He is the Devil.

King Qin saw that she still dared to resist at this moment. He dragged her hair like an eagle trying to catch a chick. Then, he carried her and walked forward. Her legs were almost swept by the sand. The sand was very soft, but King Qin walked very fast, and the sun was getting bigger. As a result, her legs were grazed between the sand and the pushing force.

By the time King Qin stopped walking, Hua Rong had almost fainted, but he threw her on the ground, making her lose her head. Then, he shouted, "This is the place you should be. You actually dare to resist against Ben Wang …"

Hua Rong forced herself to open her eyes and saw that there were seven or eight women tied to a row of trees in front of her. All of them had dishevelled hair, were naked, and looked like dead ashes.

Every woman, upon seeing this situation, would understand that they had suffered or were about to suffer some sort of humiliation. It was now broad daylight, and the pirates were nowhere to be found. In the evening, or even the next moment, they would return from nowhere, and no matter if it was day or night, another round of ravaging under the light of day … Until they were beaten to death or fed up, driven like wild dogs onto a raft to die by themselves … Let the will of heaven decide...

As long as it was a normal person, they would never have imagined that such an ugly and cruel side existed in this world …

Her expression changed from surprise to confusion to fear and despair … This was also what had happened to him! On the road to flight and exile, he had experienced countless hardships and exhausted all sorts of methods to put his life on the line. But now, he was about to fall into a terrifying situation that he didn't even dare to think about …

She was finally afraid!

Completely terrified!

No woman would not be afraid of such a sight!

Suddenly, he realized that he was in the wrong and reached out to pinch her chin. However, she was already a step too late, she had already bitten her tongue, and a large amount of blood flowed out of her mouth. She stomped on the sand a few times, and then fainted …

He stared blankly at her for a moment. For a moment, he was at a loss of what to do. He didn't know what to do, so he could only hug her, tightly pinching her chin as he lowered his head to lick the blood on her lips.

When Hua Rong opened her eyes, she found herself lying on top of a huge leaf. When she looked up, she found that it was a lush coconut tree and a palm tree.

Her mouth seemed to be covered with a thick ointment. Her tongue was wooden, and she moved it a little, unable to open it.

However, her eyes could still move. In the blink of an eye, she saw a person sitting in front of her. It was as if someone had plucked a leaf and was playing a strange tune …


The biggest demon in the world.

The fear in her heart had reached its peak. She didn't know where she got the strength, but just as she was about to sit up and run away, even if she could run a few steps and even if she could obtain the right to die …

However, very soon, this tiny bit of hope was all gone. He turned his head around and reached out his hand to hold her back, and there was a trace of surprise in his eyes. "You're awake?"

His hand was like an enormous shackle. Her entire body was trembling, and her mouth was also trembling. She was unable to utter a single word.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hit you."

She stared at him, then looked away.

He held her face, barely avoiding her chin, and turned her eyes back to him, saying aloud, "Remember, you are my slave! "Whatever I tell you to do, you have to do."

The bear's paw was about to reach for her again. The terrifying feeling of her chin and bones being crushed once again engulfed her entire body. She couldn't help but to nod, and a terrifying "Crack" came out of her throat.

"If you listen to me obediently, you won't suffer." King Qin laughed and placed his paw on her face. This time, she didn't turn her head, like the most docile lamb.

"You are not allowed to commit suicide either. Your life is also mine. If I tell you to die, then you can die. "

She nodded blankly, not knowing what to do but nodding.

He was extremely satisfied with her performance. He was sure that she had completely submitted to him. Only then did he ask the question he wanted to know. "How old are you? "Who are they?"

Her mouth opened and closed, unable to speak. Only then did King Qin remember that her tongue was injured. However, she didn't dare to not answer. She could only write two words on the sand with her finger: "Shi Qi …"

"Oh, Shi Qi Nian?" He looked at the words she had written on the sand.

She nodded again.

"Who are you to that military general?"

This time, she didn't write, as if she was trying to figure out how to express herself.

"There are so many words that are hard to write. Forget it, I'll tell you when you're better."

She breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a coconut at his feet, and he cut it in half with his palm, took half, and dripped the juice into her mouth. He casually tossed the coconut shell far away and actually looked a little happy. Then, he picked up the large leaf that he had just thrown to the side and blew on it, making an extremely unpleasant sound, "This king gave you that room. From today onwards, you will live with this king."

A gust of wind blew, and a great deal of fine white sand fell on her hair, her exposed legs, and her arms. He swept them away with his large palm, then grabbed the lotus root leg.

Hua Rong closed her eyes, not knowing what her fate would be in the next moment. It was as if she was being tortured every second of every minute.

In the afternoon, a ray of sunlight finally spilled out from the gaps between the trees. It was slanted, like a long cylindrical ring of light. One could see a lot of flying dust within the ring of light.

That ray of sunlight was just right on Hua Rong's face. Her black eyelashes, pale face, and lips were all blue. Three kinds of strange colors were mixed together, interweaving into an indescribable beauty.

King Qin's mouth was dry from watching this. He lowered his head and bit his bruised lips. He was excited and only let go of her ankle after he had bitten her a few times. He picked her up and walked into the house. No, he was running. He almost ran into the house.

As she leaned against the bed, she felt the fast beat of her heart against her chest, like a drum beating. Suddenly, he heard a burst of "wuwu" sounds, as if someone was blowing a bull's horn. King Qin's expression changed and he immediately let her go: "Rest for two days first. Remember, you are not allowed to go anywhere else …" Before he could finish his words, he had already left in a hurry.

In a corner of the island, the pirates had gathered like a well-trained army.

Seeing King Qin, a pirate named Li Xing walked over with a face full of excitement. "Great King, we've received news that there's a big deal …"

King Qin did not think so, "Exiled again? "That's not much."

"No, we got the secret report this time. The owner's identity is very special. It's a prince. "


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