Small Town Girl/C1 Working as a waitress
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Small Town Girl/C1 Working as a waitress
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C1 Working as a waitress

Just like every other day after my job as a waiter, I proceeded to the locker room and changed back into my casual clothes. Being a waiter isn't anyone's dream job, it isn't what I love to do but I have no choice because I need to provide for my daughter and me

After changing back into the clothes I wore to work this morning, I grabbed my handbag and make my way out of the restaurant building. I work in a restaurant but yeah, I work as a waiter.

Coming out of the restaurant building, I turned to my right and began to work down the road to my daughter's preschool which was a few minutes' walk away from where I work.

My lips curved into a small smile when I remember my daughter. Her name is Mia, she looks so much like me. She's smart and she's my life. She's my source of motivation and I promise myself to always do my best to give her a good life, a life far better than mine.

Moments later, I arrived at Mia's preschool. I was talking with her Teacher when I heard that very familiar voice.

"Mama," Mia said excitedly before running up to me.

I smiled, crouched down to my knees and spread out my hands, ready to hug her.

"My love, I missed you." I said as I embraced her into a hug and kissed her forehead.

"Miss you too mama." She grinned at me.

I rose to my feet with Mia on my lap. "Were you good to Aunty Maya today?" I asked my little girl, referring to the teacher who was standing in front of us.

"Yes mama." Mia nodded her head and I kissed her cheek for being a good girl.

I talked some more with Mia's teacher, picked up Mia's backpack and lunch back then my daughter and I made our way home.


The smile on my face turned into a frown when Mia and I stepped into our home. Everywhere was a mess, it was the exact opposite of how I left it this morning. Thanks to my baby daddy who was always giving me so much works to do. He couldn't care less about personal hygiene and I'm honestly fed up of him. He never helps with cleaning the house, running errands or doing dishes and laundry. Instead, I have to remind him all the time where he has to place his shoes and dirty clothes.

He never helps with anything, not even to watch over Mia when I had to run errands. He doesn't pay Mia's school fees, I buy groceries most of the time, I pay the house rent. He only gave me part payment of our house rent a few times.

I do not know what to do, maybe we should get separated but I don't want my daughter to grow up without father but as things is going now, I think getting separated is better because I can't let my daughter see the mess her father makes every day. God this is not how I want my life to be, my life is even better before I met him when am with my parent.

"Mama, why are you crying, are you hungry" my daughter brought me out of my thought and wipe away my tears I did not even know that is there

"I am fine my baby, I am not crying something enter my eyes that is why there is water in my eyes

I take her to the living room to watch kids TV and clean the entire house then make food us. How I wish to go back to my life before I came to California, am not rich but am happy with my family


My name is Bella, I am from Nigeria, I am 18 years old, I am the first child of my parent and I have 2 younger brothers, we are not rich but my parent still affords to put food on our table and send us to school until when I finish high school. One day my dad comes back from work and said he want to talk to me after dinner, after dinner I went to meet him and I saw my mother also with him, I had a feeling that this is not going to end well because I can see that my father face change when he saw entering the living room.

"Bella please forgive me for what I want to say to you, I know it is always your dream or goals to finish your school without any delay and find a good work and get married to the love of your life but am sorry to tell you that I afford to pay your college fees now so you have to wait for me to sort out your brother's fees" my father said sadly

After what father said it is like everything around me just stops, because I always say nothing will disturb my education till I finish College.

"Please dad and mum I know you are trying for us but please how much is the college fees? I will go out and find any job and you can add it to the little you want to give me for my College fees" I said already crying

"Did you think that College fee is little money? How many months did you think you can work that will complete the whole fees but we don’t want you to start college now and drop out half way because of schools that is why we want you to wait. I promise you that me and your dad will try our best and you will not wait for long" my Mom said

I don't know what to say or do, I said thanks to them and went to my room, hug my pillow and cry till I fell asleep

The next day I wake and all what happened yesterday replay in my head and i cry more, after some more crying I wipe my tears away and have my morning prayer after I stand up and head to the bathroom to clean up myself and look forward to what will happen today. I saw my dad on the dinning having breakfast about to go to work, I greet him good morning and sat beside him

"Dad am thinking that I should find some work to do at least if I can't go to school I can find some work to do better that sitting at home without doing nothing" I said

As I said that I can see that his face change and what to say something

"Dad I know what you want to say but am not working because of saving money for my school I just want to do it to make myself busy, please daddy" I said

"Which work did have in mind that you want to look for?" he asked me

"I have a friend that work in a restaurant as a waitress and she said I can come and meet his boss and see how things go" I reply him

When I comes back from bathroom I saw my friend missed call and I called her back and explain everything to her so she said that she have someone that have a restaurant and the person need a girl to work as a waitress and I said I will take the offer but I have to lie for my dad that my friend work there so he can allow me to go.

"Ok, you can go and check the place and talk to the boss but if he place is not good or the work is too stressful believe me you have to stop the work. I just agree for you to go because you will not be bored at home and I will come and check the place myself and talk to the owner "my dad said

I agree to all what he said and said thanks to him for allowing me to go and check things out in the restaurant and work there.

As soon as I finish my breakfast I get my things from my room and call my friend to let us meet and go to the restaurant. When we get there I meet the owner of the restaurant and we discus all necessary thing and he told me the time and the payment and everything went well. He said I should start the next day which am very grateful for. When my dad comes from work I explain everything to him and my mum and they ok if that is what I want but I should take care of myself if I see that the work is very stressful I should leave it.

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