Her name is Hua Rong.

Without shoes, Hua Rong walked barefoot on the beach, her clothes torn to shreds. Although they covered most of her body, more than half of her arms were exposed.

She walked out like this. Slowly, she leaned against the door frame for a while. It was quiet all around, and there was no sign of anyone else. Last night's revelry was like a dream. Those vicious villains were like the smoke from a bottle of demon, already taken back.

The sea breeze carried a fresh breath of air as it blew across the island. Due to the various sounds of birds flying in the morning, the island appeared much quieter. She composed herself and walked out.

Outside, there were rows upon rows of tall coconut trees, as well as a large cluster of bananas. It was different from what he had seen in the garden; it was completely the rough look of a seaside. On the other side of the mountain wall, there was another scene. The tall grass was swaying in the wind.

The morning sun was not yet hot, and her bare feet were on the sand. She looked down and saw that the sand was thin and white. If it wasn't for the sense of steadiness, she would not have been able to tell if it was snow or sand.

In front of him was a rock that was mostly exposed on the outside, in a concave shape. The water was very shallow, only reaching her calves. She walked over and sat down in the middle of the concave area. There was nothing blocking her from the front and back. From the front, she could see the boundless sea, vast and endless. She stood up and put her toes on the ground, trying to look at the rising sun.

The sea was clearly divided into three colors: light green like a sprout, dark green like a bitter tea, and an endless blue. The three colors did not change at all, changing abruptly in a single stroke. It made her almost completely forget the situation she was in.

Her feet felt itchy and she brushed them away. A small crab had crawled on her feet. Fortunately, the iron pincers were not enough to hide her body. She held them in her hands and looked at them. Suddenly, she heard the sound of "eat".

She looked to the left and saw a small boy with a big basket in his hand. He was picking crabs and already had a basket full of them.

The little boy was about eight or nine years old. He was extremely thin and small, like a bean sprout. The basket he carried far exceeded his body; it was extremely strenuous.

At this moment, the boy also realized that there was someone on the stone. He raised his head in shock. Fear filled his eyes, and there was even a scar on his face. This child's appearance was incomparably delicate and pretty, especially his eyes. The young girl had never seen such a pair of clear and innocent eyes. With just a glance, it was as if this world was supposed to be a beautiful one.

She laughed, "Little brother, what is your name? "How old are you?"

Seeing that it was a girl with a gentle face, the boy no longer had any fear and replied, "My name is Yue Pengju …" "13 years old..."

He was already 13 years old and probably had extremely poor nutrition, so he wasn't tall.

He thought for a moment, then raised his head and looked at her very seriously. "Elder sister, what about you? "What's your name?"

"Hua Rong, my name is Hua Rong."

"Flower — dissolving —" The little boy paused, using his finger to draw on the large stone, "Is that the word?"

Hua Rong was curious. "You can read?"

"My mother taught me, how many do you know …" "Elder sister, what about you?"

Hua Rong laughed. "I know a few as well …"

Before the word "one" could finish its sentence, her ankle had already been clamped down. With a sway of her body, she was pulled into the arms of a demonic voice: "Hahaha, your name is Hua Rong? I thought you'd never say what your name was... Hua Rong? "It's not a good name after all …"

Hua Rong struggled as much as she could, but Yue Pengju was also frightened when he saw the vicious god. King Qin kicked the basket in Hua Rongang's hand to the ground, "Liu Tie, hurry up and go work. If you dare to be lazy again, I will break all your ribs and feed them to you …" "Get lost …"

He was suddenly thrown into the air, as if King Qin was playing with some strange toy. When she was about to fall into the water, he caught her, "This is your punishment. Who told you not to tell me your name but to tell a Stinky kid?"

Hua Rong was dazzled and her hands loosened. This time, her entire body fell into the sea with a 'plop' sound, and she was unable to stop herself. She drank a few mouthfuls of seawater before getting up, vomiting a few mouthfuls.

King Qin laughed again when he saw her bedraggled appearance. He caught up with her in a few steps and caught her with his long legs. The two stopped under a huge coconut tree. "Hey, come sit with me here for a while …"

Hua Rong was pulled by him until she was sitting on the ground. Her clothes were all over her body, and her curves were exposed. She was embarrassed and anxious, but she could not escape. She could only lie on the snow-white sand with her eyes closed, wishing that she had never been born into this terrifying world.

He lowered his head, savoring the heaviness of her breasts, then pressed his palm against her wet clothes and could even clearly feel the trembling of the bud.

The sun silently shone on the beach, shining on her feet. He looked at her slender, long, and slender feet that were filled with strength and beauty. They were far from comparable to those three-inch-long golden lotuses. The aristocratic woman of this dynasty had her feet entwined. She did not have her feet entwined, so it was certain that she did not come from a noble's house. Moreover, she did not have the same surname as the general that was killed.

The sunlight quickly dried her clothes, covering her body in a fluffy blanket, blocking her previous sorry state. King Qin's hands were still covering her chest, making her feel even warmer. She just kept her eyes tightly closed. It was unknown if she was afraid of the arrival of bad luck or because she was already determined to endure it all.

Her appearance of a lamb waiting to be slaughtered provoked King Qin even more. He turned around and pressed his body against her body, opening his mouth wide and covering her mouth entirely. It was unknown whether he was kissing or biting her, but when he let her go, both of their mouths were filled with blood. It was unknown whether it was his or hers, but she tried her best to sit up a bit, fiercely saying, "Remember, if I don't die, I will definitely kill you for revenge."

"Haha, this king has had countless women. If they all sought revenge on me, even if I had 100 lives, that wouldn't be enough. Save it …"

His voice was scornful as he grabbed her by the hair, which seemed to glow black in the sunlight against the white sand.

He tightened his grip and added a little more strength. "You want to kill me, don't you? "I'll let you beg for death first …"

Hua Rong's scalp tingled with pain and numbness. She was half-kneeling on the ground, her head tilted upwards. He looked down from above, the heat in his mouth pouring into her, "Do you still want to kill me?"

She tilted her head to the left to avoid his foul breath, so that her hair was pulled tighter and more painfully, bit by bit, as if she were going to lose it all. She struggled to bite his hand, but before she could touch it, the giant devil palm had already moved away.

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