She did not hold back. After eating and drinking to her heart's content, she fell asleep immediately. That night, she was sure that King Qin wouldn't come back. She slept deeply and didn't even dream. She woke up very early the next day.

There was no sun today and the weather was overcast. The rain from last night didn't seem to have come down, but it had accumulated by today. She was just about to walk out when the rain came crashing down and she could hear the sound of the waves rolling by the sea. She was so frightened that she had to hide in the house.

The bag had been snatched away. His ragged clothes could only cover his body, and he couldn't change his clothes. His sweat was drying up. It was like a layer of salt on his body. It was very hard and uncomfortable. Even though it was raining, she didn't dare take it off and wash herself. The pirates were inhumane, always rushing in, and if they saw themselves naked, the consequences would be unthinkable, so they had to leave the stiff clothes on, scraping their skin and feeling a little pain as they walked, plus the blow they had taken yesterday, they seemed to be in no good condition at all.

There was a large table in the room, and she never dared to look at what was on it. Now that he was trapped here, he walked over to take a look. There were some sea maps, some fish skins and other weird things messily placed on top of it. There was also a huge cabinet beside it, but it was locked with a large iron lock.

In the afternoon, the heavy rain finally stopped. The weather was still gloomy. She hurried outside and saw that after the rain, the sea was the same color. The sea was grey and looked very strange.

She looked around but didn't see the boy. She was a little disappointed, as he was probably locked up by those bullies and wouldn't be able to come out.

The sea breeze brought with it a salty, fishy smell. The seabirds lowered their wings as they flew, as if they were about to break through the dull gray sky.

Suddenly she heard a strange sound, like a horn, and then she saw a large ship coming in the distance. Curious, she hid behind the boulder. As the boat slowly approached, she stopped at the shore. Many people came down one after another, carrying many things, boxes, bags, etc. He could even smell the scent of spices. Then, a group of women were driven down, and the women were all flustered. The pirates who drove them away were all elated, and looked as if they were returning home with a great load on their backs.

Then, she saw King Qin jump off the boat with a face full of joy. In his hand was a strange basket woven from willow branches. She didn't know what it was precious, so she took it herself. However, his current appearance made her shudder even more when she saw him.

This demon had returned. He would never be able to escape again.

Even though she knew there was nowhere to run, she wasn't willing to sit still and wait for death. She just wanted to get as far away from here as possible.

Just as everyone was walking in, an impatient pirate carried a girl and dashed into a nearby hut. Following that, a few lecherous laughter could be heard. The woman's screams and screams could be heard …

Hua Rong was scared to the point that her whole body was ice-cold. Afraid that King Qin would suddenly come around behind this huge rock, she quickly waded into the water and walked forward. In front of her was a precipitous cliff, the rocks were jagged. She didn't know where to hide, so she only subconsciously hid behind the densest rock. Her body was almost completely submerged in the water, as if she was afraid that someone else would see.

A new orgy began.

She could even faintly hear the pirates guessing fists and drinking wine, singing some slang that shook the heavens. Occasionally, the sea breeze would blow in some extremely tragic whimpers …

She didn't know how King Qin would torture her, run, and have nowhere to run after finding out that he had gone missing. She looked at the huge ship in the distance. There was no way she could fly it alone. There were also some small wooden boats and rafts beside the ship … Could he steal one? However, she was quickly disappointed. There were a few pirates with sabers walking around. From the looks of it, the organization here was very tight …

There were wounds all over his body, and he had been soaking in the sea for a long time. It was as if all he felt in this world was pain … It was a kind of pain that made him suffer the most before he perished.

A seabird flew by, as if afraid of humans, and perched on her shoulder. He even stuck out the shell of his beak and tapped it on her cheek. She did not extend her hand to chase him away, but a burst of golden stars appeared in front of her eyes. Death, it seemed, was beckoning to her …

While he was still alive, he had been in hell. Perhaps, he could even go to heaven if he died.

In the center of the island.

The jug of wine, the whole plate of meat, the grilled fish, and all kinds of game from the island were arranged in a dazzling array. One by one, the cages were opened and dumped on the ground. There were large chunks of gold, silver, jewelry, coral agate, as well as many spices and silks and satin …

The scales were divided into gold, the scales were divided into silver, the bowls were filled with wine, large chunks of meat were eaten, the dead were thrown into the sea, and the living drank their own blood and the blood of others.

The girls tied to the tree trunks beside them could no longer arouse the pirates' interest. They were all so drunk that they pounced on the group of women who had just been caught.

After Shi Jingtong, the Emperor of the Central Plains, gave over to the Sixteenth Prefecture of the Yan Clan, he acknowledged that the Emperor of the Liaoning, Yerud, who was younger than him, was called "royal father", the gates of the Central Plains were opened wide and exposed to the great forces of the North. It was a pity that he died young and was unable to take back the Sixteen Yanyun Prefectures. In the following hundred years, his unfilial successors naturally did not have this ability, and from then on, the silk road was cut off and most of his connections with the outside world were concentrated on the sea.

However, this time, what King Qin snatched away was not a merchant ship but an official ship. The master behind the scenes was Ninth Prince. As for the destination, King Qin didn't care about it at all. After drinking a big bowl of wine, he laughed and said, "Fuck, we only got a hair on the head from two big ships, so we have to replenish our energy and kill him once more …"

Property, women, alcohol, it triggered every single one of the pirate blood's fiercest cells. One by one, they began to rub their hands together. "Fuck! If we could take down both ships, we'd have eaten our fill for the rest of our lives!"

"My king, this ship will probably be resting in the fishing village ahead …"

"There are several hundred soldiers up there. I'm afraid they are not friendly …"

"Damn it, what's wrong with that?" "After eating and drinking to our heart's content, let's cut off Ninth Prince's head and kick it like a ball …"

"Alright, the King is wise …"


It was already dusk, and a bonfire had already been lit.

Everyone was drunk, eating, drinking, and venting their desires... King Qin got up drunkenly from a woman. Suddenly, he remembered something and staggered towards his "palace".

There was no one around, no one on the bed.

The slave girl ran away.

The slave who had been tamed had run away.

"Someone …"

Two tipsy patrollers walked over after a while. "Great King, Great King …" Yes... What's the matter? "

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