King Qin's living decisions were all made here. There were several huge candles lit all around, and a huge bed was placed in the middle. It was a good pear tree, stolen from the ship of a Beijing official that was placed outside.

At this moment, the girl who had been snatched away was lying on the bed. Because of her petite stature, it was hard to tell that someone was lying on the bed.

King Qin walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. The girl reflexively sat up and subconsciously reached for her leg protection. Unfortunately, the only dagger in her body protection was long gone.

King Qin was very satisfied with her reaction. He liked to see a powerless person being toyed with by him, like a cat catching a mouse but not eating it. He could only admire the mouse's fear.

At this moment, the girl's face was still half white and half dirty. King Qin's interest was piqued as he saw a bowl of water on the table beside the bed. Some food was delivered at night, but the girl had not eaten yet.

His large hands reached into the bowl and took a bow of water. He smeared it all over the girl's face. How could the girl dodge? After being wiped so casually by him, her entire face had revealed her original color. Although she wasn't some sort of heavenly beauty, she was still delicate and pretty, and her fair face had a tinge of red from fear. However, she stubbornly bit her lips, forcefully suppressing this fear as she lightly said: "If I don't die today, I will definitely kill you in the future."

He hugged her shoulder and laughed. Master is waiting for you to take revenge. "You haven't said it yet. What's your name?"

When King Qin broke free, there was already a row of deep teeth marks on it, but he was not aware of the pain, and continued to look at her with interest. As he reached out his hand, he suddenly tore at her chest, and the clothes, which had originally been so solid, were torn apart effortlessly, revealing only a white skin and a cloth strip that was tightly tied around her chest.

King Qin's big hand gently pressed on the girl's snow-white lower abdomen and he became even more excited. He stretched out his other hand and tore off another piece of cloth that covered the Mystic Domain. Immediately, the girl's green and soft chest fell into his blood-red eyes.

Just like an extremely hungry tiger suddenly seeing a small bloody beast, King Qin's eyes almost turned bloodshot as a series of weird gurgling sounds came from his throat.

No matter how stubborn the girl was, how could she withstand such an occasion?

This time, he no longer had the courage to remain calm and pull out his blade to assassinate someone. His entire body was like a sieve as his vision turned pitch black. It was as if this huge and pointed room had become the most terrifying hell on earth.

She screamed and was about to faint, but seeing his bloodshot eyes, knowing that tonight was going to be a disaster, she strangely flipped over and sat up, staring directly into his eyes …

From her neck to her snow-white chest, then to her soft stomach, that part of her body was not graceful yet because of her youth, but it was exquisite. Especially that touch of red on her heart — which she had attempted to kill herself with — was a stark contrast between red and white, forming an extremely cruel aesthetic illusion.

King Qin's unshaven chin pierced her chest, and he stared at that smear of red. When he shifted his gaze, he couldn't help but loosen his gaze and move his body a little.

He had never seen a woman with such a terrible look in her eyes at such a time. He was a bit annoyed with the fire inside, but he didn't know how to continue. The two of them stared at each other, and in the end, King Qin looked away first. However, there was a flash of fierceness in his eyes: "What is your name?"

The girl suddenly laughed in a very contemptuous manner. She even coldly snorted, as if she was looking at an ugly rag.

King Qin suspected that he was seeing things. This girl, how dare she look at him like that?

He said angrily, "If you don't say anything, I'll kill your clansmen."

The young girl said in a light tone, "If you want to kill or cut me, that is up to you. Actually, I don't really know them."

This was the second time she had said a complete sentence. Her voice was crisp and clear, and it was unknown if her eyelashes were stained with the water he used to knead them, or were filled with tears that flowed when she was frightened. It was moist and sticky, like some kind of insect that was about to break out of its shell.

King Qin was a rough man who killed many people. He had never observed a woman at such a close distance. As he stared into her bright eyes, he suddenly had a strange thought.

To destroy her!

He must destroy her!

It was like picking a blooming flower and crushing it.

"Get out of here, I'm going to sleep."

There was anger in her voice, but it was also gentle, as if she had a great presence, as if he were a servant serving her.

King Qin was about to get angry, but she had already fallen down. She put her hand on her head and closed her eyes. From her slender neck to her immature chest, they connected into a feminine beauty. However, her breathing was steady, as if there was no one around. He was about to straighten up and push himself down, but before his hand could touch it, he somehow pulled back and turned away, sulking.

There was no one guarding the door. On this island, no one would have been able to escape had it not been for the presence of a ship. King Qin took a few steps forward and saw two pirates poking their heads out from the side. He shouted angrily, "Watch out! Don't let that woman get away!"

Two drunken pirates were drooling as they bowed and said, "Your Majesty, is that beauty strong enough?"

Before the two of them could even react, they each received two slaps on the face, causing golden stars to appear in front of their eyes. Their bodies swayed a few times before they finally regained their balance.

"Listen up. Without your help, no one is allowed to approach her."


The two didn't understand why he suddenly became so angry, so they just nodded their heads and said, "Yes, yes."

King Qin seemed to have let out some of his anger and walked towards the fire angrily. There, a group of pirates had fallen drunk, and several women lay naked on the ground. He randomly picked a woman and pounced on her …

Under the night sky, it was impossible to tell whether it was the human world or the Infernal Realm.

After King Qin's footsteps faded away, the girl turned around and sat up.

She did not know why the demon had suddenly left, but she was relieved. Immediately, she hurriedly picked up the tattered clothes on the ground and wore them on her body.

She was already starving. Originally, she was determined to kill herself with a hunger strike, but if she died immediately, she would be humiliated. Thinking about it, she changed her mind, reached for the food on the table, and started gulping down the water without caring about the bowl of water that had just been touched by that disgusting hand.

That night, he didn't dare to sleep or dream. When he woke up in a daze, the sun was already shining down from the sky.

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