An eagle actually flew across this island.

She stood up involuntarily and looked at the huge cloud of dust created by the wings. She thought to herself, If I could chase up and grab onto the eagle's wings and fly away, how nice would that be?

King Qin was still grinding the ink and immediately said: "You like it? "When will I find a bow and arrow to shoot one for you to play with …"

This bandit was like this. No matter what he saw, he wanted to 'shoot' down and control it. Was the eagle a pet for playing around?

She let out a cold laugh and did not say a word. She turned around and saw that King Qin's forehead was already covered in sweat: "Damn, it's done grinded. Take a look …"

Adding too much water wasn't good at all, so naturally she wasn't picky. She picked up the pen and wrote his name on the Stationery he opened: Qin Shangcheng.

Again and again, one by one.

The ink was a little light, so King Qin couldn't tell when it was written. He happily took one after each one and left it to dry.

Before long, he had already written seven or eight pages. Holding them in his hand, he read them one by one. "Hahaha …"

Hua Rong put down her brush and could no longer write.

King Qin was just about to speak when he suddenly heard a rustle. He shouted: "Get out!"

It was indeed a young man. He was not in a hurry to learn writing. Instead, he was worried about Hua Rong's safety and quietly waited for her. However, when he saw King Qin with her, he did not dare to come out. However, he was relieved to see that his sister was unharmed and her clothes were neat.

Now that he was discovered by King Qin, he wasn't afraid at all. He just walked over and called Hua Rong, "Sister …"

Hua Rong picked up a book from the stone. "Here, take a good look …"

The youth received it and took a look. It was actually a "Sun Tzu Tactic of War".

It was one of the ancient books King Qin brought back. Because there were several characters written in the pre-Qin seal, King Qin didn't recognize what it was. He casually took it out and Hua Rong saw it and brought it over, intending to give it to the young man.

King Qin didn't get annoyed when he saw her gift. He only stared at the young man and said, "Little bastard, don't get in my way, get lost. "In the future, when I'm here, you're not allowed to appear. I'm going to do business, so you come and play with me …"

Hua Rong smiled and nodded at him, then he took the book and walked away happily.

"Little girl, we're hungry. Let's go eat lunch."

He put away the Stationery, folded it and put it in his bosom before heading towards the "Imperial Palace".

When Hua Rong entered the room, he was standing at the door when a small leader ran over to report some information. After listening to Hua Rong's instructions, the small leader was about to leave when he called out to him.

The leader was very surprised. This group of girls had only been here for a day, and Brothers hadn't had enough fun yet.

"You guys haven't had enough to eat and drink yesterday's business for eight or ten years. If you want a woman, then spend your money to find some fun …"


"Disperse the women on the island immediately, or else she'll be hiding again and take advantage of the chaos to escape …"

The leader understood what was going on. Although he was shouting 'what a pity', he could only accept the order.

King Qin was looking at the contents of the box while Hua Rong was reading a book at the side. After reading for a long time, she didn't manage to read a single word. King Qin walked over and excitedly pulled her hand: "Come, little girl, I'll take you to see the scenery by the sea."

She said lightly, "I don't want to see it."

However, he was happy. This was the first time she had spoken to him today, so he put away the book in her hand without saying a word. He then pulled her away, "You just came, I don't know which places are interesting …" "We'll read the book in the future. There's plenty of time anyway …"

The sun was shining down from the sky onto the vast sea. In the morning, the sky was still overcast, but now there were no clouds. Occasionally, a few seabirds could be seen flying very high in the sky.

Looking down from the coconut tree, the ocean was blue with a hint of shiny red, while the thin waves were snow-white. In a safe haven, there were many five-tooth warship s stopping the pirates, as well as dozens of large and small wooden boats, water tankers, and rafts.

A group of young girls were driven over one after another, because they had just suffered an extremely terrifying destruction, and also because time was short. It wasn't that terrifying type of death, but rather extreme fear and pain. The few people walking at the back were the ones who were kidnapped earlier. Their faces were already numb, and they didn't utter a sound. This was in contrast to the fear of the newcomers.

There were dozens of women in the group. Hua Rong was curious as to why these robbers let these women go so quickly. Moreover, it seemed that all the women on the island had been released.

She felt a surge of panic.

King Qin's foot stomped on the sand until there were two big footprints on it. He lifted his foot and kicked away a lot of dried sand. He said carelessly: "All the women on the island were released this time …"

Hua Rong suddenly realized that he wasn't 'admiring' the scenery with her, but was giving her a warning, a serious warning.

In the future, you'll never be able to escape in a crowd!

You'll never get away!

She stood in the sunlight and watched the women board the boat from a distance. Because there were so many people, they were given three boats this time, and the women realized that they had a chance to escape. They all rushed to board the boats, and soon, the boats entered the sea.

Hua Rong watched from a distance, her eyes hurting, as if the sun was in her eyes, red as blood. She really couldn't think of any chance for her to escape in the future.

Was he going to be imprisoned on this island forever, accompanying this scary Pirate Head?

King Qin laughed out loud. He pointed at the battleships in front of them and the cliff, "Girl, this place can be said as a place where one man can hold off against ten thousand men. As long as I don't let him go, he can forget about even a fly."

She looked up at the coconut trees along the coastline, green and overwhelming.

Perhaps it was because the last robbery had been too rich, but the pirates had not moved for days. They had only hunted on the island, had revelry, and drank wine and made money.

Gradually, Hua Rong discovered that there were more women on the island. These women were no longer screaming with their hearts broken or tied to a tree. Their clothes were very revealing, and they often had flirtatious laughter coming from their mouths.

Whenever there was good quality goods, the pirates would never forget King Qin. Occasionally, King Qin would try to have fun with the coquettish prostitutes, but most of the time, he was still in his "palace". In addition to gambling and drinking, he also sent out several people, as if he was planning a big deal.

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