragging a huge wild boar, which was why he was walking so slowly.

"Young man, good harvest!"

In the evening, the forest was not safe, and wolves roamed the streets. In order to leave the mountains as soon as possible, the young people had to work even harder to pull the boar.

Because he was trying so hard to drag the wild boar, he didn't notice that someone was coming. Suddenly, he heard someone speaking to him from behind. He turned around and saw that there was an old man and a young man behind him.

Seeing that there was an old man and a young woman behind him, his heart went cold. His body involuntarily staggered and he almost fell to the ground.

The sky was about to turn dark, and someone had quietly appeared behind him. It was not strange that he had such a reaction. If it was anyone else, they would have thought that they had seen a ghost.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the duo didn't seem to be ghosts. Not only did he not relax, he instead grew even more nervous and wary.

After all, the sky was about to turn dark. An old man and a young man dared to appear in the mountains. They were definitely no ordinary people.

"Who are you people?"

The two of them were no other than Fu Yun and Tian Ci.

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