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Daniella held up the white cardboard paper with both hands, with the names 'KORINA BLACK' written on it, while she impatiently tapped her left foot in annoyance.

"Where the fuck is she?" She swore out loud.

An old woman standing next to her gave her a scolding look for swearing in an obscene word and Daniella glared back at her.

She tried peering through the sea of faces for the umpteenth time, trying to see if she would finally have a glance of Korina's but her efforts proved abortive yet again.

Her phone rang and she put her hand in her purse to pick it while still holding up the now arched cardboard with the other.

"Hello mum." She said putting the phone on her ear.

"Are you guys on your way yet? or you stopped to get lunch."Her mum asked assuming she had gotten her from the airport already.

"Nope, I haven't even seen her yet, I have been waiting for nearly half of my life and grown grey hair and she still isn't here." She huffed in annoyance.

The increasing crowd and the noise it brought with it added to her list of why she wanted to punch a wall, for she was growing more irritated and furious.

"Calm down dear and stop exaggerating, you have only been gone for two hours, maybe her flight got delayed or something."

She rolled her eyes.

"Okay, bye mum, love you." She said quickly and put the phone away.

The man standing on her left was beginning to go from irritating her to creep her out as he gave her weird looks which she thought maybe he thought were seductive and he winked a couple of times.

She moved forward away from him, held up the cardboard again and began to wait.

Korina felt giddy as she climbed down the stairs of the aircraft.

Flight delay, check.

Getting airsick, check.

Throwing up in the plane, check.

Messing up an air hostess uniform due to clumsiness, Check.

Being served the wrong food, check.

"Miss, are you okay?" A young man asked her slightly touching her shoulder.

She brushed off his hand rather Impolitely and saw a frown etched on the stranger's face.

"I am fine, thank you." She replied giving him a slight nod. He nodded in return and walked away.

She continued walking barely supporting herself, she had never been this airsick.

Suddenly, she clutched her stomach not being able to control herself, she emptied her bowels in front of her with some of the contents splashing on her outfit.

Throwing up on the tarmac, check.

Korina was already really bored

Of watching the moving line, waiting for her luggage.

She stared at the long line of moving boxes with her hands at akimbo.

She felt less giddy and sick now.

She could walk without staggering like a drunk, sighting her two brightly colored medium sized yellow boxes, she sighed in relief and brought them down.

Finally, she thought.

Korina crashed into a wall or she thought it was. Her boxes fell to the floor with a thud.

"I am so sorry." They both said in unision as they attempted to pick up the luggage from the floor.

"Wait, have we met before?" She asked, studying the features of the man in front of her.

He was stunning, you could say stunning, with his jet black hair sleeked backwards, full brows, piercing blue eyes, a pointed nose, plum slightly thinned lips and a moderately tanned skin.

" Oh my God, I am so sorry."She apologised on realising it was the guy she met when the plane landed, the guy she had been standoffish to.

"It's okay." He shrugged with a smile,"I am Cole Smith by the way." She shook his extended hand, "Korina, Korina Black, pleased to meet you." She smiled.

"So am I." He replied not letting go of her hand admiring the soft feel of it.

"I can help you with that." He said moving to collect her luggage.

"I think I can manage on my own and I should be on my way now." She replied as she realised she had stared at him too much and his piercing blue eyes were beginning to intrigue her.

No men, she chided herself before saying her goodbyes and practically running off.

Finally, stepping out of the airport was a task, finding her cousin Daniella in the sea of people was another. She had looked at all the held up cardboards, scanned through the faces, she couldn't find her name or Daniella, she brought out her phone and was about to start dialing when she heard her name being screamed.

"Korina! korina! fucking use your eyes! I am here!" She whipped herself in the direction of the voice and saw a very angry looking Daniella screaming.

"Didn't you fucking see me?" Daniella asked torn between ripping korina's head off or hugging her, It's been 4 hours, freaking 4 hours.

"Well thank you for that warm welcome." Korina said sarcastically, "And I would have seen you earlier if your dumbass wasn't holding the cardboard paper upside down."

"Was I?" Daniella asked feeling dumb, looking at her hand she confirmed that she indeed had been holding it upside down.

"Yes, you were." Korina replied,"Get me out of here."

"Nice ride." Korina complimented when they reached the Daniella's ride, she ran her hand over the bonnet, "Smooth, this baby is damn fine." she beamed.

"Thanks sis, Got it with my savings." She said proudly.

"I know." Korina said rolling her eyes before settling her luggage in the booth.

Just before they got in, a car drove roughly past them nearly hitting korina had she not jumped out of the way.

"Hey, Asshole!" Korina screamed at the driver giving him the middle finger.

"Is that how everyone behaves around here like lunatics?" She asked hoping into the car.

"Yeah." Daniella shook her head.

"What the heck?"

"Welcome to NY baby." Daniella said starting the car, "Welcome to New York City."

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