The world had long since become a demonic world.

The firelight seemed to cover everything.

Hua Rong's eyes were wide open as if they were filled with blood. She could not close them no matter what. Her legs were numb. When she regained her senses, she fell to the ground after a few steps, unable to get up.

After an unknown period of time, she slowly got up. The pirate monitoring her had probably gone to celebrate too, so he didn't follow her. However, at this moment, she had lost the courage to flee — if she failed to escape and was caught, would she end up in the same fate?

The pirate was still standing guard by the door, and he had no chance of winning.

Fortunately, King Qin didn't return to this room that night.

She comforted herself in the midst of her fear. After snatching so many women, perhaps she would be released this time.

Even escaping alone on the boundless sea was better than going to hell here.

However, he still couldn't sleep, and he didn't know what his fate would be tomorrow.

The tides rose and fell, the days and nights alternated. This hellish island woke up again. There were dozens of young girls' corpses scattered all over the island. All of them had been tortured to death last night.

The corpse was transported out in a small boat and tossed into a specific sea area. Far away, a group of sharks were swimming over, causing the seawater to turn blood-red. Soon, they could no longer see anything.

The remaining girls, naked, were once again tied to the tree trunk, turning them into a new plaything.

At the mouth of the sea, another wave of women were being driven toward a small wooden boat. They were all elderly women who were already numb to the situation. Their bodies were covered with wounds.

Their movements were slow, their hair was disheveled, and their clothes could not cover their entire bodies.

Hua Rong hid behind the concave rock. Her hair was already disheveled, and there were some scars on her face. She looked just like the rest of them.

This morning, the pirate guarding her was called out to split the loot or to work. He had been responsible for keeping her from committing suicide. After following her for so many days, seeing that she didn't seem like she was going to commit suicide and that there was nowhere for her to escape, he gradually let his guard down.

She did not waste any of her remaining opportunity as she stealthily slipped out. At this moment, most of the pirates were sleeping soundly, and their duty was not strict.

The pirate who drove the woman away walked at the back sleepily, as if he was too drunk to be sober yet.

Seeing that the girls were about to enter, Hua Rong suddenly walked out from beside the huge rock and quietly inserted herself in front of the third and last woman.

Naturally, none of these numb women cared about why there was one more girl. The pirates didn't notice, so they followed her without a care in the world.

Hua Rong's heart tensed up. The small wooden boat was only three meters away. Once she boarded this boat, perhaps her fate would turn a new page.

The only regret was that he did not see the teenager. He was probably caught in the kitchen, doing all the work.

It wasn't a good day, it was overcast, it wasn't suitable for the sea.

Hua Rong recalled the last group of women who were kicked out. It was unknown if it was a coincidence or was deliberately done by those vicious bandits because of this weather. How much chance of escape could there be in this weather?

However, she didn't hesitate at all as she blended in with the group of numb women and walked straight ahead.

Hua Rong did not dare to lift her head, afraid of attracting the attention of others. She just walked forward numbly like the other women, and became more and more worried. She did not know who those people were, and could only pray that she would not run into King Qin …

The two pirates carried a huge box and King Qin walked in front towards his "palace".

At the door, the patrolling pirate returned. He had drunk a bit of alcohol and was still standing there, dozing off. The room was very quiet, indicating that nothing was out of the ordinary. He shouted loudly, "Little girl, little girl …"

The pirate woke up from his stupor and ran over. He rubbed his eyes and said, "Lady is still in bed."

He waved and the pirates backed away.

The other two pirates put down their boxes and retreated. King Qin opened the box and took out a few items. He said loudly, "Girl, look what I brought for you to play with … This time, you still haven't met with my bad luck. I've done a great job in this business, haha … Hurry and get up, your father will reward you heavily … "

There was no sound at all.

He immediately realized that there was no one on the bed and that Hua Rong was not in the room.

Hua Rong was used to getting up early and probably walked around. He did not pay much attention and immediately walked out, shouting, "Servants!" "Quickly go and find her. If you find her, call her to come back and see me …"

The sleepy pirate suddenly felt that something was wrong. He had always thought that Hua Rong was in the room. He didn't dare speak the truth, so he rushed out, praying that he would find the woman soon.

King Qin felt a little bored. He put down the things in his hands and walked out as well.

There was no one where Hua Rong had taught the teenager to write. He walked back to the beach, where she would often hide on the concave rock and look out at the sea in the distance.

There was no one there either, only a group of ragged women about to be expelled from the ship.

He still didn't care and just walked over.

This bunch of numb, little girls were simply too slow. Hua Rong's heart was burning with anxiety. Since she was three to four Zhang away and did not dare to leap out of the crowd, she had no choice but to follow the group as they moved forward. The footsteps on the other side were getting closer and closer. Hua Rong did not dare to raise her head. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Your Majesty …"

There was a buzzing sound in her head, and her legs began to tremble uncontrollably. Then, it was King Qin's voice. However, he did not continue walking in that direction.

She forced herself to calm down. This demon did not discover her whereabouts. As long as she did not panic, she might be able to escape this calamity.

Finally, he reached the boat.

The person chasing them away shouted, "All of you, quickly scram!"

By the time Hua Rong heard the shout, her feet were already on the boat. His heart was filled with fear and joy. He didn't dare to completely relax for fear that his efforts would fail.

Not a single woman knew how to sail a ship. Hua Rong understood a little about it, and she was prepared to escape on the island. She had discussed a lot of survival experiences with the teenager, but she didn't dare to show her head, afraid that King Qin would see it.

The weather was bad, the wind was wrong, and a small wave nearly overturned the boat.

The group of women screamed out in fright.

Hua Rong no longer cared about defending King Qin on the dike, barely managing to calm her mind as she controlled the wooden boat. Otherwise, if the ship capsized and everyone fell into the sea, they could not be expected to come to the aid of these deranged pirates. She even suspected that the reason they chose this kind of weather was to deliberately kill these women.

At this moment, King Qin had already looked into the distance several times, but there was still no trace of Hua Rong. Seven or eight pirates ran over, panting. They all said that they had not seen Hua Rong.

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