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The hours Daniella had to wait were the most tiring and elongated hours she had had to wait in her life.

She sat in the waiting room as she was tired of pacing around, her head bent over and shoulders slumped, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She was sober now, the shock of the incidence had gotten rid of the liquor.

She couldn't stop crying, thoughts of any possible terrible outcome of the situation ran through her mind.

What if she dies?

She raised her head and wiped her tears, chiding herself for being a cry baby, she going to live, she assured herself.

"Daniella." She glanced towards the direction of the voice and saw her mother approaching. She threw herself into the woman's arms and started sobbing all over again.

"Mom." She sniffed, "I am so scared."

"It's okay baby." She consoled her rubbing her palms over her back, "it's okay."

Immediately Daniella set eyes on the police officer, she had sudden distaste for him.He was a big man, annoyingly big, he sniffed too often as if he had a running nose and she wondered if his pot belly wasn't too heavy for him to carry. She thought he looked like those police officers who only sat behind a desk all day stuffing doughnuts in their mouths and downing excessive coffee.

The police officer sniffed again and coughed this time."Do you know if she made friends with any shifty people or made some enemies?" He asked Daniella rubbing a finger underneath his nose for the umpteenth time, that action was beginning to piss her off.

"No, she didn't, Korina isn't that kind of person." He nodded and jotted down a few words on his note pad.

"So if she didn't, maybe she got shot by mistake or it's a stray bullet." He looked up and continuously tapped his pen on his chin as if in deep thought.

"Well, it's your job to find out!" She said almost raising her voice, get out of here already.

"Okay, don't worry we would get to the bottom of this, I would be taking my leave now, take care."He adjusted his belted pants and gave her fatherly pat.

What the heck? she rolled her eyes and turned to leave, Good grief.

" uhmm...one more thing."Daniella heard the police officer say and whipped around, "yes?"

"The woman at the counter talking to the nurse over there." He said pointing towards the direction, "You said she's your mother, how?you are whi..."

"I am adopted." She replied cutting him off, he only nodded and turned to leave.

"He was so annoying." Daniella told her mother after feeding her details of what happened at the club and with the policeman, "He even asked how come you were my mother, like how's that any of his concern?"

"He's just doing his job dear, never mind him, we have korina to worry about."

"I do hope she's okay."

"She will be." Daniella's mum said reaching out and holding her hand giving it light strokes as she offered silent prayers in her mind.

Korina was awake the next evening, she opened her eyes to see she was on a hospital bed with a drip connected to her hand.

She tried sitting up but immediately relaxed herself as she felt a sharp pain shooting up in her abdomen and her head banged. She felt sore everywhere.

The door opened and she saw a nurse walk in with Daniella and her aunt.

"Daniella, aunt Dido." She muttered.

Daniella rushed to a side of the bed and pulled korina in a tight and deep embrace.

"Thank Goodness, you are okay!" Daniella wisphered.

"How are you feeling?" Aunt Dido asked walking over and giving her a peck on the cheek.

"I am fine aunt." She winced, "just hurt and in pain, I feel like I have been run over severely by a truck."

"Pheww...Thank heavens, I thought you would die, cause you were blee...I was so scar....i am just glad that you are okay. "Daniella's words rushed out as she was still enveloped in a tight embrace with Korina.

" what really happened?" Korina asked, trying hard to recollect the past events.

"Daniella said you got shot outside a club after you both were returning." Aunt Didi said, re-adjusting her glasses and they both knew with this action they were in for a long speech, "I thought I warned you girls against clubbing, now look what happened."Aunt Dido began.

Here it goes, Daniella rolled her eyes.

"Young lady,did you just roll your eyes at me?"

"No mom,I..see...there is something in my eyes and I tried to get it out..so." She said moving her eyes some more and turned to Korina, "If you could just blow right in here."She requested and used her index fingers to drag her lids apart trying to make her tale believable.

Korina eyed and ignored her then turned to Aunt Dido, "we are sorry aunt."She apologised.

"And that's why you shouldn't be found in a club or out at night." Aunt Dido said finally ending her lecture, over 30 minutes of pacing around with her hands folded behind her backs spewing her words which they have heard countless number of times, "Do I make myself clear?"

"She's old fashioned." Daniella wisphered into Korina's ear ignoring her mother.

"What did you just say?" She turned and faced them sternly.

"Uhmm...i..."she stuttered.

" she was complementing your dress, she said it accentuates your curves."Korina lied.

"I am wearing pants korina, D..." She was cut short by the door being opened, a young man stepped in.

He was dressed smartly in a dress white shirt, a tie on his neck and black pants.

He wore a white coat and a stethoscope hung loosely from his neck and his hands held a clip board.

"Good evening." He greeted generally and turned to gaze at the patient on the bed.

" Ah!you again?!" He asked smiling, his facial features portrayed he was slightly shocked.

Korina only nodded in return as she stared into those familiar blue eyes.

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