The five-tooth warship had already set sail.

It was early in the morning, and the sky in the east was not covered by dark clouds, but a transparent light blue crystal. On a certain floor, there was a black metal ring.

Hua Rong stood on top of the tallest rock on the island quietly. Looking from here, it was unknown how long it would take for the five-tooth warship to return.

This time, it was as if the whole island had been set out in full force, even the pirates who cooked their meals had gone out. Only a dozen or so women who had been robbed were still locked up in a huge shed, unguarded, but they were tortured to death and had basically become zombies, they were not even clothed, and most likely the women of the North were not even able to recognize any waters. Even if they were to escape, they would not be able to leave on their own.

Hua Rong quietly came down from the boulder, wanting to see where the teenager was. However, the teenager was also not there. Obviously, he had been forced to join the battle.

She was slightly able to swim and was looking at the sky, planning on how likely she would be able to escape if she could seize a wooden boat. Suddenly, she heard a voice, "Miss, it's time to eat breakfast …"

She turned around abruptly and found that it was the same pirate who had lost a finger and was responsible for patrolling her all day. It turned out that there were still people guarding the island.

She asked, "Why don't you go out?"

"This lowly one is in charge of your safety. For the past few days, there has been no one on the island, so miss, you are not allowed to go too far. "

She was shocked and angry. King Qin was a cunning jackal, he was worried even though he had sent someone to monitor her. There seemed to be no hope of escaping this time.

On the other side, in the sea.

It was evening, the color of the sky was hazy, and it was the middle of summer. The sea water was steamed by the heat, and smoke filled the air. This was a shallow sea, and inside was a water stronghold. There were many people stationed, and there were many checkpoints. A huge merchant ship was anchored in the shallow waters. The ship was newly built, and the paint on it was not yet bright. It was clearly in a hurry.

On the huge ship, a civil servant was walking back and forth with an anxious expression on his face. His name was Wang Qian, and he was a student of Cai Xiang. This time, he was ordered by Cai Xiang to escort this group of rare treasures back to the capital.

The resistance on the land was getting more and more intense, the peasants were causing trouble everywhere, and the cavalry of the Liaoning was eyeing them covetously. In order to avoid detection, they went on a sea route.

In addition to the large amount of valuables, there were 99 beautiful women who had paid tribute to the ship from all over the place. Nowadays, the Son of Heaven was obsessed with Taoism. He called himself the Emperor, and recently, he was particularly interested in a kind of "life-saving cultivation".

This kind of cultivation had very good taste, which meant that it required the cooperation of a young girl. These young girls must be around 16 years old or so virgins. They should have proper stats, smooth skin, exquisite bones, and should be considered the standard beautiful virgins. This way, the emperor of the empire could absorb the pure yin from their bodies to achieve the goal of health care.

The Emperor was already tired of the thousands of palace maid in the palace and was eagerly awaiting the fresh blood to replenish. Thus, this batch of beautiful virgins must not have any mishaps.

Although the water route was much safer than the land route, Wang Qian received a secret report that there were pirates in the area. It was a new force that had only recently risen to prominence. He didn't think much of it and thought that Water Cock wouldn't be able to change the situation.

However, on a dark and windy night, as soon as the boat that was leading the way arrived, it was robbed by a group of sea bandits, and most of the ship's soldiers were injured. Fortunately, the main cargo was on the ship, so it was fortunate that it was preserved after it was blown away by the wind.

Therefore, he had mobilized some sailors from the current dynasty in time to ensure that he would be absolutely safe.

Due to the delay due to the wind blowing incorrectly a few days ago, another group of plumbing arrived. Adding on the fact that their sailing direction had improved, their departure tomorrow was the most foolproof arrangement.

He watched for a while, but there was no movement. Then, he entered the cabin inside. A group of female singers was performing, fiddling with the pipe strings. For the sake of the emperor's beauty selection, he had to wipe some oily water off himself. On the way, the few beautiful women that served him were not one bit inferior to the ones that entered the palace.

The imperial court valued literature more than martial arts, and the officials of various sizes all had a bit of poetry, poetry, music and cultivation. Naturally, Wang Qian was no exception. He enjoyed enjoying the beautiful music.

Suddenly, a shout came from outside the door, "Sir, it's bad …"

Wang Qian immediately stood up and staggered out, only to see a battleship flying by, and before the soldiers could react, they had already put down several battleship arrows, which were specially made for ships. Wang Qian immediately stood up and staggered out, and he saw a battleship flying by, and before the soldiers could react, they had already put down several battleships, which were driven by water wheels.

He retreated in fear, and soon enough, a group of pirates came on board. The huge ship immediately screamed, cried, and ran as it fled. It was as chaotic as hell on earth …

The sun was setting again.

Morning and evening were the most beautiful moments on the island.

Hua Rong was still standing on the boulder as usual, when she suddenly saw the warship approaching. She walked forward a few zhang and found a place where there weren't too many trees. From here, she could clearly see the sailboat approach the shore, and many people disembarked from the boat.

There were about thirty to forty of them. Wang Qian wanted to escort the girls that entered the capital, but the ones that were robbed were robbed, those that fell into the water, and half of them died and half of them were robbed. There were less than ten of them left.

The young girls were sobbing as they were driven away by the pirates. There were even more of them carrying cages of varying sizes. The sheer number of them this time was simply outrageous.

Then, she saw King Qin come ashore and casually grab a box and grab something that she didn't know what it was. Under the sunset, it was shining with a bright light and she didn't know what kind of pearl it was.

The bonfire had already been lit, and in the middle of the festivities on the island, a rough carpet had been laid out. It was already filled to the brim with food, most likely stolen from the ship.

However, the crowd's interest was clearly not in the food and wine. The girls who were driven away had long realized that their bad luck was about to arrive, but they never thought that it would be such a terrifying bad luck. Over a hundred pirates pounced over with fiendish smiles, randomly grabbing a woman and having fun on the spot …

Mournful wails, heart-wrenching cries, and the hiss of an eagle chasing a chick … The group of young ladies that the great emperor of the empire wanted to 'train', falling into the hands of these bandits, suffered the most terrifying ravages of time …

There were still not enough women. Even the dozen or so women on the island had been captured. Everyone rushed forward and took turns to amuse themselves … A particularly tall man, it was King Qin. He held a jar of wine and climbed down from a girl as he drank. He then climbed onto another girl beside him. There was another heart-wrenching cry … He held the wine jar and sprinkled it on the girl's head …

From this point of view, the vast world was filled with colorful dresses that had been torn to shreds. The young girls on their little feet were unable to escape, with the exception of mournful wails and the pirates' obscene laughs … The world seemed to have become empty.

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