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DeIn front of the widescreen computer, a young woman with her hair tied into a messy sat down on the swiveling chair. Until a moment, the young woman stood up from her chair and shot her fist into the air. "Yes!"

"Jang Kyujin! Let's sleep now" Jang Kyujin mumbled herself after drafting her thesis.

Jang Kyujin is highly ambitious and hard working, 24 year old young woman. She is an outstanding student who went to best science college in the country.


The alarm rang repeatedly, but Kyujin still didn't hear it. Until the tenth rang, she finally woke up. She tried to take her cell phone while rubbing her eyes with one hand. When she dimly looked at the clock, the girl immediately widened her eyes. She immediately rushed out of her bed and went to the bathroom.

Kyujin hurriedly descended the stairs, then headed to the kitchen. She picked up a clean glass and walked toward the Water Dispenser to fetch herself water.

"Didn't I tell you to pay for electricity bills?" Her Aunt Yumi snapped from the side.

"I am sorry, Aunty. I will surely pay today" Kyujin replied.

"Hey! You came late so late these days" Aunt Yumi gaze at her intently.

"The shop that I work.....!"

"You really have answers in everything I said" Aunt Yumi interjected with a sharp gaze. Kyujin quietly made her way out without answering back to her Aunt.

Kyujin drops at Hospital to meet her Grandmother who was paralyzed for months.

"Hello, Grandma. How are you today?" Kyujin said while holding Jang Jiwoo's hand.

"I am fine." Grandma Jiwoo smiled brightly seeing her Granddaughter.

"What's so urgent, Grandma?" Kyujin asked.

Grandma took a careful look on her Granddaughter for a while before she opens her mouth.

Kyujin stared blankly at her. Her face suddenly became pale white. She could feel her heart squeezing tightly against her chest. She was speechless....

It was her engagement promise that her Grandmother and her father promised years back to marry her in Lee's family.

Grandma Jiwoo slowly raise her hand and gently stroked Kyujin's hair. "I know you are still young but it was a promise between me and Lee's family Grandmother Haewon"

Seeing the worry written over Kyujin's face made Grandma Haewon feel uneasy.

"But...I... Marriage!" Kyujin stutters. Kyujin took a deep breath and said,"Grandma, I need to think about it"

"Okay" Grandma Jiwoo said and nod in response. Her face relaxed a bit after hearing Kyujin answers.


At the same time, within a private room of a five-star hotel.

"Director! Why are you so daze today?" The person speaking was Kim Siwon, charming and handsome man and had a sense of humor that girls liked about him.

Lee Heeseung shot up a confused look on Siwon with his body leaning against a chair, with one elbow resting on the back of the chair.

Lee Heeseung was the Director of the Myon corporation. He was as handsome as a Greek god. He had this deep soul-sucking brown eyes, long eye lashes, perfectly drawn eyebrows, high-bridged nose. His hair was also neatly comb to the right.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Kim Siwon cocked a brow. With one leg cocked atop the other, his eyes gazed at Lee Heeseung.

"Siwon, What do you think of marriage?" Lee Heeseung asked without any emotions.

"Marriage? Suddenly!" Siwon eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Well, I don't know. I didn't experienced it yet" Siwon let out a throaty chuckle.

"Why? Wait! Are you planning to get married with Taeri?" Siwon constricted his eyes.

"Are you really asking me that? Taeri is....." Heeseung asked casting a mock glare at Siwon.

"I know!" Siwon said in teasing tone . "Let's not talk about marriage. I am really tired of that topic. Marriage is like my mother's spell. She talked everytime she breath" Siwon added feigning an annoying expression.

Kim Siwon and Lee Heeseung were friends from High schools. Lee Heeseung was cold, aloof and extremely taciturn, while Siwon have lively personality.


"What marriage?" Chaewon gasped covering her mouth. Chaewon stared at her friend with her mouth hung open.

"Lee's family. Myon group!...That means.."

"Yes, the company that you work" Kyujin said with straight face.

"You answered as yes" Chaewon strenuously spoke. Kyujin close her eyes and heaved a long deep breath. Chaewon already understand from Kyujin silence what the promise means to her.

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