Do you want to leave?

This robber even had a name? I thought he was always called "King Qin".

He urged loudly with great excitement, "Hurry up and write it down for me. I haven't seen what it looks like to write my name on a piece of paper. Hurry …"

Hua Rong didn't even spare him a glance as she said flatly, "I don't know how to write those three words."


She did not answer, as if she did not care to answer at all.

At this moment, the last rays of the setting sun were shining down from the trees, shining on her hair and face … There was a faint jade-like sparkling on her face, and her soft hair emitted a jet-black dazzling light. After looking at it for a long time, it was as if it was as black as the leaves around her.

She was wearing a new light green shirt, and boots with holes in them. The way she stood was very dignified and indescribably wonderful.

King Qin stared at her without blinking, his eyes opened wide as he couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

It was the first time he had looked at the woman so closely, removing the dirt and grime from her face and body, like a jewel that had been removed from a box.

Her fingers were white and slender, just like the tip of a perfect spring onion. They were green and glistening as she held a tube of wolf hair in her hands. She looked so imposing.

He had never seen such a woman in his life, and for a time he didn't know what to do.

He saw that her little finger was stained with a little bit of ink, black and crystal white, in stark contrast. He suddenly really wanted to walk over and gently wipe away that ball of ink for her.

He reached out to take her hand, but she withdrew her pen and looked at him as if she were saying goodbye. He suddenly realized that it was not that she could not write, but that she could not write for him. Somehow, as soon as her eyes came into contact with his shadow, there was a hint of disdain and disgust in them. The way she looked at the young man was different. Although it was faint, it carried the kind of gentleness and gentleness unique to females.

He looked on in displeasure but was also very disappointed. He crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it out. He said resentfully, "F * ck, it's fine if I don't write it."

Then, he lifted the young man up and kicked him in the butt before walking away.

The youth did not care about the pain in his buttocks. He quickly picked up the paper ball and placed it on a large stone, rubbing it flat. He felt extremely pained. "Elder sister, my name …"

Seeing how pained he was, Hua Rong laughed. "It's fine. I'll write another one for you in the future."

The young man was overjoyed, and continued to knead the piece of paper neatly. "But I must keep this piece as well. This is the first piece of paper that elder sister has written to me."

Hua Rong nodded. The youth followed behind her, and the two of them slowly walked back while following the shadow of the setting sun.

In that bandit area, she would have to part with the teenager. Only then did she realize that the dark day was coming again. The closer they got to the gigantic "Hell", the more panicked Hua Rong became. This was not "home", but a terrifying wolf den. The pain in his body had yet to disappear, and the immense fear in his heart had deepened.

What was it that would greet him tonight?

That day, he had only eaten some wild fruits and drank some clear water s. However, his fear had suppressed his hunger and he had only lingered around. Suddenly, he wished that this road had no end and that it would never lead to that terrifying house.

However, the two men who were patrolling were not far away. With wolf-like eyes on both sides, the prey in the trap could not even dream of escaping.

King Qin was still standing at the door. He was naked as he used a bucket of water to pour on himself.

Her heart trembled as she watched. The fear from last night was about to tear her entire body apart again.

King Qin used a piece of kernels to wipe his hair. Then, he dried his body and said to her, "Come here."

Her legs felt like lead, and she walked a few steps, her legs shaking as if she were on her way to a banquet at Yama.

Seeing that she was walking so slowly, King Qin got impatient. With his long legs and legs, he walked a few steps forward to hold her up and then stopped under a banana tree.

The leaves of the bananas were long, like a natural fan, with a body as green as a natural fan. It accentuated the evening sky and made them seem as blue as crystal without any impurities.

Like a clean fairy tale.

However, who would have thought that in this world, how much fear was concealed?

There was a small table under the banana tree. There was a whole piece of jade on the table, which they had also snatched.

There were several dishes on the table, and a bowl of carefully cooked fish. It was a rare fish. There was also a jar of wine. King Qin pulled her to a seat, patted the wine jar and it fell off the seal. Then, a strong aroma of alcohol came out.

King Qin didn't know where he was when he was eating, so why did he move here today?

She became even more afraid. Could it be that he would always eat here in the future? Working together day and night, facing a devil every day?

He saw that she didn't even take a pair of chopsticks, so he stuffed them into her hands and loudly said, "You wrote a day's worth of words with that little brat, aren't you hungry?"

She did not answer, but lowered her head to carry the bowl to her meal.

King Qin drank a bowl of wine and then poured another bowl in front of her: "Are you going to drink it?"

She ignored him. He picked it up and drank it all in one gulp. He didn't drink anymore either, but picked up the bowl and ate like her.

He looked at her as he ate. She ate in a strange, neither fast nor slow manner, as if eating was a very nice thing to do.

He was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he cursed out of nowhere, "Damn it."

She didn't even look at him, nor did she care what he was saying. She just put down the bowl and walked slowly into the house. King Qin also put down his bowl and walked in.

She sat on the edge of the bed with a calm expression, but her heart was jumping like a fawn. When she saw that he had followed her, she could no longer maintain her calm, and kept on hiding her body, as if she knew that someone was holding a knife against her neck.

King Qin sat down beside her and hugged her. This time, he didn't rip off her clothes like he did last night. Instead, he took off her clothes and threw her to the side.

She was naked in his arms again.

Holding the smooth body, he felt her tremble in his arms like a leaf about to fall. His heart was filled with an extremely shameful anger, but under his bear paw, it was futile to struggle for even a moment. She closed her eyes. The ravaging from last night had arrived once again.

As long as he didn't die, this destruction would never stop.

However, the expected pain did not come. The bear paw had already left her leg and was touching her chest. "I will not touch you tonight. Can you write my name tomorrow?"

She opened her eyes and looked at him strangely.

He repeated, "I won't touch you tonight. "Tomorrow, you will write my name!"

She didn't even think about it. "Unless you let me go."

"Three days!" His hand touched her face, almost touching her eyelashes. "I'll let you rest for three days. You're not allowed to bargain anymore."

She lowered her eyes in disappointment, wishing she could escape for three days.

"Do you want to leave?"

Nonsense. Who would be willing to stay in this demon's lair?

He laughed like a venomous snake, "After I've had enough fun, I won't let you off even if you wanted to. "Don't worry, I'll throw you out when I get tired of it."

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