Sold To A Billionaire/C5 She Wants Him
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Sold To A Billionaire/C5 She Wants Him
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C5 She Wants Him

Zoe awoke beside Helios the following morning. Naked. She shook her head as she locked her gaze on Helios, who was sleeping peacefully beside her.

She questioned herself at this point: how did she get in here?

She was a typical college student who was only concerned with her studies and her mother. Her mother, whom she adores, attempted to sell her to a man—a murderous devil.

However, how could she be certain Helios is not a mirror image of his father?

Zoe sighed and was about to descend when she felt a warmth draw her.


When she felt Helios’s breath land on her bare neck, she closed her eyes. She sighed as she turned to face him.

Zoe smiled as she locked eyes with Helios. “Hey.”

“I apologize for last night—”

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “You are not required to be sorry. We both desired it,” she continued.

Helios smiled and kissed her temple softly. His hands caressed her right cheek.

“I’m reluctant to claim you, but I can’t help myself—”

“I understand,” Zoe sighed. “Believe me; I am knowledgeable.” She drew in closer, cupping his face and claiming Helios’ lips. And when she released her grip, she smiled once more.

The silence returned, and all that remained were their eyes as if they understood each other simply by looking.


Zoe’s brow arched. “So, what?”

“Are you sure you don’t have classes today?” Helios inquired, his gaze falling on Zoe’s natural pinkish lips.

“Hmm... are you sure you didn’t forget the days of the week?”

Helios let out a soft chuckle and pushed himself away from her, locking his gaze on the ceiling.

Zoe squinted. “Is there a problem? Don’t you have work?”

“It's a holiday.”

Zoe smiled and moved closer to him. Helios stretched her right hand, and Zoe rested her head on it.

When she smells his natural scent, she closes her eyes. ‘Damn, he still smells amazing,’ she reflected.

“Did my father instill fear in you?” Helios inquired abruptly, causing a crease in Zoe’s brow.

Did he not?

Zoe sighed deeply. “Yes.”

“I am—”

“However, I’m more afraid of what mom did. How could she have done such a thing to me?” Zoe felt a tightening in her chest as she recalled what had occurred just a few days before.

“She would have informed me, and I will do everything I can to help her. I am aware that she is a gambler, but—”

“Shh… I do not want you to consider it. The important thing was, you’re here with me. Safe,” Helios said as he hugged her, making Zoe bury her face on his side.

Zoe smiled and raised her eyes to him. “I appreciate it.”

Helios beamed a smile. “My pleasure, but it is not gratuitous...” he paused.

Zoe’s brow arched. “What? Do you want something?” she moved away from him and sat. However, when she caught a glimpse of Helios’s gaze, her eyes widened, and she immediately grabbed the comforter and covered her chest.

“You are aware that there is no reason for that,” he stated meaningfully.

Zoe sighed and rolled her eyes. “Simply get to the point. What are your intentions? You already have me—”

“Marry me.”

Zoe’s eyes grew wider. Did she hear correctly?

The silence filled in, and for a brief moment... Helios squealed with laughter.

Zoe clenches her teeth, and invisible smoke begins to emanate from her nose as if she were portraying an enraged dragon.

“How could you!” Helios caught her hand as she was about to slap him.

“Hey, my apologies. I simply wish to brighten the mood—”

“By pranking me?”

Helios’ lips were pursed. “I wasn’t intending to—Hey, Zoe.”

Zoe rolled out of bed without looking at him. She let go of the comforter, oblivious to the fact that Helios would witness her nakedness. In any case, he has already seen it.

“Zoe. C’mon. I apologize.”

Helios rose from his bed and approached Zoe, but she glared at him.

“Stop. Keep a safe distance from me. And this will not happen again,” she stated as she began looking for the bathroom. When she did, she rushed towards it but was quickly apprehended by Helios.

“Leave me alone!”

“No! I expressed my regret.”

“Well, I don’t require your apologies—”

“I intend to marry you—”

“Stop!” Zoe made no further attempt to wiggle. “I’m not interested in hearing about it. And, oh, I’ve got some housework to do,” she said, cocking her head to the side.

She locked her gaze on Helios’s eyes before lowering her gaze to his arms that encircled her waist.

“Let me go, Helios,” she repeated.

“No. Not unless and until you forgive me—”

“Forgiven. Now, allow me to go; I desired to take a shower—”

“Then let us do it...” Helios carried her in bridal style, “—together.”

For a brief moment, Zoe is powerless. She was taken aback, and the next thing she knew, they were sharing passionate kisses inside the bathroom.

As they both intensify their kisses, she encircles her arms around Helios’s nape.

When cold, refreshing water dripped on their bodies, their lips parted.

Helios’ hands began caressing her back. His hands reached her bottom, and he squeezed one of them.

He nibbles the inside of her lower lip until his kisses reach her jaw.

Zoe raised her head and shifted it to the side, allowing Helios easier access to her neck.

Water drips down her face, causing her to gasp, and she feels her back collide with the cold wall.

Helios’ tongue curled into her skin as she moaned softly. It made its way down to her chest, stopping just short of her left breast.

He swirled his tongue around her nipple and then sucked it, eliciting a loud mutter from Zoe.


Helios continued swirling his tongue and proceeded one by one.

Zoe bit her lower lip in response to the sensation that something was growing inside her. She was desperate to explode. She desires him within her.

“H-Helios... please,” she pleaded.

Helios smirked and came to a halt. He straightened his posture and met her gaze. “Please, what?”

She gulped and took a deep breath. “I want you… inside me.”

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