At dusk, the setting sun shone like blood.

The sky and sea were also blood-red, but the surface of the sea was surprisingly calm.

It was a large five-tooth warship with five wine-red sails operated by 64 sailors. Beside the sails were 18 big men with sharp blades. Behind them was a row of seventy-two people, archer. At this moment, almost everyone was nocked with arrows and holding their breath. The atmosphere was extremely tense.

In the center of the cabin, a burly man sat in a large chair, inspecting a map of the Angry Sea. On his left thigh, a very coquettish girl with half of her chest exposed, quivering. His body swayed along with his loose hair, doing his best to please this man who was over eight feet tall.

No one knew the real name of the burly man. Everyone called him King Qin and he was originally a military officer of the imperial court who was involved in maritime defense. Because a huge crime had been exposed, he led a few loyal brothers to this angry ocean and started the life of a pirate. He was a master of martial arts and had a bit of leadership skills. He was even more scheming than a tiger, a leopard, and even more sinister than a wolf. As soon as he arrived, he reclaimed several of the surrounding small forces and became the overlord of this coastline.

Naturally, they wouldn't let go of a woman either. However, there were too few women at sea. In the past two months, they had not been able to find any women, so they had to find a few prostitutes to enjoy themselves.

At this moment, the one who served him was the most famous of the prostitutes he had found. He was once the leader of a brothel.

Whoosh!" It was a special signal. It meant that a "new product" was about to arrive and the battle was about to begin. Sure enough, a man with a saber on his back knocked on the door and entered the room. He said respectfully, "Your Majesty, a sale has arrived …

King Qin's eyes lit up as he pulled down the woman hanging from his body and threw her onto the ground. He cried out in pain and then laughed out loud: "Bitch, get out of here, here comes business, don't mess with me, otherwise I will cut off your tits and feed it to sharks …"

The prostitute was so frightened that she ran out in a few steps. He stopped laughing and picked up a big knife before heading out. The shape of his great blade was a bit strange. It was called the "White Deer Saber", which was said to be a high-quality sabre crafted by the craftsmen of the White Deer Mountain back in the year Jing Ming was born. Thus, it was named the "White Deer Sabre".

When the people outside saw him coming out, they immediately saluted him respectfully. He stood in the middle and asked loudly, "What kind of trash are you today?"

"This group of people came here because they can't see the way out …"

"Forget it. Who cares what kind of divine thing it is, the heron's leg will still have a sliver of meat cut out. The mosquito's stomach will still have to shave it off a couple of times …"

As he spoke, he soon saw a wooden boat approaching. The pirates immediately burst into cheers. It had been a long time since they had seen such a good cargo. King Qin immediately ordered the ship to change its direction, obviously speeding towards the ship.

Soon, everyone could see that there were quite a few people on the boat. Most importantly, they saw some red and green — women, extremely young women.

The man on the five-tooth warship suddenly made a sound in his throat, and the sailors increased their speed. When the five-tooth warship quickly approached, they saw that all the people on the wooden boat had stood up. The faces of the men, women, and children revealed an extremely terrified expression.

Before long, seven or eight sabremen had hopped onto the wooden boat, shouting out like animals, "Quick, let's go!"

Everyone looked at the shining sabers beside them, then at the dozens of heavy bows and crossbows aimed at them. A young man with a sword on his back was about to resist, but a saber had already pierced through his chest. With a scream, his body was thrown into the sea.

No one dared to disobey anymore. They could only climb up the small boat one by one. One of them, Old woman, was probably his old wife. Just as he shouted, he was also pushed into the sea by a spear.

The group of about fifty to sixty people were finally driven to the five-tooth warship's deck. The man stood to one side and the woman to the other. The leader was an old man in his sixties who seemed to be in high spirits. He forced himself to speak calmly, "Dear heroes, we are the fugitives of the imperial court and have finally found a chance to seek marriage. Please spare our lives."

"Ha, of course I need to buy the money …" King Qin's hawk-like gaze swept across his face, and the old man couldn't help but take a few steps back. Looking at his hammer-like black fists, it made people believe that as long as he swung his fist, anyone's brains would be smashed apart.

After that, his gaze descended upon the group of thin and fat women, the young girl, young woman … There were twelve or thirteen of them, and they had already observed that many of them walked gracefully, evidently bound to the feet — the feet of women of the dynasty were not common, and only the upper nobility had such sexually impulsive little feet.

They had been in "business" for a long time, but they had never robbed such a high class woman before. In other words, the "trash" today was no longer a lowly prostitute or commoner, but real young mistresses from a rich and famous clan …

He laughed. Every time he shifted his gaze, it would tremble when he met with people who looked at him like that. As for those women who were under his gaze, they were even more frightened.

His interest was piqued. He waved the big blade in his hand, causing his clothes to flutter. The girl closest to him instantly became naked. She only had time to cover her chest with her hands … Amongst those people, there might be her father, brothers, etc. One of them roared and pounced over.

White blades flew in all directions, and in an instant, only five or six of the original thirty-odd men were left, their corpses strewn all over the deck. A dozen of men had been looting the dead bodies one by one, and then kicked them off into the sea. The remaining men and women were all paralyzed with fear. The five to six surviving men hugged their heads as they collapsed on the deck, almost losing control of their bladder.

King Qin laughed extremely proudly. He pointed at the women in the group one by one: "You, and you... Take off your clothes... "Immediately take it off …"

After experiencing such a bloody massacre, the women no longer had the strength to resist. Like a group of walking corpses, they mechanically took off their clothes, their clothes, the Skirt s, and then, their red and green undergarments … Young Miss's maidservants, young woman and young girl … Nothing beyond...

The bandits burst into obscene laughter, swarmed over, and attacked from head to toe …

A few men who had collapsed on the ground retched dryly. Then, amidst miserable cries, the five-tooth warship set sail and flew back, heading to their lair — — Angry Island.

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