Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C1 The Mercenary Group Was Destroyed
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Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C1 The Mercenary Group Was Destroyed
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C1 The Mercenary Group Was Destroyed

Twenty years ago the Defense Corps destroyed a mercenary group codenamed Blackhawk.

Although Black Eagle was destroyed by the National Defense Corps, there were still people who slipped through the net, especially the leader of the group, a mercenary king codenamed 'Iron Wolf'. He was still missing.

According to the intelligence reports, the remaining forces of Black Hawk were restless and showed signs of resurgence. As one of the special forces that participated in the mission back then, Lin Lei could not help but worry about getting revenge from Black Hawk. That was why he sought help from his old comrade, Ren Zhihua, the current deputy chief of the National Defense Corps.

Lin Lei, the president of Jinghai City's Lin's Group. No one would have thought that this man, who was known as the richest man in Jinghai City, was a top special force in Huaxia Country twenty years ago.

Thinking back to the mission he had carried out twenty years ago, Lin Lei still clearly remembered how terrifying the mercenary group codenamed 'Black Hawk' was.

His old comrade suggested over the phone.

"I do have an excellent candidate. If he can accept this mission, I believe he can protect your daughter."


"Do you know about Zhan Long?" Wang Yao asked.

"Are you saying that in the past ten years, you've formed the only team composed of super Soldier Kings?"

"That's right. I want to recommend this person. His name is Loong Fei. He is the only Soldier King in Battle Dragon Team that has an SSS combat strength. It can be said that he is the ace of the ace. His strength is extraordinary."

"Loong Fei? That's great! "That's him. I believe in your recommendation. Old comrade, thank you! By the way, where is he now? "

Uh! He... he is currently raising pigs in the border logistics department."

"What? Raising pigs? Old comrade, are you for real, sending a pig breeder to protect your niece? "

"Listen to me, this kid is a thorn in the side, his personality is a bit unruly. He contradicted the old chief half a year ago and was directly sent to the border logistics department to raise pigs?"

"Then what should we do? Now that 'Black Eagle' is restless, you have to think of a way to send this kid over to me!"

"Don't worry, Elder Lin. Just based on our relationship, I'll definitely help you send him over. I'll explain to the old chief."

Putting down the phone, Lin Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was even more curious about Loong Fei. He was the ace of a super Soldier King team. Now, he was raising pigs. This was too much!

"I wonder if Loong Fei this brat will disappoint me. I really want to know what this fellow looks like."

Thousands of miles away, the border logistics department was stationed on a vast grassland. The setting sun painted the grassland with a layer of gold. It contrasted the blue sky and white clouds above their heads like a colorful ink painting.

This seemingly peaceful place. A few dozen kilometers further north was the border of Huaxia Country. There was no sign of anyone, but it was the most sacred and inviolable territory in Huaxia Country.

The warriors stationed here were here to protect the dignity of their country, no matter how harsh the environment was. No matter how dull their lives were, they held their posts and did not leave.

On a yellow rocking chair, a young soldier in camouflage uniform was sleeping soundly. There was a wicked smile on his lips, as if he was having a beautiful dream that intoxicated him.

This soldier was none other than Loong Fei. However, no one would have thought that half a year ago, he was the captain of the Battle Dragon Team of Huaxia Country, a super Soldier King covered in glory. But now, he was just an ordinary logistics soldier.

In the hazy, Loong Fei saw the seductive figure in the bathroom again. There was also the splashing water flowing down from this beautiful figure.

On one side of the bathroom was a glass wall. In a translucent state, a very alluring body, like a dancer, moved elegantly in the hazy mist. Her hands climbed up and down the protruding curve again and again.

The milky white mist filled the entire bathroom like a fairyland. A girl as beautiful as a fairy walked out of the bathroom and slowly approached Loong Fei.

The girl was wearing a translucent silk pyjamas. Her whole body emitted a faint otherworldly fragrance. She was coquettish and coquettish. Loong Fei was overwhelmed by emotions and his blood was boiling.

The fairy-like girl walked to Loong Fei's side. She lifted Loong Fei's clothes and caressed his chest with both hands.

Loong Fei could not hold back his desire for women anymore. He hugged the girl's warm body and kissed her lips and earlobes crazily.

He kissed her passionately and felt a soft and smooth hand touching his lower abdomen.

Suddenly, Loong Fei's body trembled. He opened his eyes in disappointment and saw the class monitor standing in front of him.

Loong Fei had the same dream several times, but he could not see the girl's face clearly each time.

"Loong Fei, you are good. You can dream here."

"Class monitor, can't you wake me up a few minutes later?"

"The chief of staff is here. I heard there is something important. I asked you to come over immediately."

Loong Fei did not even look at the class monitor. He stretched and walked to a pigsty. The most important thing right now was to welcome the new pig.

"Chief of Staff wants to see me. Can't you see that I'm waiting to give birth to a piglet? He wants to see me. Ask him to come here."

"What? You want the Chief of Staff to come to the pigsty to see you? You... You're a bit too arrogant, aren't you? "That's the Chief of Staff."

The class monitor said in disbelief. Although he knew that Loong Fei's background was extraordinary, no matter how glorious you were in the past, Oh! No, it should be a logistics soldier, the lowest ranked one.

"What's wrong with the Chief of Staff? Is it more important than a sow giving birth? Didn't you always say that you have to stand at your post and be loyal to your duties?"

Loong Fei raised his head and stared at the face of the class monitor. He had a confident look on his face.

"F * ck! You're just a junior high graduate. You really have a lot of principles. " I can't beat you. Anyway, the Chief of Staff is already here. You'd love to see him! "By the way, let me remind you that she is a beauty."

The class monitor turned around as he spoke. He thought that Loong Fei was really not suitable to be a soldier. He was a person who did things his own way and did not obey the orders of his superiors at all.

"Wait! A beauty? When did the Chief of Staff change?"

Loong Fei asked curiously when he heard what the squad leader said. After all, in the military camp full of men, even women were as rare as treasures, let alone big beauties.

"That's right! It had been changed a long time ago. " It's just that you've been feeding pigs here for the past six months. Therefore, you don't have the right to know the orders of some superiors. "

The class monitor said proudly. After all, in his eyes, Loong Fei's rank was too low. He was almost a bit better than those new recruits who had just arrived at the military camp.

"Oh! Class monitor, the sow is going to give birth soon. I'll leave this task to you. Remember to take good care of the piglets for me. I'll go see the chief of staff now."

Loong Fei turned around and left the pigsty. He stuffed the broom into the hands of the class monitor and ran towards the camp.

"What? Are you the squad leader or am I the squad leader? F * ck! I don't know how to give birth to a sow!"

Seeing Long Fei run away, the class monitor's face was full of embarrassment and he was even more anxious in his heart. His cooking skills were not bad, but he had never done anything like giving birth to a sow!

"Has the chief of staff been replaced? Moreover, she is a great beauty. Could the class monitor be lying to me?!"

Loong Fei thought to himself. He felt like he had been tricked. He might be a man. Moreover, he had a stiff face and a cold expression.

"Report! Loong Fei, the logistics soldier of the border defense force, reporting."

With doubts in his heart, Loong Fei came to the outside of the tent. He put on an unstandard military posture and immediately shouted with a loud voice.

"Come in!"

A slightly magnetic voice came out of the tent. Loong Fei felt inexplicably excited when he heard this voice.

"The class monitor really didn't lie to me! She is indeed a girl. I wonder how she looks. Could she really be a beauty?"

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