Sky War God/C1 Ye Feng.
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Sky War God/C1 Ye Feng.
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C1 Ye Feng.

In the Ling Tian Continent, the path of martial arts was respected. The strong looked down on all living things while the weak lived a hard life!

The Battle Spirit was an innate talent of the Martial Arts Cultivator. They could obtain stronger combat strength by using the Battle Spirit to fight.

Every Martial Arts Cultivator had different attributes. When the Gate of Spirit was opened, different Battle Spirits would be awakened.

They were in various forms: Saber, Sword, Spear, Tiger, Green Dragon, Rocs, and so on.

There were different kinds of Battle Spirits and they were divided into seven ranks, namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

From Red Rank Battle Spirit up, each rank's power gradually increased.

Zhao State, Youzhou City, Nangong family.

On the altar, several young men and girls were sitting cross-legged. Strange runes were flowing on their bodies. They were dazzling and magnificent.

The young men and girls had their own Tao Protectors beside them. All of them were young people from fifteen to sixteen years old.

"Gate of Spirit, open!"

Below the altar, an elder from the Nangong family shouted loudly. Several spells shoot out from his palm, then descended upon the altar.

Along with the strange sound, the true essence clouds in the sky began to churn. Beams of light descended from the sky and wrapped around the bodies of the young men and young girls on the altar.

"Hold your mind and sense that power. The Gate of Spirit is right in front of you!"

The elder declared.

This was a place that the Nangong family specially designed for their younger generation to open the Gate of Spirit. It had the effect of increasing the success rate of opening the Gate of Spirit.

The cost of building a sacrificial altar was expensive. Only big families like the Nangong family could afford it.

Opening the sacrificial altar required a huge amount of resources. Therefore, only the direct descendant of the family or the talented ones had the qualifications to use the sacrificial altar to open the Gate of Spirit.

Perhaps these Young Tao Protectors would never receive such good treatment for the rest of their lives.

Nangong Lingshuang was the eldest daughter of Clan Head Nangong. Not only was she beautiful, but she also had outstanding talent. She was regarded as the Nangong family's hope to rise in Youzhou City.

At this moment, Nangong Lingshuang's exquisite body was enveloped by a halo. It was bright and dazzling, showing signs of opening a high rank Gate of Spirit.

Beside Nangong Lingshuang, a handsome young man was focusing all his attention on assisting her.

The young man's name was Ye Feng, and he was the descendant of a general with outstandingly meritorious deed. Due to the fall of his family, Ye Feng had been adopted by the third uncle of the Nangong family since he was young.

The third uncle of the Nangong family died of a serious illness a few years ago, leaving Ye Feng all alone. From time to time, he would be ostracized by some people from the Nangong family.

More than ten years ago, the Ye Family and the Nangong family had decided to marry Nangong Lingshuang to Ye Feng.

Now, Ye Feng had become Nangong Lingshuang's Tao Protector. Even though the two of them were childhood sweethearts and had a good relationship, Ye Feng had a feeling that the chance of them getting marriage was very slim.

"Lingshuang, the time has come!" Ye Feng said, "I will help you open the Gate of Spirit."

Although he hadn't opened the Gate of Spirit himself, he had a unique understanding of doing it. It could be said that Nangong Lingshuang's keen perception of the Gate of Spirit was due to his help.


Nangong Lingshuang nodded slightly. Her delicate body was dripping with fragrant sweat. With great difficulty, she forced herself to smile at Ye Feng and then closed her eyes.

A five-colored halo appeared on her hand, and she waved it in the air, as if she was borrowing the Power of the Heavens and the Earth.

"Miss Lingshuang is indeed the most outstanding genius of the Nangong family. In such a short period of time, she is going to open the Gate of Spirit! How wonderful it would be if I could get Miss Lingshuang's favor!"

Below the altar, a young man looked at Nangong Lingshuang with eyes full of admiration.

"Stop dreaming! Miss Lingshuang is engaged to Ye Feng."

Another person admonished.


One of them snorted contemptuously. "Ye Feng? He is just a trash. Other than some useless insights, what else could he offer? What right does he have to be worthy of my cousin?"

The person who spoke was Hsiao Jie, the son of Nangong Lingshuang's aunt. Hsiao Jie often visited the Nangong family as a guest. He relied on his status as the nephew of the Nangong family to be domineering. Because he was jealous of the engagement between Ye Feng and Nangong Lingshuang, he often looked for trouble with Ye Feng.

"That's right! Miss Lingshuang is such a beauty. How can she be together with that trash?"

Hearing Hsiao Jie's words, many people agreed with his view. They did not think highly of Nangong Lingshuang and Ye Feng's engagement either.

All these words fell into Ye Feng's ears. An indifferent smile appeared on his determined face.

Hsiao Jie was just a spoiled brat. At such a critical moment, Ye Feng didn't want to argue with Hsiao Jie.

He was already used to sarcasm from the people of the Nangong family. Besides, he had never asked the Nangong family to fulfill the promise of marriage.

All he ever wanted was to be himself, open the Gate of Spirit, become a strong person, and restore the Ye Family.

At this time, within the tumbling true essence clouds in the skies above, purple thunders started rolling. A bowl-sized lightning bolt struck down, carrying a terrifying power as it landed on Nangong Lingshuang's body.

Nangong Lingshuang gave a muffled groan as her body trembled continuously. A pained expression appeared on her fair and beautiful face.

The terrifying lightning kept on invading Nangong Lingshuang's body and penetrated deep into her bone marrow. It was not something that an ordinary person would be able to withstand.

This ongoing scene caused the expressions of the people from the Nangong family to change drastically.

"Clan Head, there is a certain chance that you will encounter the lightning tribulation when opening a high grade Gate of Spirit. It is very similar to what is happening to the young lady right now. If we don't take immediate measures, the young lady's meridians might be destroyed by the lightning tribulation, and she might become a cripple!"

The elder, who was in charge of the altar, said anxiously to Clan Head Nangong, Nangong Chen.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd realized the seriousness of the matter.

Nangong Chen asked with a worried expression, "How should we resolve this crisis?"

The elder hesitated for a moment and said, "We must have someone who matches the young lady's spirit vein to instill Intrinsic Spiritual Essences into the young lady's body to dispel the lightning tribulation."

Nangong Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and asked the person beside him, "Who in the family is compatible with Ling Shuang?"

That person seemed to understand Nangong Chen's question very well. Without any hesitation, he spat out, "Ye Feng!"

Upon hearing this, Nangong Chen's direct gaze fell on Ye Feng.

"Ye Feng, Lingshuang is encountering the lightning tribulation and is in grave danger. I need your Intrinsic Spiritual Essence to help her get out of this situation. Are you willing?"

It seemed that Nangong Chen was asking Ye Feng for his opinion. However, before Ye Feng could say anything, Nangong Chen continued, "Don't worry. The Nangong family will not treat you unfairly. If Lingshuang manages to get out of danger, your engagement can take effect."

Ye Feng hesitated. To a Martial Arts Cultivator, Intrinsic Spiritual Essence was equivalent to life. Once losing Spiritual Essence, it meant that one would never be able to open the Gate of Spirit and form the Battle Spirit.

"Father once said that I am not an ordinary person. I can form the Battle Spirit again."

Ye Feng thought to himself. The engagement was not important to Ye Feng. He just couldn't bear to watch Nangong Lingshuang suffer the pain of thunder and do nothing about it.

A resolute look appeared in Ye Feng's eyes. He placed his hands on Nangong Lingshuang's body. His Intrinsic Spiritual Essence began to surge and was gradually instilled into Nangong Lingshuang's body.

The lightning dissipated. From the sky above, a multicolored light connected with Nangong Lingshuang's body.

Gradually, behind Nangong Lingshuang, a phoenix shadow became faintly discernible, releasing waves of phoenix majesty.

"That is?"

This scene caused the crowd's eyes to widen in amazement and remain fixed on the spot. The might of the phoenix was too powerful, causing them to feel the urge to kneel down and pay their respects.

"The energy is so strong! Miss Lingshuang actually awakened the Phoenix Battle Spirit! Furthermore, she seems to have reached the Green Rank!"

"The Green Rank Phoenix Battle Spirit is so noble. After Miss Lingshuang awakens it, she will become the number one genius in the whole Youzhou City. She will definitely be chosen by the Large Sects There is hope for the rise of our Nangong family!"

The entire Nangong family was in an uproar after seeing the phoenix shadow appear behind Nangong Lingshuang.

Nangong Chen stood up from his seat with an excited expression on his face. That's his daughter! She had become the pride of the Nangong family and even the entire Youzhou City.

Nangong Lingshuang slowly rose and stood up. The five-colored light circulated around her body, and the phoenix shadow behind her glittered brightly. A smile appeared on her beautiful face. She was ecstatic!

At the moment, her radiance covered everyone, as if she was a real phoenix goddess.

Ye Feng's pale face revealed a smile. He was happy for Nangong Lingshuang. Even though he might lose the chance to activate the Gate of Spirit, he did not regret what he had done.

"Lingshuang, congratulations!"

Ye Feng's bright face flashed a sunny smile.

"Thank you."

Nangong Lingshuang nodded slightly at Ye Feng, but did not say anything. That kind of look was a little strange. It was something that had never happened before.

Ye Feng's smile did not fade, but his heart sank slightly.

After a moment, Nangong Lingshuang, Nangong Chen, and the others left the altar escorted by the crowd.

On the empty altar, Ye Feng laughed to himself and thought, "Maybe Lingshuang was just too happy."

This sentence revealed Ye Feng's understanding of Nangong Lingshuang, but it sounded more like a form of self-consolation.

"Trash, why are you still here? Why haven't you left yet?"

At this time, a figure appeared somewhere on the altar and began to approach Ye Feng.

"Hsiao Jie."

Ye Feng's eyes sparkled with animosity.

"Hehe, you have lost your Intrinsic Spiritual Essence. You are now completely crippled! What qualifications do you have to be worthy of my cousin? If I were you, I would commit suicide. Continuing to live is also a waste of food."

Hsiao Jie's eyes were filled with ridicule as he sneered.

"You don't have the right to ask about my business. If you provoke me again, I will seek justice from the patriarch tomorrow and punish you severely."

Ye Feng's eyes were sharp and his words were incomparably cold. It was obvious that Hsiao Jie was here to aggravate him.

"Suit yourself. I'd like to see what a trash like you can do to me."

Hsiao Jie said indifferently. After that, he laughed maniacally and left.

Looking at Hsiao Jie's retreating back, a cold light flashed across Ye Feng's eyes. One day, he would trample all those who had humiliated him in the past.

Ye Feng returned to his residence. It was a small simple room, just like those of the ordinary disciples of the Nangong family. It was indeed a little shabby for a future son-in-law of the Nangong family.

He had instilled the Intrinsic Spiritual Essence into Nangong Lingshuang. His body felt very weak, and he needed to replenish his elemental energy immediately.

"Lingshuang's awakened Phoenix Battle Spirit is in a high rank. I need to work hard to keep up!"

A small booklet containing ancient auras appeared in his hand. Ye Feng entered a state of cultivation.

This booklet was called the Essence Condensation Technique. It was a gift from Ye Feng's father.

For the past ten years, Ye Feng had been cultivating. He had been cultivating hard, and his mind was tough. Even though he had been living a tough life, he had never given up.

The full moon hung high in the sky, and bright moonlight shone into the room. Strands of elemental energy flowed through his limbs and entered into Ye Feng's meridians and bones.

Currently, Ye Feng's Cultivation Level was at the Second Layer of Body Refining Stage, and there was a big gap between him and other young people, who were the same age as him.

There was a buzzing sound, and a crystal clear bead that was emitting a gentle light slowly rose into the air from Ye Feng's pocket.

The bead emitted a strong suction force and the elemental energy that was floating in the void, as well as the elemental energy in his body, was pulled into the bead.

In just a few moments, Ye Feng's face, which had just regained its rosy color, turned pale again.

The once crystal clear bead gradually solidified, then turned into a jade-green color and emitted waves of green light.


After noticing that the bead had changed color, Ye Feng's eyes focused. He said softly, "The color of the bead has changed. The elemental energy that it absorbed seems to have reached a saturation state."

After saying that, a pleased smile appeared on Ye Feng's face. He hurriedly put the bead inside his pocket.

This bead was something that Ye Feng's father had left behind for him. It was also where his second Intrinsic Spiritual Essence was located.

The bead had the effect of automatically absorbing the elemental energy. According to what his father had said, when the bead's stored elemental energy reached its saturation state, the bead would release green dew drops that contained a shocking amount of energy. With the nourishment of a drop of dew, Ye Feng would be able to once again obtain spirit essence. There was a great chance.

Over the past ten years, most of the elemental energy that Ye Feng had condensed was absorbed by the bead. However, this made Ye Feng's cultivation speed extremely slow, and in the process, he was ridiculed by others.

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