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"Park your bags", Paul said to Angelina who was just waking up from sleep.

Angelina became confused, she cleaned her eyes and opened wide to see clearly.

"And why dad?", She asked.

"Don't question me and do what I ask you to do!!",Paul said angrily. "Make sure you put on something nice, I don't want you looking like a hag when we get there", Paul said and dismissed.

Angelina became curious and began to think,"Where is dad taking me to?, He had never taken me out of this house before",She thought trying hard to find answers to her questions.

She quickly stood up and rushed into the bathroom, to avoid her father inflicting his anger on her.

Few minutes later, she was already on her pink dress and gazing at the mirror as she parked her hair.

"Hurry up", Paul entered her room and said. He carried her bag along with him and dismissed.

Mariah entered the room and ran towards her to give her a hug.

"I don't understand Mariah, what is going on?", Angelina asked.

Mariah eyes welled up in tears as she stared at Angelina,"Nothing dear",She wiped the tears in her eyes and said.

Angelina knew something was wrong, it's hard to see Mariah cried if it wasn't because of her.

"Mariah what is wrong?",She asked again.

"It's nothing, it's just that seeing you leave the house is...",Mariah voice broke down in tears before she could even finish talking.

Angelina chuckled,"Relax, is not like I am never coming back again",She said and Mariah couldn't speak.

How will she explain to her that she's never coming back?

She's gone forever and she is really going to miss her.

"Everything is going to be fine Mariah, trust me",Angelina assured her and Mariah just nodded her head. "I have to go Mariah, before dad start calling me downstairs",She said and departed.

Mariah cried as she watched Angelina leave. She is never going to see her again.

Angelina came out of the building and her eyes met to a black Bugatti divo car, it looks expensive and there is no way her dad could ever buy such kind of car. She knew something was wrong but just couldn't tell what it is.

"Come in my daughter", Paul said and opened the car wide for her to go in.

"Daughter?", Angelina whispered to herself. This was the first time her dad has ever called her his daughter. He usually calls her by her name and nothing else. Today he called her by her name she felt so must delightment in her. She felt that father's love she has been yearning for years. "Why now?",She asked herself as she stroll inside the car.

Paul locked the door and joined the driver at the front seat.

"Dad, where are we going?", Angelina became curious and asked her father.

"Just calm down, when we get there, you will see for yourself", Paul assured.

Angelina calmed herself down, seeing her calm her father sounds to her there is no need to worry at for anything.

Few minutes later, they arrived in a masion, different from hers and anyother Maison she has seen before. She unlocked the door and came out of the car as she admired the huge beautiful masion. She haven't seen any house as huge and beautiful as this.

It was painted with golden colour, making it looks like it was made of gold. She couldn't take her eyes off as she step out of the car.

"Sir", Simon pointed and took the lead inside the masion as they followed from behind.

They were taken to the sitting room and given privater chair to seat on.

Simon made sure they felt comfortable before he excuse himself to leave.

"I will go and inform my boss that you are here",He said and departed.

"Dad why are we here?", Angelina asked as she gawk around the luxurious house.

"You will know soon",Paul said and relaxed on the coach.

"Sir they are here", Simon knocked twice at his boss room and waited for his respond.

Conner wore his t-shirt as he gaze at the mirror.

"Give them the documents to sign as to keep them waited",Conner ordered.

"Okay boss", Simon said and dismissed.

He prepared the documents like was told to do and went to the sitting room to offer it go to sir.

"Sir, my boss said you both should sign",He said as he stretched his hand towards Paul with the documents in his hand

"Okay",Paul accepted and took it.

Simon gave him a pen and a table.

He dropped the paper on the table and signed.

"Done",Paul said and gave him the document papers back.

Simon collected and walk to Angelina. "Ma'am please sign",He said politely as he offered her the papers and the pen.

"And why should I sign without seeing your boss and knowing what my signature is needed for?", Angelina inquired boldly.

"Lina!!!", Paul yelled her name and without been told she grabbed the paper and signed without reading it.

"Here", Angelina gave him the papers back.

"Perfect", Simon scanned the papers and made sure the signatures were correct. "Now wait for my boss, he will be here soon",He said and departed.

"I don't understand dad, what are we signing for?", Angelina asked confusingly. She really need answers to her questions.

"He will be here soon, to explain", Paul said with a smirk.

Angelina tried to calm herself down as she heard footsteps approached the sitting room.

Finally, Conner stepped into their present and Paul quickly stood up to welcome his presence.

He was putting on a white t-shirt and a crazy blue jean. The two buttins of the t-shirt were left open, exposing his chest.

Angelina eyes widened as she glanced at Conner. She quickly stood up and half yelled.

"You again?"

Conner curve up a devilish smile in his lips without looking at her, he stretched his hands towards Paul and Paul recieved his hand for a handshake.

"Congratulations, you have successfully sold your daughter to me", He said, making sure Angelina clearly heard his voice.

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