He didn't know if he was seeing things, but he noticed that she was actually smiling. Secretly, her expression seemed to be filled with anticipation and joy. From the moment he saw her, he had never seen her smile. Was it really that much of a expectation to have been chased away?

He reached out his arms to hold her tight. "But, before I chase you away, you have to serve me well. Otherwise …"

Hua Rong closed her eyes. Her face was forcefully pressed into his embrace, as if she was lying on her pillow against a hard rock. It was a little difficult for her to breathe. Following that, something even more frightening happened. His large hand touched her head and down her back, all the way down … Every time he touched a spot, it felt like a snake crawling over him, making all the hairs on his body stand on end.

Breathing heavily, he rolled over and pressed her down again. She cried out, "You promised me …"

He stopped in anger. "Your father didn't touch you. I didn't say I won't touch you …"

With the bandit leader, what was there to believe?

Her lips trembled. After a long while, she finally spat out a few words. "If I can survive, one day, I will definitely kill you …"

Before she could finish, he bent his head and kissed her lips. This time, before he could get his tongue in, she could not even bite him, and after he forced her to kiss him to her heart's content, he let go and fell back contentedly on the bed, wrapping his arms around her, pressing her chest against his body. It felt like he was sticking to a soft sponge.

She wanted to break his leg bones with her foot, but the way he held her made it impossible for her to move. She could only move her leg and kick him a few times, but he didn't care and quickly fell asleep.

Perhaps it was because she was too tired, she struggled a little and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Fortunately, for the next two days, King Qin stayed at the pirate camp and discussed something and only came back at night. Without his harassment, Hua Rong spent two days in peace with the teenager.

On the third day, Hua Rong brought back the calligraphy and paintings that King Qin had brought back. One of the poems was written personally by Mi Fu. This was the first time the youth had seen such an insane character. Although he didn't really understand how to appreciate it, he could still tell that it was a supernatural being.

After looking at it for a long time, he suddenly took out the words Hua Rong had written for him, compared them, and read them seriously twice. "Sister, I heard my mother say that Mi Fu is very famous. Are you famous for writing so well? "

Hua Rong laughed and shook her head. No matter how well a woman wrote, she wouldn't be famous.

"Of course I'm not as good as Mifu."

"Who said that?"

Someone snatched the poem pasted book away, glanced at it, and strutted to the side. "What kind of bullshit is this?"

He could do nothing about it.

Hua Rong took a light step back, allowing him to occupy the stone 'desk'.

He pulled her up. "Girl, you should write for me."

"Then move aside."

King Qin stood up helplessly: "Okay, I'll let you. "Hurry up and write for laozi." With that, he retreated to the side.

Hua Rong then walked over, lifted her brush, and wrote three words with a flick.

"Qin Shangcheng."

King Qin picked up the paper and looked at the three big words on it. He was so happy that he shouted, "Fuck, my name looks nice when it's written on the paper."

No one paid any attention to him. Hua Rong and the young man had already put away their brush and paper and were quickly walking back.

At this moment, the sun had already set. He slowly walked over from the beach, leaving behind a row of footprints. The sea breeze gently caressed his skin. The scorching heat had already disappeared, bringing with it a slight chill.

In front of them was a shallow beach with many fish swimming around. Almost every fish had a different pattern, thousands upon thousands of them, wandering freely along the border between blue and green, as if they were an independent, free kingdom.

These fish were not afraid of humans. Hua Rong squatted down and touched a fish with her hands, but she did not dodge.

The boy caught a red fish, held it in his hand, and put it down again. King Qin pushed him away and said, "Get lost, don't be like a tramp, don't get in my way …"

The young man was chased away, and Hua Rong was about to leave, but she was stopped by King Qin. He sat down next to her with a piece of snow-white paper in his hand, excitedly saying, "Little girl, I'm going out to do something tomorrow …"

Hua Rong glanced at him and was delighted in her heart.

"Do you know the 'Flowerstone Index'?"

Of course I know, it was Cai Jing's gang of scoundrels who together with the Dizzy King were plundering strange flowers, trees, pearls and gems all over the country, transporting them to the capital for the Dizzy King to enjoy. Because of this, countless people went bankrupt, and just the country's transportation team was incomparably huge. Other than by land, there were also some huge trees, trees, and even large amounts of strange stones. Once, in order to transport a thousand-year-old tree into the capital, the ship encountered a storm at sea, and the boatmen all sank into the sea, without a single survivor.

After many years of raids, the people were in a state of complete desolation, and it was hard to imagine where they could find so many things.

"Haha, there have been two ships sailing recently …"

It was no wonder that these robbers had been preparing for war and had been studying things mysteriously all day. So it was because he was going to make a huge fortune that he was in such a good mood?

She said blandly, "That bastard Cai Jing has caused trouble for his country. Sooner or later, the unconscious king will be destroyed by him. You guys can just snatch him away."

"Haha, you also approve of your elder stealing? There's a lot of good stuff on the boat. I'll go grab some for you to play with. "Follow laozi and I'll make you eat and drink all your life …"

Before she could reply, he folded the piece of paper and put it into his pocket. He picked her up and walked back, smiling as he walked. "I'll go out and do some big business tomorrow. Today I'll make a big prize and be happy for a while …"

She let out a muffled cry as she was hugged by his arms, unable to breathe. Three days had passed, and today, she was unable to escape the calamity.

A full moon sprinkled the clear sky. King Qin didn't light the lamp and put her on the bed directly. Then, he couldn't wait to take off all his clothes.

She had long since been stripped naked, lying on the bed with no strength to resist.

He was extremely excited. Borrowing the moonlight, he recklessly sized up this beautiful woman's body. It was crystal clear and gentle, something he had never seen before in his life.

However, his true intention was naturally not to appreciate, but to enjoy the greatest happiness this beautiful slave girl could give him.

At this moment, she somehow turned her head and looked out the window at the moonlight. It was so clear, so cold, all the ugliness in the world, yet she was indifferent and indifferent.

That night, King Qin was full of energy. After being tossed around multiple times, there seemed to be an endless amount of joy. It was almost midnight when he finally stopped. His entire body was covered in sweat, but the woman in his arms was ice-cold. She didn't have any warmth. She had her eyes closed the whole time, just like a numb corpse.

He felt disheartened and deliberately pressed down heavily on her. Big head buried in her chest, nibbling at her neck. She resisted the suffocating feeling and did not cry out. She bit her lips to the point of bleeding.

He was even more bored. He angrily turned around and sat up, but when he looked at the corner of her eyes, he felt a cold droplet of water.

He flew into a rage and pushed her away. "Slut, what are you howling for? Deliberately causing trouble for me? 'Forget it. This time, I'll go out and snatch a few more women back before I chase you away. I don't want to upset myself just by looking at it.'

She felt a surge of joy in her heart. Perhaps, she would be able to obtain a sliver of survival very soon.

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