The world was in chaos. Liaoning, who once reigned supreme, was quickly beaten down to a state where he could not fight back under the forceful attacks of the later Jinguo. Especially his royal brother, Wan-Cheng, he was very young and had the ability to bind a tiger. He was able to fight for the good, and the Jinguo's influence was also growing stronger and stronger, completely cutting off all the trade routes outside the kingdom, giving him the chance to lash out from the south at any time.

However, the emperor of this dynasty was still immersed in his romantic art of poetry and painting. Sometimes, his art of painting was erased by money, while other times, his art of painting was erased by money. The eunuch, the prince, had been a great general of the city, and every time he brought troops to war, he was paid to bring them home, and then he set off to ask the local magistrate to raise their pay. Such an army naturally didn't have much combat power. Whether it was meeting with the army or the Golden Army, they all rapidly fell to the ground, losing a thousand miles in a single battle. Apart from the Son of Heaven and his artistic ministers, even the most ordinary people realize that the country will soon be destroyed.

Because of the economic desolation, the pirates gradually had no "business" anymore. Thus, after the robbery of the "Flowerrock class", the moment King Qin received the news that there was still a batch of treasure on the way to the water, he couldn't help but be ecstatic and prepared to stop immediately.

King Qin was busy having fun with a prostitute, studying his "business". As long as she didn't see him, Hua Rong would feel relaxed. Because she no longer resisted, King Qin gradually relaxed his surveillance on her. Moreover, he had already ordered the pirates guarding the seaport to strictly inspect the people who went out to sea every day. Without his order, they were not allowed to leave, so he was confident that as long as he was on this island, he would not be afraid of her flying with her wings.

Fortunately, there were many books, calligraphies, paintings and Yue Pengju accompanying him on the island. Hua Rong taught him to read and write every day, and the days passed.

Whenever she did so, he would tell her some interesting stories about the sea. Hua Rong was always absent-minded, but she would always secretly learn how to drive a ship. Yue Pengju, a teenager who had sailed with a pirate, also knew a bit about the voyage, so the two of them had a tacit understanding of each other. Besides reading and writing, the two of them were completely focused on figuring out how to escape on their own.

On this day, King Qin took her to the boat again, and the two of them drank wine on the boat.

King Qin drank a cup and asked her: "Girl, what is the relationship between that warrior general that was killed and your family?"

She did not hide anything and just said a few words. It turned out that the military general was only a distant relative of hers. The two families never had any interactions with each other, but after the incident, her family was implicated. Somehow, a calamity had fallen from the sky. Her father was an Elementary Scholar. Fortunately, he still had several acres of land and a few tenants. Thus, he was able to live on well. He had only given birth to a girl after the age of over a hundred and had pampered her ever since he was a child, teaching her how to read and write. Her mother, on the other hand, was an ordinary girl from a small family. When the husband offered to bind his daughter's feet, he immediately made a ruckus, afraid of her pain.

A husband and a wife, a daughter being petite, the Elementary Scholar naturally would not insist, and his daughter would not tangle her feet, growing up like a wild girl. Halfway through the journey, his father was sick and weak, because of the slow progress, the soldiers that were sent to him were beaten to death, his mother could not hold on any longer, and he was left alone with her family members. Fortunately, she was able to run as fast as the heavens, so she changed into men's clothes and did not die. Halfway there, the people who were escorting them began to get sick and relaxed their guards. They ran away and were about to take refuge in the sea when they met with pirates and suffered heavy casualties.

King Qin put down his wine cup: "Girl, who killed your father? I will go and kill him to avenge you. "

She said lightly, "Of course it's the King who's out of his mind. If he doesn't take the edict, how could my parents die so tragically?"

When King Qin heard this, he actually wanted to kill the fainting monarch. He laughed out loud: "That's impossible, I can't avenge you anymore. "However, if we continue to walk on the sea route for the Dying Lord's offerings, I'll rob them all for you to play with …"

She didn't say anything, just stared out at the vast sea.

In the evening, King Qin and his henchmen went to drink and gamble.

Hua Rong walked around the forest.

Halfway there, he suddenly saw a flashy whore coming towards the pirate colony. Just as she was about to brush past him, she suddenly thought of something and called out to him.

The prostitute did not expect that there was a foreign woman on the island. She was a bit suspicious, but before she could open her mouth, Hua Rong took out the hairpin and passed it to her. She smiled.

The prostitute, who had no achievements, could tell that this hairpin was much better than the little pirates with a good eye, and happily replied, "Everyone calls me Hong Er, what orders do you have for me, Miss?"

Hua Rong lowered her voice and said a few words to her. Hong Er was a little surprised, but she immediately replied, "Yes, of course there are people in our line of work. "But …"

What Hua Rong wanted was contraceptive medicine. The longer she stayed on the island, the more she feared that if she gave birth to a man and a woman, she would never be able to escape this island. Ever since she knew that a prostitute had come to the island, she had wanted to do this, but she had never had the chance to do so. Now that she met Hong Er alone, she immediately took the risk to stop her.

As soon as the whores entered the picket yard, the bawd would teach them a unique method of contraception. Otherwise, if anything went wrong, they wouldn't be able to receive guests. It wasn't just a day or two since these prostitutes had gone to the island. There were also a few new arrivals, so they had some medicine with them just in case.

Hua Rongyuan was just asking, hoping she would bring it next time, but she didn't expect her to have it on her person. Hua Rongyuan was asking, hoping she would bring it next time, but she didn't expect her to have it.

Hong Er was unable to contain her joy. Furthermore, this object was not rare, so she took out two items. One of them was a small round piece with a faint musky smell, and the other was a small pill that was dark and made of an unknown material. She whispered, "Miss, this round piece is stuck to your belly button. Take the pill orally, and it will have an effect within three months. However, if you take it three times in a row, you won't be able to have children in this lifetime … "

No wonder many prostitutes, even if they had been kind, would never be able to have a child again.

Hua Rong's heart tightened, but she did not think much of it, and immediately received the medicine. "Thank you." You can go now. "

Hong Er placed the hairpin on her head and waved the bracelet on her hand. She did not expect that she would reap such a huge harvest this time and left in high spirits.

As soon as Hong Er turned around, Hua Rong swallowed the pill almost impatiently.

The pill had a very fishy taste. It choked in her throat, almost choking her to the point of tears. She quickly ran back to drink a few mouthfuls of water. She was relieved that she had swallowed all the pills. It seemed much safer. Then, she gently brushed away her shirt and stuck the small piece of cloth to her navel. The color of the small piece was very light, almost similar to the color of the body. It was not noticeable at all, and was inlaid in it.

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