When the pirates saw that there was no punishment, they were overjoyed and quickly fled.

There were two big barrels of clear water beneath the banana trees outside the house.

King Qin put Hua Rong down. The moment she stood still, he stretched out his hand and tore off all of her clothes. Very soon, messy steps fell to the ground. She subconsciously covered her chest with her hands, trembling all over. He lifted her hand and quickly took off his own clothes, handing the ladle to her and said, "Hurry up and help me take a bath. I drank too much last night and felt uncomfortable all over …"

She did not dare to refuse. Trembling, she picked up the ladle of water and scooped up a ladle of water. With a shake of her hand, the ladle fell to the ground, almost hitting the bottom of his foot.

King Qin picked up the ladle impatiently and scooped up a big ladle for himself. He poured water over her head and face, rubbing her hair and face covered in dirt while he showered: "Girl, you're not allowed to get so dirty in the future. I don't like dirty girls …"

It was as if her body was being scratched by the claws of a ferocious beast. She was incomparably afraid and disgusted, but she didn't dare to resist at all. She only closed her eyes, accepting the fate.

"Little girl, don't shut your eyes and look at your father …"

She opened her wet eyes and stared blankly at the terrifying man's body. It was like a ferocious tiger that controlled all life on this island.

King Qin was happy, so he just hugged her body with one hand and poured a bucket of water on their heads with the other. He held Hua Rong so tightly that she couldn't move. She was only trembling nonstop. He burst out laughing and said repeatedly, "It's so comfortable. It's so comfortable …" "It's been a long time since I've felt this comfortable …"

He picked up the big kernels that he had prepared beforehand, dried both of them, and wiped her hair. After making sure that she wasn't too wet, he carried her and walked towards the bed.

Because he hadn't seen her for a few days, his movements were especially urgent. However, his movements were not as violent as the previous ones and were much lighter … This time, he didn't feel any pain because his body and nerves were numb and he couldn't feel anything. She was forced to wrap her arms around his neck, keeping the same posture all the time, not daring to take it away. She was like a stiff corpse, allowing him to ravage her.

At the amnesia place, he suddenly leaned over and kissed her. Her mouth was sealed by him, and she didn't dare to bite him like she used to, but she suddenly thought of the scene she saw last night. She remembered how he climbed from one girl to another, raising a wine jar, and drenched them …

In this world, even the most vicious and ugly beasts could not compare.

The feeling of humiliation and hatred caused her numbed body to come to her senses. She forgot to be afraid as her hands drooped down and she abruptly tilted her head. Waves of retching came from her throat and she vomited until her internal organs were about to roll out …

King Qin got up and hugged her, asking in surprise, "Girl, what's wrong?"

She was curled up to the point where the corner of her mouth was bleeding.

King Qin was a bit panicked. He wiped away the blood and said loudly, "Girl, don't be scared. I won't hit you and I won't torture you …" Don't be afraid, don't be afraid... I won't scare you anymore... I was just trying to scare you, I'm not really trying to tie you up … "I was afraid you'd be drowned, so I got angry …"

He flipped himself over and sat up, gently hugging her and pressing her head against his chest. He didn't know how to comfort her, so he wildly patted her back, "Girl, I brought you a lot of fun things … Don't you see? "

She remained silent with her eyes closed.

He let go of her, then got dressed and got out of bed. He walked over to the corner where three large boxes lay. He opened the first unlocked box, and after searching a few times, he found a light green shirt. He ran over and said, "Girl, put it on."

This Skirt looked very similar to the one he had given her the first time. He felt that it was very pretty, but seeing that she didn't move, it seemed like she was scared silly. He simply picked up her hand and quickly helped her put it on.

After putting on her clothes, her body didn't shake so much. She just sat on the bed in a daze.

King Qin ran back and carried a huge box over. The box was clearly very heavy, and even King Qin found it a bit difficult to carry it. He brought her to the bedside and opened the big lock with a key. The lid of the chest had just been opened, but Hua Rong felt that it was somewhat dazzling. It was filled with pearls and gems, coral agate …

He randomly picked up a green jade hairpin and stuck it on her head. Then, he took out a few bracelets without the slightest blemish and asked, "Little girl, do you like it?"

Still she did not speak.

He ran back, picked up the smaller box and ran over. "Girl, these things are all for you …"

It was filled with all kinds of calligraphy and paintings, as well as some ancient books and books.

Normally, Hua Rong would be wild with joy even if she saw any of them. Now, she only felt fear and complete despair. She would never have another chance. Perhaps, she could only stay on this island forever and become this bandit's plaything.

King Qin was elated. He first gave her two bracelets, and then took out a roll of good paper, as well as some ink and inkstone, as if he was offering a treasure: "These things were plundered by an evil enemy. It's said that it's for the current emperor's elder. It is said that it is some kind of Shujian, Wu QI, this daddy also doesn't understand, you see, how about it? "

As he spoke, he shoved the stack of Stationery into her hands. The paper and colored paper of this dynasty is famous for the production of Shu-Di-Wu, Shu-jian, Wu-jian competing, equally beautiful. There was a base color, patterns, and faint pictures, all around them were exquisite embossed flowers, the patterns were butterflies and bamboo branches, the ten colors were a set, and there was even a spice mixed in, and the fragrance was extremely fragrant, it was decorated with gold and silver foil flowers, extremely luxurious, from the looks of it, it was indeed a tribute.

He saw that she was carefully examining the Stationery and was extremely happy. He took out a piece of paper from his body and said, "Girl, look, this is the name you wrote down for me. It's really pretty. "Come on, I'll take you out for fun, and you're going to write me a name, okay?"

He didn't wait for her reply. He picked up the paper, pen, ink, and paper before taking her down to the ground in a box. He held the box in one hand and held her hand in the other. "Let's go. I'll play with you …"

When he went out, he discovered that it had just rained. The weather had cleared up, and the air on the island was fresh and tranquil. The flat stone slab had been washed clean like the best desk.

King Qin excitedly spread out the pen and paper. He held a bit of ink in his hand and used his strength to break the ink. Some black water splashed out and covered his face, making him a bit embarrassed: "Fuck, I saw that the little bastard grinded the ink so simply. How could I not do it …"

Hua Rong still didn't answer him. She just sat on a small rock beside him, staring at the sky in the distance. The sky was so blue that it stretched as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a pair of large wings spread out and flew past. It was actually an eagle.

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