Sold To A Billionaire/C4 Kiss and Touch
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Sold To A Billionaire/C4 Kiss and Touch
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C4 Kiss and Touch

WHEN Zoe’s lips met his lips, a bomb suddenly exploded inside her. The kiss is familiar, and so is his touch. She knew that her body recognized it.

He was the man whom she let have her that night two years ago. She can’t forget that tribal tattoo design covering his left chest and shoulder. The room that night is dim, but the tattoo shines through the dark.

She was sure that he was the man who took her virginity—yes, she lost it that night. It was clear as snow, but it was the memory she tried to forget. She was drunk. However, she still remembers what she did. She was at the counter at that time while waiting for her mom. She remembered clearly how she pulled the guy that passed by in front of her and suddenly kissed him. It was supposed to be a peck, but the guy caught her lips again.

She opened her eyes at the moment and pushed Helios away. Her chest was heavy panting while she stared at him.

“Now, you remembered me,” he said, and a smile formed on his lips.

“W-Why you didn’t tell me the moment—”

“I don’t want to. I want you to remember me by your will,” he replied as he met her gaze.

In Zoe’s eyes, confusion can be seen. “W-Why did you kiss me again?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe I want to taste those lips again. You made me insane for the past years. And I had enough control not to get close to you—watching you from afar is enough—”

“Why do you have to do it? I am a stranger. It was just a one-night stand, Helios—”

“It is, but it is memorable. I remember how you rubbed your wetness on my navel—”

“Helios!” she warned, but the man just let out a soft chuckle.

“Why? Didn’t you enjoy that night too?”

“I was drunk,” she replied, which made Helios let out a mischievous smile.

“Really? Then why did you remember my tattoo? Well, maybe you’re drunk since it took you two days to remember—”

“It’s because you’re wearing long and half sleeves polo. And this is my second time seeing you—”

“Naked?” he interrupted, which made her roll her eyes.

“Half. Half-naked,” she corrected.

Helios formed a sly smirk on his lips and suddenly took off the towel that wrapped on his lower part, and Zoe’s eyes wanted to pop out of the socket when she saw his firm and hard shaft.

“Helios!” she exclaimed, but Helios just let out a soft chuckle and rushed towards her.

Surprise, she fell on the bed, and Helios leaned over as he put his hands on her both sides and met her eyes.

Zoe could feel the loud beats of her heart as she met his gaze. “H-Helios…” she mumbled. She wanted to push him away, but her body won’t cooperate.

“Zoe…” he whispered, wearing his deep velvety voice, which sent chills down Zoe’s body.

She tried her best not to look down. But damn herself when her eyes landed on his proud shaft.

“Loving the view?” Helios teased, which made Zoe get back her gaze into his.

“Stay away—”

She didn’t finish her words when Helios claimed her lips again. It was gentle at first, and when she kissed back, their kisses became rough.

Helios started to touch her from her face down to her neck until it went to her shoulder. Then suddenly, it changed direction; his hands went inside her blouse and caressed her flat tummy, which made her moan between their kisses.

She could see the fire growing and could feel the heat that it gave. His warm touch made her shiver. His kisses went down to her jaw, down to her neck as he pulled off her blouse and tossed it to the side, and she cursed herself inside her head because she didn’t even complain.

Helios stopped as he met her eyes, and all she ever wanted at that moment was to vanish. But she can’t because she has no magic.

His hand went into her left shoulder as he slowly pulled down the strap of her bra until his hand went on her back and lifted her up and pressed his lips again into hers.

Then came, he unclasped the hook of her bra and took it off her without breaking the kiss.

She moaned when she felt his warm palm envelope his right breast as his right hand went at the back of her head, and slowly, he leaned over, pushing Zoe onto the bed.

Soon as her back felt the cold velvety sheets, she moaned once again as his hand went above her breast and kneaded it gently.

While Helios nibbled her lips, she encircled her hands into his nape which deepened their kiss. He slightly bit her lower lip which made her gasp and part her lips. He then took that chance to dart his tongue inside her mouth and started to battle with her tongue.

A moan slipped from her mouth when Helios sucked her tongue gently and swirled it inside. Sooner, his hands tweaked his nipple in between his fingers, and his touch went down to her navel until he found the part of her cleft.

She was wearing pajamas, yet she could feel the warmth through his touch.

Helios gently rubbed his fingers into her mound behind her pajama as his lips went down to her neck, down to her shoulder, until his lips found her right nipple and started to nibble it. He swirls his tongue around her soft pinkish tips and then sucks it, which makes her shudder.

Her eyeballs rolled up, and she closed her eyes because the tingling sensation from Helios’s touch was slowly killing her.

Helios’s hand continues to rub her mound while his mouth is savoring her tip. He licked and kissed her left tip, then he ran his tongue on the other part of her breasts and put her right nipple inside his mouth. While savoring her tip, his hand went to the side of her pajama and pulled it off.

She gasped when she felt the coldness that came from the AC, but when Helios touched her again, heat evaded her body.

His hand went back to her mound and rubbed it. At the same time, he swirls his tongue down to her navel until it reaches the top of the garter of her panty. Slowly, he bit the strap and pulled it down, and let his hand do the rest until Zoe was naked.

Helios carried her and pushed her upward as he went on top of her in a swift move.

Zoe’s cheeks turned pinkish-red when they both locked their gazes on each other.

For goodness’ sake, they’re both naked.

She knew she was not that innocent, but damn, ‘how could things end up like this so quickly?’ She thought.

“You knew how much I control myself not to claim you—”

“You’re a coward then,” she interrupted, and she saw how lines were drawn into Helios’s forehead.

A sly smirk crept into his lips as he slowly leaned over and claimed her lips. Sooner, they found themselves exchanging rough kisses as if the wall in front of them broke. Their touches went wild.

Zoe mimicked him as he started to roam his hands all over her body. Her hand traveled into his nape, to his back, until it went into his chest as their kisses went deep.

And when Helios’s kisses went down to her neck, she couldn’t help herself not to moan out of pleasure. His kisses went down to her breast, and he licked her left tip again while Zoe trailed her fingers into the tattoo on his left shoulder.

She arched her body when his lips went down to her navel until she felt his warm breath in her between. She glanced down as she parted her legs to give Helios a better view of her mound.

Helios pulled himself up as he rubbed her clit, making her moan aloud. Then suddenly, he slid one finger inside her core. And a tint of pain registered on Zoe’s face, but when he started to thrust his finger in and out, pleasure began to dive in immediately, easing the pain.

However, Helios’s finger didn’t last too long inside her core because he moved up and kneeled in her between; his hands enveloping her thighs and guiding his shaft towards her wet core. And started to delve deeper inside her—banging her hard and rough.

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