Your life is mine

He had originally intended to die, but when he heard the word "fate" from her, he sneered in his heart. He had not escaped for so long just to accept his fate.

King Qin had already ripped his clothes to shreds. While he was unconscious, someone had changed into a strange robe. She got off the bed and picked up a bowl to eat. Although she did not have much appetite, she still ate a full bowl.

When he woke up the next day, his body was very cool, as if he had almost recovered. Only the wound on his chest was still applying the same kind of ointment, but it didn't continue to fester or hurt too much. She looked around, but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

She slowly walked out. The weather was still not good today. The sea breeze blew loudly, as if someone had suffered some injustice. Not far away, she stopped and snuck behind a large coconut tree. A group of about a dozen women with disheveled hair and unfocused eyes walked out from the left. They were being chased towards the sea by a man.

She recognized some of the women who had been tied to the trees to be trampled upon. Where would they be driven to now?

He saw the women being driven onto a small raft, and then, no one bothered with them. The big man turned around and the raft followed the sea breeze, drifting towards the vast ocean surface.

She immediately understood that after the kidnapping of the "new product" this time, the women who were previously crippled would be "released". The cycle repeated itself again and again.

With such a simple raft, what were the chances of these women escaping into the open sea?

He suddenly felt some hope. As long as he was not tortured to death, he would get the chance to be "released". As long as he could get out! As long as he could escape!

Even so, seeing the misery of those women, if she had to go through such inhuman torture to be released, her legs were so weak that she could barely stand, leaning against the coconut tree, extremely sad, unable to shed a tear, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

"Elder sister …"

She turned her head and saw the tiny shout. The teenager ran over happily with a very beautiful shell in his hand. "I'll give it to you …"

She took the shell. There was no sunlight, but the shell naturally had a very special pattern on it. It was very beautiful. She suddenly thought of King Qin's threats and whispered, "Hurry up and go away. If that devil sees you, he'll kill you …"

The youth whispered, "They went out again …"


Hua Rong was surprised and happy at the same time. No wonder she didn't see the demon. It seemed like she had gone out to rob again.

"They have recently targeted a group of merchant ships. That merchant ship belongs to the Shangguan Family, and they have deployed all their manpower. They might not be able to deal with it easily …"

It would be a good thing if they were all wiped out.

Her heart stirred as she asked the youth, "Do you know how to row?"

"Yes. Elder sister, do you want to escape? "

"Don't you want to run?"

"I also want to leave this place …" The youth's face was full of yearning. "I heard that there are many scholars and outstanding figures in the capital. I really want to go to the capital to take a look …"

She sighed. The capital was filled with beautiful flowers, but the treacherous officials led the way. They must have sold their girls and starved to death less than ten miles away from the capital.

The young man had originally wanted to ask her about it, but after seeing her talk about the local customs and people in the capital, as well as the beautiful handwriting, he was even more pleased and said, "Sister, if we escape, then let's go together, alright?"

She saw the youth's face brimming with anticipation and couldn't help but laugh. How could escaping be so easy?

Right at that moment, the patrolling burly man stared fiercely from afar. Ever since he lost the man, he had become extremely careful. Although he didn't enter, he didn't relax in the slightest.

Afraid that he would overhear her, Hua Rong gave him a look, broke off a branch, and began to teach him how to write.

Fortunately, King Qin did not reappear for three days, and the pirates naturally disappeared without a trace. Hua Rong's body quickly recovered. After all, she was young and had strong vitality.

On the evening of the third day, Hua Rong kept looking towards the exit of the sea, hoping that the ship would never appear again. She secretly asked the youth, "In the past, how long did they usually go out for?"

"Sometimes they go out for four or five days, and it's a common occurrence for ten days."

She was very disappointed. From the looks of it, King Qin and the others were definitely not dead yet.

Sure enough, after a while, the shadow of Feng Fan came from afar. It was the five-tooth warship.

Hua Rong was frightened out of her wits. She immediately scattered with the young man, running back to the house to hide.

As the boat approached the shore, half of the people carried scars of varying sizes on their bodies, but they were in high spirits. Although they did not bring back any women, they were still carrying a few boxes. It was unknown what gold and silver treasures they were carrying. King Qin was expressionless. As soon as he got off the boat, he rushed towards his "palace".

Hua Rong secretly hid behind a tree outside the door and sat down. It was hard to tell if the demon had stolen the treasures or lost the battle. Taking a furtive glance, King Qin was standing in the sunset with his upper body naked. He poured a bucket of clear water all over his body, and the muscles all over his body emitted a bronze glow under the sunlight; he looked like a diamond.

He took a piece of kernels and shouted, "Slut, come and wipe this daddy clean."

Hua Rong sat there unmoving, knowing that the great calamity was finally about to befall her. This time, they didn't snatch back the woman. According to their method of revelry, they would not be able to escape tonight.

He clearly still wanted to live two days ago. Even if it was humiliating or ravaging, as long as he could survive. Only by surviving would there be hope. However, at such a time, his will softened. He could only bitterly smile. Die, it was better if he died.

Since he couldn't even muster the courage to take revenge, he might as well die. Let those people continue to commit evil.

Because it was abnormally beautiful, she had already admired it countless times. She had also brought it with her because the long, pointed shell was very sharp and would definitely be able to cut through one's neck.

She held the shell, her hands trembling. A good life, because of someone else's depravity, she had to make up her mind to understand. But how could it be so easy to end one's own life? After surviving so many times, she had lost the courage to commit suicide. However, she still raised the shell and aimed it at her own throat …

There were some things that were even scarier than death.

King Qin had long since seen her sitting behind the tree with her back facing him. He didn't find it strange when he heard her roar and saw that she wasn't moving, so he quickly used the kernels to dry his body and walked towards her. At that time, her shell was already pressed against his neck.

The shell had just slipped a red line across her neck.

King Qin flew into a rage, "How dare you commit suicide in front of me? Your life is mine, did you forget? "

The more he spoke, the angrier he became. He stomped his foot on the shell, causing it to turn into a pile of red powder. It was as if someone had dripped blood on it.

He reached out and grabbed her like a chicken.

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