The last rays of sunset had long since fallen from the west, and the sky was now completely dark.

The sea was covered with dark clouds, and soon, heavy rain began to fall.

Holding the first drop of rain, King Qin grabbed her and quickly walked into the house. With a push of his hand, the robe on her body was torn into two, and with a loud crack, all her clothes fell to the ground. Her whole body was also presented in front of him, unreservedly, along with the bandaged wound on her chest.

King Qin casually threw her on the bed. She closed her eyes and her mind went blank, as if she had already died.

If only she was dead, she would never wake up again.

The candlelight moved without wind, flickering with light and flickering with great intensity.

A pair of bear-like claws covered her entire body, so rough that it seemed as if it could tear off a layer of skin. He had thought that he was already dead, but the hairs on his body stood up at this moment.

Her eyes were still tightly shut, like a cold corpse.

However, King Qin was obviously very excited. He pressed down with all his might, like an eagle about to devour a small chicken. His big mouth breathed hot air and kissed her. She suddenly opened her mouth and bit his lips. This time, she bit his lips so hard that she almost used all of her strength. He grabbed her hair and struggled to free himself. His mouth was full of blood, but he laughed out loud and became even more excited. He pressed his paws on her arm and stopped her from moving.

One of his hands was on the wound on her chest. She groaned and immediately moved her hand away. King Qin didn't continue the rampage. He even raised his body a little, trying his best not to press on her chest.

Her four limbs were locked in place by him, unable to move. She closed her eyes in despair, allowing him to pry her legs apart. Her vision turned dark, and she fainted.

But soon, there was a burst of pain, a heart-wrenching pain, as if someone had stirred a lethal weapon into her body, causing her internal organs to hurt. She screamed miserably, struggling to get up, but he was panting heavily, holding her down …

The whole world was destroyed.

The immense pain spread throughout his body, jumping all over the place, as if it was going to torture every single pore of his body before he could stop. The pain made her extremely clear-headed, making her unable to struggle or escape. She couldn't even die, just like how he had said between clenched teeth, "I will make you beg for death …"

Two bean-sized tears rolled down her cheeks.

King Qin didn't know how he saw it, so he stuck out his tongue to lick it. He curled the tip of his tongue and sucked up the two drops of tears.

Time seemed to stop, refusing to move a single step forward. Every second was longer than ten thousand years.

The pain had gone numb, like a dead body.

However, with the acceleration of that terrifying movement, all the pain came back to life, as if he was suffering the most brutal torture in the world.

Tears flowed unwittingly. King Qin suddenly whispered in her ear, "Next time it won't hurt …" Then the tip of his tongue lapped at the tears on her face.

It was like the venom of the most venomous snake. She would rather be in pain or die than be licked on the face by him.

But, what's the use?

Apart from obedience, this was a world of fist and martial arts.

She closed her eyes tightly. King Qin suddenly used his strength to grab her shoulders. He roared and finally got off her body. He gasped for breath as if he was beating a drum.

Once the pressure disappeared, she started to tremble. King Qin reached out to hug her, and he even touched her face with his paws, saying next to her ear, "It won't hurt anymore. It won't hurt the next time …" He said it several times, as if it were all he could say.

His voice was like a demon's, penetrating deep into his heart and becoming a nightmare that he would never be able to entangle with for the rest of his life.

She closed her eyes tiredly. Her limbs and bones seemed to have been chopped down and thrown to the side, no longer belonging to her. She no longer had any strength left, so she could only let his iron shackle like arms tightly coiled around her.

Perhaps due to the stress of going out for a few days, King Qin soon fell asleep, feeling satisfied and breathing evenly.

Hua Rong listened to his breathing and secretly tried to roll off the bed, but he flipped over and reached for her with his other hand. He held her tightly in his arms. This time, it was as if he was locked in a huge iron cage. He could not even dream of escaping, and he couldn't even turn around. He could only stay in this small hell.

At some point, the candle had already gone out. In the darkness, she looked at the empty room that resembled a devil domain. The tearing pain temporarily eased, and hatred began to spread. For a moment, her heart was in turmoil as she wanted to kill him, as if it would split open her chest.

There was a glimmer of light, but when she focused, it was a snow-white streak of light. After a while, she suddenly recognized it. It was a blade, a good treasured blade.

His heart pounded loudly, as if he had seen a glimmer of hope in a desperate situation.

She held her breath and waited.

Then, she heard King Qin's breathing became heavier and he had already fallen into that deep sleep state. Only then did she begin to quietly struggle, slowly lifting his hill-sized left arm away from her.

He did not move at all.

Delighted, she lifted his other hand away. He still didn't move.

She made a prompt decision and immediately got out of bed, walking barefoot towards the table in silence.

His hand came in contact with the treasured blade. A cold light flashed as it left the sheath.

It was so heavy that she almost couldn't lift it. She staggered and suddenly made a slight sound.

"Who is it?"

King Qin woke up from his shock and immediately realized that the woman in his arms had disappeared. He jumped off the bed, ran towards her and grabbed his knife before putting it to the side.

The giant candle was lit again. King Qin was confused: "You still want to kill yourself?"

"I'm going to kill you, not kill myself."

She stared at him, her expression calm. A sliver of hope had now completely turned into despair. She stood on the ground barefooted, as if she was a walking corpse.

As if he had heard some great joke, he laughed out loud and used his hands to lift her up. He then walked over to the bedside with quick steps, "Girl, you won't be able to kill me. "Be good and don't make a ruckus."

He laid down once again. This time, he carried her inside, completely hugging her in his embrace. He seemed to recall something, and he added on by her ear, "Really, it won't hurt anymore in the future …"

Hua Rong felt a wave of disgust when she heard this. He closed his eyes in despair, unsure if the sky would brighten again tomorrow.

That night, he tossed and turned, but there was no possibility for him to escape. Every time she turned to her side, his arms would hug her tighter. He didn't know how long he had been tossing and turning before he fell asleep.

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