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Mother Eunji wore a long face walking back and forth breathing through her teeth. Yangsuk, her husband, took a glance at his wife, then turned his attention back to what he was reading on his thin iPad.

"Don't think too much!" Mr. Lee Yangsuk said to his wife Eunji, placing the iPad on the table.

Narrowing her gaze, Eunji mouthed, "How can I not? Your son is going to married a low level girl"

"Its a simple engagement, relaxed little bit. They are not going to get married right now" Father Yangsuk said in convinced tone.

"What's wrong with your mother?" Eunji snapped. "And Are you siding with your Mother?" Mother Eunji's demands.

"Eunji, Why don't you try to understand it? It's a promise...."

"Stop it. I am sick of hearing that. You and your Mother are going to ruined my son life" Eunji gritted her teeth from anger.


Crimson Restaurant....

Kyujin kept rubbing her sweaty palms on her handkerchief. She was dressed on a dark blue dress and a black flat shoe. Her hair was pulled in a lose bun which gave her a clean look and made her facial features prominent.

Kyujin suddenly froze when she saw a man with an imposing manner striding towards her. "It's him!" Kyujin grumbled in her head.

Kyujin took a long deep breath and composed herself when the man stop right in front of her table.

"Miss Jang" A deep voice sounded in her ears.

"Yes, Mr Lee Heeseung" Kyujin greeted back. The man took a seat infront of her without any expression.

The man said nothing, sitting in front of her quietly to have the waitress giving him a warm tea. Silence prevails the table. Both of them didn't exchange any word.

A chef arrived at the table with a cart of food. The chef bowed to her and she responded with a bow of her own. After displaying the array of gorgeously plated meal, the chef was about to introduce the meal when Heeseung dismissed him.

"Let me apologised beforehand. Miss Jang" Heeseung titled his head to look at Kyujin for the first time.

"What do you mean?" Kyujin asked in confused tone.

Heeseung stared at Kyujin silently for a seconds. The girl before him looked like an ordinary girl but looks elegant at the same time. Her face was bare of makeup but she was as beautiful as she could be.

"These days I am busy with my works. I am sorry if I can't make time for you" Heeseung said with straight face.

Kyujin was rendered speechless hearing his words. "Is he making line already?" Kyujin scoffed in her mind.

A smile appeared on her face as she looked at him and said smoothly, "You don't need to apologised for that".

Heeseung kept his scrutinizing gaze as if he was trying to read her mind. "As the engagement....." Heeseung was interrupted by his phone.

"Excuse me, I have to take this" Heeseung said before he turned away as he picked up the call.

Heeseung turned back to Kyujin,"Sorry, I need to go" while Kyujin nod her head in response.

Heeseung pocket out a card from his coat.

"Here's my card and please do call me anytime if you need my help" Heeseung said extending his hands. Kyujin stared blankly at the card for a moment before accepting it. Kyujin didn't feel any special meeting him. Kyujin felt relieved that Heeseung also uninterested in this marriage talk. Sooner or later the engagement will call off and she hopes for that.


Seulgi lazily laid on her big king sized bed as she flipped through a fashion magazine. Mother Yumi pushed open Seulgi's door and frown seeing her duaghter lazy pose.

"What's wrong?" Seulgi asked sitting up with her head resting on the head board.

"Kyujin is going to married a rich man. And You!!" Mother Yumi said in irritated tone.

"What's so special about marrying a rich man? He is total stranger and moreover loveless marriage life. It's better to stay single" Seulgi said in nonchalant tone.

"Ouch-- Mom!" Seulgi glare at her mother who just throw a pillow to her. "What do you know about life?" Mother Yumi yelled angrily. "A woman needs a stable husband first. Love comes after that" Mother Yumi added.

Seulgi lips twitched reacting to her mother outbursts. "Mom! I am curious about something. Did Kyujin really agreed?"Kyujin asked moving to sit down by the bed side.

"Do you think Kyujin is like you?" Mother Yumi snarled.

"That's why I am asking you. I really don't believe that Kyujin really agreed to that"

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