Sold to the Gangstar Billionaire/C4 His finger points to her!
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Sold to the Gangstar Billionaire/C4 His finger points to her!
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C4 His finger points to her!


A man walked into our room with Yolanda beside her smiling , mere looking at her everyone will know he's a regular customer and his pay is sure going to be a big one.

Yolanda called me and four other girls out, making us five and then asked to man to pick who he wants to buy.

I prayed silently not to be bought by him. He should be in his late forties. What on Earth does this old people do with young girls like us? They should be looking for a way to help us get a life.

"You sure have nice teast Yola" the old man said. His voice was deep.

Yolanda smiled at him, Ms. Yolanda is very beautiful, with her white set of teeth sparkling and making her look more beautiful.

The man walked over to us and stared at us one after the other. His smirk irrates me so much. I couldn't hate my step mother less, Whatever it is that she's using to blackmail my father, I promise her it won't last long.

The problem if I could ever get to see me dad ever again? What if the person that bought me decides to kill me? What if my date is a very bad one? What if....?

Should I just run away? Find a way to get out of here and then start a better life outside? But I'm broke. I don't know anyone, I've no where to go, and I can't return to my father's house. Cora will send me back when Yolanda come searching for Me.

What exactly do I do? It's all complicated! I just pray God grant me my wishes. Protect my father, Help me get out here.

"I'll go for this one" The man dragged out the girl just beside me.

I breathed down heavily. "please sir, don't buy me... Please pick someone else. I'm too young for all this, I still have a life ahead to live, please...." The girl was saying in tears.

"Oh, you cute little thing. I'll make sure you have the best life, Just be a good guy" the man smirked as Mia came in and drag the girl out of the room. I and the other girl sighed and walked back to sit on the floor.

Suddenly Mia rushed in breathing heavily, Mere looking at her she seemed, shocked yet excited.

"Ms. Yolanda" She called panting.

Yolanda turned away from the old man and stared at Mia.

"Mia,what?" She said.

Before Mia could say a word , a figure of a heavily built young man walked in. He was on mask, so I couldn't see his face but I'll say he's handsome, his hair was dyed , yellow and it fitted him.

His ocean small eyes stared around the room and then at Yolanda. His guards were behind him, about six of them and I guess it's not just them, some might be outside.

He should probably be in his early 25's. He look young, He seemed to be a rich person.

Ms. Yolanda covered her mouth like her palm, her cheeks were already red. Is she drooling over him? She seemed shocked seeing him. Even the old man too seemed shocked. Who is he? The owner of this place or what?

Even with the mask, his face was not smiley at all. He look strict. Mia bowed and was smiling too. The girl were murmuring and I knew they are all wishing he buys them.

I just sat and stared on, I'm still very scared. Scared of tomorrow, scared of what happens next. Scared of my future. Scared of my life.

This isn't what I wished for. This isn't the life I wished for. This isn't.....

I facepalmed myself and let go of the tears in my eyes. My family was once a happy and Complete one, how did this get this complicated? How did everything change in just a blink of eyes?! What and how!

"We weren't expecting you. It's a great honor to have you here, Mia get him a sit" Yolanda said smiling.

"I'll take my leave now". The old man said to Yolanda and then he hurried out of the room.

Despite being rich , I could guess this man is richer that him and maybe, more powerful too.

He raised him hand up in response to what Yolanda said and Mia stopped..

"I'm not here for your chatty chatty." He said slowly. His voice wasn't that deep but it sounded as a Melody in my ears.

"I'm sorry. We are just surprised you came here, it's the first time of you being here since this place was opened." Yolanda continued.

The man remained silent. Mia brought in a chair and one of the guards cleaned it before the man sat on it.

"I'm here.... Because I want to buy one of your...girls" He said , word after word.

Yolanda widened her eyes in joke. "This are the new girls , Which of them do you like? Miss Yolanda said.

I scoff. We are just being referred to as, probably used cloths or something. This isn't right. We have our own life.

"I don't like.... Any" He said.

He had not even taken a glance at anyone, he just focused on his phone.


I was very shocked to see him here. He was well known for being extreme grumpy.

He's the most handsome man in San Francisco, But according to people... Those who knows him, His fans... And others. It was said that he had never smiled.

Seeing him here is a great honor and I wished I could take pictures with him. I admire him just like every other girls.

He doesn't talk much, he prefers you figuring out what he wants. He kills too. It was said that once he finds out you betrayed or do something behind and against him, no matter where you hide , he will find you and kill you with his own hands.

He was always masked. People said he did a surgery and became ugly, some said something happened to his face. People said lot of things. In as much as no one has seen his real face, he was still marked... The most handsome.

People are always afraid of him, yet he's still the most handsome. And people adore him.

No one knows the reason he's like that, grumpy and sad. People believed it was his mother, no one knows exactly how it happened!.

If people finds out that he came here, My company is sure going to be a big one.

"I don't like.... Anyone" he said engrossed in his phone.

I turned to look at his guards, they are good at figuring out exactly what he meant. But none said anything.

"Will you like it I bring in more girls for you to check? We can go to other room..?" I said.

He finally looked up and his eyes were on the girls, I swallowed the lump on my throat and stared still.

"I... Want, Her" He said and pointed at the girl by the corner, alone.


"I.... Want, Her" I heard him said and looked up and I almost froze.

His fingers were pointed at me!

"We will arrange her for you" Mia said and quickly rush towards me. She urged me to stand up but I remained still.

"Get up!" Yolanda ordered.

"I don't want to!" I snapped.

The man walked out immediately without a word or a glance. Four of his guards walked after him and one remained Inside the room.

"Get up now!" Yolanda said again.

I tried to act strong but the feeling of fear takes the best part of me. My family...

My family....

That was the only thing I could hear, I'll have to learn to adapt life. To live without my family, without my father.. Maybe

Just maybe, for the rest of my life.

I hate you Cora! I hate you so much. What if this man ends up killing me? What if...

"Luna!" Mia tapped me.

I slowly stood up and hold my bag still, tears was rushing down my eyes.

I have been sold.... Someone bought me..., As his property.


Mia led me down the stairs after they've arranged me. They let me have a warm good bath and they gave me a beautiful dress to put on.

The man was sitting down, and his guards were behind him. He looked up the stairs when Yolanda announced my presence.

"Get her" He told the guards and then stood up and walked away.

One of the guards came up to me and held my hand then led me outside of Yolanda's house, He helped me sit in a car. Which was different from the one the man entered.

The car started and then slowly drove out of Yolanda's compound. Tears filled in my eyes as I know this is where I've to start my new life.

I've been sold out!!

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