"Young man, don't be nervous, we mean no harm!"

"I am fortune-teller. You can call me immortal master, or Fu Yun!"

"We came here specifically to offer our congratulations and help along the way!"

Fu Yun was holding onto a bamboo pole. The white cloth on the bamboo pole had the words, "Listen to the wind tell the story of Yu Wu".

With the bamboo stick proof, coupled with Fu Yun's sage-like demeanor, the young hunter trusted him by a few points. Now that he knew the old man and the young were not bad people, he felt a lot more relaxed.



Congratulations, could it be?

Although he had guessed one thing, he was not sure.

As for help, although he believed that the old man and the young were not ordinary people, the old man was over seventy years old and the child was only four or five. He did not believe that the young and the old could help him.

"Congratulations, you have given birth to a son. Mother and son are safe!"

The young hunter had a wife, and the baby was born today. Fuyun didn't even need to make a calculation. His divine sense swept through the village and he was very clear about what had happened in the village.

While probing with his divine sense, he learned from the villagers that the woman who had just given birth to a child was a husband, a young hunter. He was currently hunting in the mountains and still didn't know about the matter of the woman's arrival.

He used his Spiritual Sense to scout the mountains around the mountain village. When he found out about the young hunter's situation, he immediately brought Tian Ci here to help. Seeing that the young hunter was suspicious, he did not intentionally cause trouble.

"What? My wife gave birth?"

The young hunter knew that his wife was going to have a baby in the next few days.

It was to help his pregnant wife recover from her illness that he came to the mountains to hunt. He did not expect to come out in the morning and catch this wild boar in the afternoon.

The fortune-teller suddenly came to congratulate him. He had already guessed that his wife had already given him a child. It wasn't that he didn't trust Fuyun, but that he was too excited.

"Thank you Immortal for specially coming here. I have nothing to report, so I decided to send this wild boar to you. How about it?"

When he found out that his wife had given birth to a son at home alone, he wanted to rush home immediately. As for the wild boar, it was incomparable to his wife and children.

The wild boar was not easy to come by, and it was a pity that it was thrown away. In order to be grateful to the immortal master, he had to send the wild boar over, which could be considered to be useful.

The wild boar was gone. He would head back to the mountains and hunt for more prey. After that, he would go home and help his wife heal.

"Haha, young man, do you want to tire my old bones to death or this brat to death?"

"This pig is at least one to two hundred jin. We don't have as much strength as you. You should keep it for yourself."

"The wild boar is so big, it's a pity to throw it away. You should take it back yourself!"

The young hunter was in a hurry to get home to his wife and unmet child. Otherwise, he would not be willing to give up his hard-earned prey.

He had intentionally come to express his gratitude, but he didn't have any valuables on him. Since he could take them out, he could only give them to his prey. Fu Yun had lived for many years, how could he not see through the thoughts of a young hunter?

"Immortal Teacher, this …"

The wild boar was too big for him to carry around, so he had to make it fast. The young hunter was anxious and did not want to waste any time. He was also anxious when he saw that Fu Yun was not willing to accept the wild boar.

"Don't worry. Didn't I say that I would help you?"

"Tian Ci, go and help them. This way, they will be faster. Before nightfall, we will definitely be able to get back to the village."

Since Fu Yun was only three years old, asking him to help him out was getting more and more outrageous.

Helping others is a source of happiness.

He had just arrived and saw the young hunter pulling the wild boar. It was very tiring, and Heaven's Gift wanted to help. The immortal master had asked him to help the young hunter, so he naturally didn't have any objections.

He walked up to the wild boar and grabbed one of its legs, dragging it with all his might.

The young hunter thought that the immortal master would do it himself, but he didn't expect that a three year old child would help him.

Was this called helping out?

He doubted that the boy could drag one of the boar's legs.

It was indeed difficult for a man to drag a wild boar, but the strength bestowed by the heavens could not be ignored.

He wanted to reject the kid's good intentions, but when he saw the kid grab onto one of the boar's hind legs, he was very serious and did his best. He didn't refuse and instead hugged onto the other boar's foot with a wry smile and pulled it back.

Initially, he did not expect the child to help, but he did not expect the child's strength to be so great that it made him look at him in a new light.

The wild boar was too big, and even with the help of God's gift, it was still difficult for the young hunters to take care of it. Thus, the speed at which they went home was still very slow.

Fuyun would really get Heaven's Gift to help, and he wasn't going to help?

Of course not!

It was a pity that she was only three years old, so no matter how strong she was, her strength was limited.

Seeing that the young hunter and Tian Ci were struggling, he secretly released his energy and used it on the wild boar. With his secret help, both the young hunter and Tian Ci suddenly felt the wild boar's body become lighter.

Not only that, the wild boar could actually move on its own, and at a speed even faster than theirs.

"… …"

The sky had turned completely dark. A few youngsters had come to the mountain with torches in hand. They were discussing whether or not to enter the mountains to look for a young hunter.

At this moment, they just happened to see Fu Yun and the other two dragging the wild boar out of the mountains.

"Brother Wen …"

"Brother Wen is back …"

"Brother Wen, why are you so late? Ah Xiu gave birth to a big fat boy for you!"

"Eh, who are they?"

A few young men saw the young hunter walk out of the mountain and excitedly approached him to inform him of the good news.

A young man, a few years younger than the young hunter, saw Fu Yun and Fu Yun and wondered why Fu Yun and Fu Yun had come with the hunter.

"Immortal Master and Little Brother are my benefactors!"

"If not for their help, I would still be in the mountains!"

"Oh right, I'll leave the wild boar to you. I'll go back to see your sister-in-law first!"

"Immortal Master, Little Brother, let's enter the village together!"

Lu Wen handed the wild boar to a few of his peers, introduced Fu Yun and Tian Ci, and then hurriedly brought them into the village.

There was no need to drag the boar around. When it finally became free, the young hunter began to introduce himself and his village to Fu Yun and Tian Ci.

Most of the people in the town had the surname Lu, only the outsiders had a different surname. The young hunter was born and bred in the mountain village. His name was Lu Wen, and his wife was called Lu Xiu.

Of course, even without his introduction, Fuyun was already well aware of him and the city he was in.

The village that Lu Wen lived in was not big. There were more than thirty families living in the village. Lu Wen brought Fu Yun and Tian Ci back to the village. Coincidentally, they met many villagers who came to congratulate them.

"… …"

In the middle of the village, there was a large open area with a bonfire in the middle. At the outermost area of the bonfire, there were wooden tables, stone stools, and a variety of tableware on the table.

The men in the village were all very straightforward. They ate meat and drank wine in large mouthfuls. The young girls danced around the bonfire, and the men and women in the village all blended in bliss.

The reason the village was so lively tonight was, of course, to celebrate the addition of Lu Wen's family.

Because his wife gave him a son, Lu Wen roasted the wild boar that he had finally managed to call today and invited the villagers to celebrate with him.

Roasting a wild boar was not only to celebrate his son, but also to thank Fu Yun and Tian Ci.

He thanked them for coming to him to tell him that his wife was in labor.

He thanked them for their hard work in bringing him back to the wild boar.

"Immortal, thank you very much for your help today!"

"If you hadn't specifically told me the news, I would still be in the mountains. I salute you!"

Lu Wen brought his wife and son, as well as an artifact that held wine, to Fu Yun and Tian Ci's side. He wanted to express his gratitude in particular.

The immortal master's hair was as white as snow, and he was only a few years old. Although he did not know the relationship between the two, it did not affect his gratitude towards them.

He respected the elder and loved the young. The elder was the first. He filled the cup with wine for the immortal master and expressed his gratitude.

"Don't worry about small matters!"

As a monk, helping mortals was very reasonable. In the eyes of cultivators, what happened to mortals was not a matter at all. Fu Yun did not help Lu Wen to gain his gratitude, but to find a place to stay for the heavens.

"Immortal, I don't have anything to offer at home. I just hope that Immortal can enjoy the night."

Even though the immortal master didn't personally help him drag the wild boar, the fact that he was almost dragged along by the wild boar showed that the immortal master had secretly helped him.

If you can't do it yourself, then you can help to drag the wild boar. Mortals can't do it, so the immortal master must be a cultivator.

When he thought about how immortal masters were cultivators and how he could get their help, he really couldn't think of any way to repay them. The only thing he could return the favor was to accompany immortal masters and get drunk.

"You must be a Heaven's Gift, right?"

"I didn't expect you to be so strong at such a young age. Thank you for your help today!"

"Little brother, do you want to drink?"

He knew what wine was, but he had never tasted it.

He was young, and his aunt and uncle had forbidden him to drink in his village.

The wine smelled very good, but he didn't know what it would taste like if he drank it.

The immortal master didn't eat any wild boar meat the whole night. He kept drinking. He really wanted to have a taste of what the wine tasted like to make the immortal master so infatuated.

Now that he left the village, his aunt and uncle weren't by his side. The immortal master was his only guardian, so of course he had to ask for the immortal master's permission. He didn't get a response from the immortal master and didn't know what to do.

He had originally wanted to say that he couldn't drink, but there was a voice in his heart that tempted him to try the taste of the wine. He couldn't resist the temptation and nodded his head heavily.


Lu Wen found one for him, filled it with wine, and passed it to him.

Supreme, open mouth, high neck, round foot, with animal design on it, it is a kind of liquor.

"Pfft, cough, cough!"

After receiving the wine from Lu Wen, Tian Ci took a sniff at the wine and felt that it was really very fragrant.

Since it was his first time drinking, he didn't know how much he should drink. Seeing the people around him drinking all the wine in one gulp, he imitated them and clinked glasses with Lu Wen and gulped it down.

A cup of wine was poured into his mouth, and he instantly regretted it.

He wasn't very tall, and just so happened to take a big gulp of wine. This gulp of wine, half of it flowed into his stomach and the other half was sprayed out by him.

The wine smelled good, and he thought it must be delicious. The first time he drank, he was choked by the wine, so he finally knew what it tasted like.

Not sweet, but spicy.

His throat was burning. His face was flushed and his mouth was open. He stuck out his tongue and kept drinking.

Not only that, he even threw down the Venerable One, picked up the bowl of beans, and gulped them down.

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