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Chaewon steps out from her apartment to get fresh air, her phone rang. Chaewon saw the name on her screen and hesitated before she decided to answer.

"Chaewon" Taeri's cheery voice was heard on the other line. " Chaewon, come out and let's go out and hang around together. I got a role for a new drama. Come out and let's celebrate"

"Why don't you like it?" Taeri asked in disappointment. "No, it's not like that. Okay! I will come"

Chaewon saw Taeri waiting for her outside a restaurant. She saw her friend walking over and quickly grabbed her arms.

Chaewon followed her friend to a private room upstairs and was surprised that there were a lot of people inside the room. "Let me introduce everyone, this is my friend Kim Chaewon. Isn't she beautiful?"

"I thought that it's going to be just the two of us?" Chaewon whispered and nudged at her friend's waist.

"Don't be upset," Taeri chuckled when she saw the unhappy look on Chaewon's face. "You broke with your boyfriend recently. Isn't this is a perfect opportunity for you to see a perfect one from here?"

Just like that, she was already dragged over to the table. Chaewon introduced her to some of her friends.

In another part of the restaurant....

"Lawyer Kim, You owe me a dinner"

The corner of his lips curled up. Kim Siwon listened as his friend and his boss Heeseung spoke a few words with the three young men before he quietly slid out from the room to settle the restaurant bills.

he quietly slid out from the room to settle the restaurant bills.

New chapter is coming soon
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