"My King, should we let this ship go? "Otherwise, the imperial government would encircle and annihilate them …"

King Qin glared at him: "This is my territory. Let alone the prince, even the emperor has to tell him to stay and pay for the road." F * ck, it's been a long time since I've seen a fat sheep. This time, I have to ruthlessly fish for a piece of meat … "Prepare it immediately."


Luckily, Hua Rong was able to escape death. Hua Rong felt that the cow-horned voice was a heavenly music to hear. It was a signal. Something must have happened, so King Qin left in a hurry.

However, if he could hide, could he still escape fifteen years later?

That night, the fear of "torture" did not come, because King Qin did not return to that room for the entire night.

Hua Rong lay alone on the enormous bed, rolling over and over. At night, she could not help but tremble with fear. She snuck to the door and looked around.

It was quiet, and the glow of last night's revelry was gone. It suddenly occurred to her, was this group of pirates "moving out" again?

She stealthily walked a few steps forward and discovered that not far away, there was a pirate patrolling with a torch and a long knife in his hand. Opposite him, there was another person similarly dressed, patrolling in the opposite direction.

The house was all in sight, and she didn't dare take another step before slowly returning to it.

The next morning, she was still up early, and it was still quiet around her as she removed her patrol. She discovered that during the day, this place was not very patrolling, because there was no other way to escape except to get a boat.

From a distance, she could see that rock from yesterday, it was the only place she could "climb high and gaze far." However, when she thought about King Qin, she stopped and didn't dare to walk that way.

After standing there for a while, she suddenly heard a soft voice. "Elder sister, elder sister …"

It was the same young man from yesterday. He was still carrying the big basket and was looking at her from behind the boulder.

It was as if he had seen a bit of sunlight in the Infernal domain. Her tongue still hurt, and she could not make a clear sound. She answered vaguely, and without caring about being afraid, she quickly walked over.

Yue Pengju was very happy to see her coming over. He rolled up his pants and climbed onto the rock. He looked at her mouth and whispered, "Sister, did he hit you?"

Hua Rong was stunned for a moment. She lowered her head to look at the seawater. The seawater was very clear, and only a little shadow could be seen. Only then did she see her lips swollen like a sausage mouth. Yesterday, when she bit her tongue, he bit her lips. However, she didn't know what kind of ointment he smeared on her mouth, so she didn't feel any pain. There was no mirror in the room, so she didn't realize that her head and face had already swelled up like this.

"Sis, they went out to 'trade' again today."

Trading was their jargon. They were going to kill them again for their goods.

For the moment, she was not afraid that King Qin would come out of nowhere. She really wanted to ask this youth some questions. She opened her mouth, but her tongue was very inflexible.

The youth saw how many times she had opened her mouth. His voice was unclear as he said in shock, "Sister, you have become mute?" Did he turn you into a mute? "

She shook her head. I expect she'll be fine in two days.

The boy looked at her suspiciously. Then he pulled her nimbly out of the water and ran to the beach in front of them. He broke a branch and handed it to her. "Sister, you're not going to be dumb, are you?"

She smiled and wrote "No" on the sand.

The young man seemed to be a bit more at ease. Thinking about it, he took out something from the big basket in his hand. It was a scarlet conch. It was very beautiful. "Here you are."

She took the conch and looked at it carefully. She was very happy, so she wrote two words on the branch, "Thank you."

The youth stared at the few words that she had written for a long time before sighing, "Elder sister, if only I could read many words."

She wrote on a branch, "Don't you have a book?"

He shook his head sadly, "My mother's knowledge has been taught to me. After she died, no one taught me. I was captured and brought to work on this island, so I won't be able to write anymore … "

She smiled and said, "I'll teach you."

The youth was overjoyed and immediately kowtowed. "Thank you elder sister."

On this day, Hua Rong and this young man were writing together under the coconut tree by the sea. The boy tried very hard, and when he was thirsty he drank the coconut from the tree. The two of them completely forgot about the time. When dusk arrived, the youth suddenly shouted, "Crap, I forgot to pick up the crabs …"

King Qin and the group of pirates liked eating crabs. His job was to pick up crabs and help cook for Pirate Head. Today, when he was writing, he forgot to go back. What awaited him was another beating. Fortunately, the pirates had all gone out today. There weren't many people on the island, so no one came to urge them on. Hua Rong tugged at him. "Let me help you pick them up."

However, the weather wasn't too good tonight. Dark clouds quickly covered the sky, and it seemed like it was going to rain. There weren't any crabs. He picked up the basket for half an hour.

Hua Rong was worried about the boy as he walked back with his basket in his hands. In front of them was a row of houses. They were all very simple and crude, like a place for pirates to gather. As for those women, they were tied to a tree not far away, and it was unknown if they were let go now.

Hua Rong did not dare to move forward anymore. Just as she was about to bid farewell to the young man, she saw a fierce looking man. It was one of the men that she had secretly seen patrolling the night before. "Hurry up and cook, you've starved to death …"

The young man didn't have time to dodge, nor did he dare to. Hua Rong stretched out her hand and quickly blocked his path. The big man's branch heavily hit her left rib, causing her entire body to feel a burning pain.

After the big man clearly saw her face, he seemed rather fearful and didn't dare to hit her again. "Little bastard, consider yourself lucky today. Mommy's … " Then he threw down the branch and left.

The youth was on the verge of tears when he saw her suffering such a heavy blow for him. "Elder sister, does it hurt?"

How could it not hurt? However, no matter how painful it was, it was no worse than King Qin's threat. From the looks of it, the pirates had yet to return. She smiled and shook her head. Instead, she became happy. "You can go back first."

The youngster nodded and walked a few steps before turning his head back. "Sister, will you still be teaching me how to write tomorrow?"

She didn't know how to answer. If King Qin came back, it would be a problem whether she could survive or not. Fortunately, there was no trace of him, so she nodded her head. When the youth received his affirmation, he almost forgot about the terrifying beating he received and left in high spirits.

From a distance, she saw another patrolman outside the door. The pirate dodged to the side as soon as he saw her. She didn't mind and went straight into the house. There were already some fruits on the table and a piece of unknown barbecue that seemed to be a gift for her.

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