With a "pa" sound, the guard who opened his mouth almost heard the sound of his teeth falling to the ground. Half of his face was swollen.

"That damned idiot, where did that woman run off to?"


The guard looked around in private. At that moment, most of the alcohol had awoken and the woman had disappeared.

The other person was trembling with fear. "She was playing with that little bastard yesterday …"

"Idiot, why aren't you looking for him yet?" If someone runs away, This King will chop you into pieces. What are you waiting for? Get lost, go find someone. "That's right, bring me that little brat …"

The two of them hurriedly ran away. King Qin clenched his fists tightly like a fan. If he wanted to catch the female slave, he would definitely tear her into pieces … And let everyone see the consequences of angering King Qin!

The King's female slave ran away. The entire island was in an uproar as they searched everywhere.

The teenager was pushed in front of King Qin. His body was not as noble as King Qin's chest. King Qin grabbed his head and spun it around like a rattle: "Kid, where is Hua Rong?"

The young man's head was about to explode from the shaking. He had been working in the kitchen all day and had never seen Hua Rong before. Where did elder sister go? "

King Qin saw that he couldn't get an answer out of him, so he threw him at least 20 feet away. Even though he was in the soft sand, he couldn't get up immediately.

Several pirates ran back to report that they had not seen anyone. King Qin waved his hand angrily and walked towards the seaside in big steps.

The pirates who were waiting for the ship were not drunk. Each of them was sober. They swore they had never seen a woman run before, and that they could not run at all.

King Qin went to look at the "concave" rock, but there was no one there. The people who had entered the heart of the island to search gathered quickly as well, saying that there was no one around.

The sky was getting darker and the dark clouds were pressing on the surface of the sea. It would be dangerous to stay outside if it rained heavily. He cursed, "Hua Rong, get out here quickly. Be careful of the sea waves and don't feed you to sharks …"

"Hua Rong …" "Hua Rong …"

he shouted, but there was no answer.

"Hua Rong, if you dare to hide any longer, I'll definitely tear you to pieces …"

"Get the hell out of here …" "Get the hell out here, maybe This King will spare you …"

"Damned Slut, if you don't come out obediently and let this king catch you, those women will be your end. This king will let you know what a true hell is in this world …"

He snarled and cursed, his voice nearly drowning out the waves. However, he also knew that if that woman had purposely hidden herself, she definitely wouldn't have come out on her own after he threatened her.

The entrance to the sea was sealed. In front of her was a cliff, and it was impossible to escape even if she had wings. Where could she run to? As he cursed, he walked towards the pile of rubble. The craggy rubble was exposed to the water, making it look extremely lofty.

There was still no one around.

He was about to turn around and return when he saw a man stuck to the wall like a gecko in a narrow crevice between two large rocks to the left. Half of his body was submerged in the sea, and his eyes were closed; it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Who else could it be other than Hua Rong?

He was flustered and exasperated. He walked over, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out, "You actually dare to run …" This King will let you know how powerful you are today... "

She fell into his arms. He raised his hand and was about to slap her in the face, but it was like a heavy fist striking a pile of cotton — because he realized that the slave was on her last breath, her clothes were all over her body, she was in a ragged state, her face was ashen grey, her lips were dark green, and there was only her unbreathed breath …

The body in his arms was frighteningly hot, and when he touched her forehead, it was as hot as a soldering iron. He moved his hand to the tip of her nose, forgetting for a moment how to tear her apart.

A fire was started in the house.

He tore off her clothes in two or three bites and dried her entire body with a piece of kernels. Due to the heat and wetness, the wound on his chest had already worsened. On his left side, from his chest to his thigh, there was a long trail of blood, as if someone had ruthlessly lashed him.

He knew that the wound on her chest was caused by her attempted suicide, but who had caused the new wound? Without waiting for a growl, he quickly took out a bottle of ointment and applied it to her wound, and then he fed her a few pills. After a while, the ginger soup was ready as well, and he filled her bowl with the huge porcelain bowl. Halfway through the drink, she started to vomit. He got anxious, so he simply pinched her lower jaw, took a big gulp and drank it all up into her mouth …

After finishing the bowl of ginger soup, he was already sweating profusely. He didn't know if it was because of the high fever she was experiencing or because of some unknown reason. He did not dress her, but carried her to the bed and laid her down. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

He lowered his voice. "Come in …"

Two guards walked in, their faces pale.

"Say, who beat her up like that?"

One of the guards fell to his knees. "Your Majesty, it is me. "That little rascal was lazy, learning to write from that girl. He forgot to work. Originally, I wanted to teach him a lesson, but I didn't want to be stopped by that girl …"

King Qin squinted, "One finger."


King Qin was cruel by nature. If he was punished explicitly, he could still live. However, if he laughed, he would not be able to live. The guard pulled out his saber and cut off a small finger without a second word.

"Remember, whoever dares to make another move with This King's things will be the head next time. "Take your fingers and feed them to Bastard. Scram."

As if they had received an amnesty, the two of them flew away.

Only then did King Qin turn his gaze back to the woman on the bed. Suddenly, he thought of her 'betrayal' and his anger welled up again. He muttered to himself, "When you wake up, how should I torture you!"

However, she did not wake up until midnight. Her body was still frighteningly hot.

What the island feared the most was heat. If one could not retreat, it would only take two days before one would die. For the first time, King Qin called in an older woman and asked her how to save Hua Rong.

This woman was also robbed. However, among the group of women, she was the oldest and also very ugly. That was because, in this way, one would benefit from misfortune and be able to temporarily preserve their lives.

She looked at Hua Rong and immediately used her cold water kernels to cover her forehead and chest …

King Qin stared with his eyes wide open: "That way, she will wake up?"

She was trembling with fear and did not dare to reply.

He said something vicious before leaving, "She wants to wake up. Hurry up and call this king. This king will immediately torture her to death. "But if she is going to die, you will die with her."

In any case, he was going to be tortured to death, so why save him?

The woman cursed Pirate Head, who was devoid of any humanity. She looked at the girl on the bed in pity. When she woke up, her fate was to be ruined and ravaged. To think that it would be clean after she died just like that.

When dawn arrived, King Qin entered the room again. Her high fever had faded a little, but she was still unconscious and did not wake up.

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